2023 Debut Review - Ren Hibiki

Published : December 3rd, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Ren Hibiki

Birthday (Age at debut): 2001-12-04 (21 years old)

Height: 160cm

Measurements: B85 - W50 - H88

Cup Size: F Cup

Debuted: For Kawaii on 2023-04-04

Social Media: Twitter


Ren Hibiki is someone that appealed pretty early on. They marketed her as having it all, between a cute face, big tits, a nice ass, and being a prolific squirter. She was on my radar and once people started telling me she was worthwhile watching it was a no brainer. Even though she had moved to E-Body by the time I checked her out she had enough content that I felt confident she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.


Facially she was solid. She was definitely on the cuter side but I can see the appeal in her. Obviously covers are touched up a bit and it makes a noticeable difference but you still get something pretty solid out of her.

Hibiki's tits were very underwhelming to me. I feel like I should be an expert in big tits and Ren's didn't seem big to me. Looking at them they just didn't really come across the huge size that some F cup tits can. Maybe it was because they were very firm (they still seemed real to me) but they just didn't have the sway someone like Yu Shinoda's tits do.

Hibiki's ass on the other hand was very nice. It was quite cute and curvy with some wide hips, very reminiscent of Minami Aizawa's. She also had a nice booty hole that looked even nicer covered in her juices. What also made her ass stand out was when it was spanked and the way you could see it jiggle. Definitely an outstanding ass that I think probably has top 4 of the year potential.

Hibiki's body was also fairly nice. A good amount of positions highlighted her limbs being a decent size but also her torso being quite slim. Sure, you did see her ribs a fair amount, that's not uncommon for a lot of the skinny actresses.


The very first thing you noticed about Ren's performing was her ability to squirt. I'll tell you, it's refreshing to see a debut that can squirt this nicely. They certainly center a lot of her videos around it but when you are this good at it I totally get it. Is it a limiting factor for her as an actress? Quite possibly, yes. Does that give her the potential to shine for a select few fans? Absolutely.

Ren also moaned quite heavily and had a lot of mediocre facial expressions. While that isn't ideal I also was a bit more understanding and accepting given the content. It wasn't just that she squirted a ton and had that happen but the guys leaned into it. They would have sex with her in more assertive ways that I honestly don't blame Ren for how her performance turned out. Given the sheer frequency of her squirting I have a feeling a lot of her content will turn out that way, and until she gets videos with stronger drama elements that cut back on the squirting, I expect her performances to all be like this.

Video Review

Ren Hibiki stars in a wet and wild video. She gets fucked to kingdom cum six ways to Sunday.

The video was extremely focused on Ren having more furious sex and especially the squirting skills she has. On the one hand I can get behind it when she can squirt like that, on the other hand I want something more in a video. I think you're willing to watch stuff like this from time to time but Ren has so little that is anything but this so I felt like I had little say in the matter. It's not as if the video was bad though, her squirting definitely makes up for a loss in a narrative/theme, and them being a little rougher with her was also fairly solid. It's not the kind of video that will impress you as a whole but it will show you how good of a squirter she is.


Ren's career has been fine so far if not a little underwhelming. She debuted at Kawaii, did a release for Honnaka, and is now an exclusive at E-Body. It seems like the wrong way for her career to go, you really want to go the other direction where you end up on the exclusive roster at a studio that isn't bad, and Kawaii is better than E-Body. Ren's career has also focused a bit too heavily on her squirting quality. I mean sure, it's fantastic, but you can sell other videos where she also squirts, it's not that hard. She does finally have her first real drama video in November but it feels like a lot of the hype gets driven down by then. Yeah, there's an IV as well, it's not really doing enough.

Ren also has her first VR which came pretty early on. She seems like someone who would be enjoyable in VR, give yourself a few minutes from behind and some squirt in your face and of course it will be nice.


Rating - B

I plan to watch them again eventually.

Ren is an actress that I want to wait on a little bit. At the time of writing this Ren had seven releases and all of them were very generic focused on her squirting. She just doesn't have the performing skills to make me truly excited yet. If you show me Ren with the performance of a Alice Otsu or Mao Hamasaki (who are both just as good at squirting as Ren but much better performers) I could be persuaded very easily to check her out again. I could similarly be persuaded if you showed me a drama where the squirting was toned down and we could see some real acting out of her. As it stands right now I'm just not so big of a squirting fan that I can look past everything else. Especially when there are other great squirters, you can get squirting plus something else in a video, which is what I want out of Ren. Ren looks like there's a lot left in the tank (pun intended) though and I think revisiting her after some time is the better course of action, and like I said, her squirting is top tier level stuff that she warrants revisiting at some point.

PS. Her playing Switch in some casual clothes is on point.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.


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