2022 Debut Review - Natsuki Hoshino

Published : December 22nd, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Natsuki Hoshino

Birthday (Age at debut): 2004-03-30 (18 years old)

Height: 150cm

Measurements: Unknown

Cup Size: G Cup

Debuted: For E-Body on Aug 16th, 2022

Social Media: 


Natsuki Hoshino was a debut that caught my eye when I saw what videos she had out. As much as I look for actresses that physically suit my preferences, there are certain plots and themes I enjoy. I list out a ton of actresses every year as potential candidates and whenever there's something to gravitate toward I find myself watching them. That's exactly the case that happened with Natsuki.


Facially I wasn't into Natsuki at all. She wasn't very pretty and had eyes that I can only describe as bug eyes. She just didn't do it for me at all and I found myself wanting to actively avoid her face.

Natsuki's tits were quite nice. They were a good size and firmness, very reminiscent of someone like Ruka Inaba. They would bounce and jiggle fairly nicely and were big enough to give some decent paizuri. You really can't go wrong with big G-cup boobs like she has.

Natsuki's ass was decent but unfortunately not a focal point of the video. The theme coupled with her big tits made them focus away from her ass in a way I wasn't a huge fan of. I think her ass was better than it looked, or could have looked.


As a performer she was good at handling her moaning. Able to keep it quiet when needed while panting in a way that was quite nice. Even when she wasn't required to be totally silent she never overdid it and kept her moaning down to a pretty sensible minimum.

Natsuki was also good at managing her expressions and dialogue. She never came off with those totally awful expressions some actresses do, and instead often had some genuinely good expressions mixed in. I would say it was never something that wowed me but also never something I was disliking.

Video Review

When Natsuki's sister brings home a boy, she decides she's actually interested in him too. The second her sister leaves the room she's all over him, and using her big tits it's hard for him to say no.

The video was effectively a clone of Oppai's GES series, and a pretty good attempt at that. It had a lot of the risky elements with them being sneaky around the home, whether it was sex with her right there or getting busy in the shower while the girlfriend was outside chatting with her boyfriend. Of course, big tits and creampies always make this content better and this video did that as well. I think at the same time, Natsuki did a fairly good job of hitting the right points of the video. She could use her tits to great effect to get him to cheat, keep her voice down when it mattered, and act upbeat enough not to drag the video down.


Natsuki sadly has just three releases to her name so far. If I'm being honest it's a little surprising. E-Body is a studio that could use a few more names on their roster, especially with their track record being quite bad in recent years. It begs the question why Natsuki hasn't had any more releases, whether that was her not getting the opportunities, the new AV law, or just not wanting to remain in the industry. We do tend to see debut contracts be somewhere in the 3-4 video range so it wouldn't surprise me if she finished out the contract and then decided she wasn't that interested. It does strike me as strange though because she seemed relatively into it, and it honestly wouldn't surprise me if she showed up somewhere else not too far in the future.


Rating - C

I am open to watching them again if the right content comes around.

While there was plenty to like I think the big thing was that I just didn't find her pretty. I like to point out a lot of different ways you get to a good score, and really there are tons of different ways. That is equally true for how you get to a bad score, and scoring quite poorly in an area can do that. I think if anything, a face you're not attracted to is perhaps the one most likely to completely tank a rating. She's got all the other qualities but when I want to just look away when her face is on display, she just isn't for me. I think there's still a lot of potential in her and who knows what's in store, but I think when there are dozens of actresses I check out each year, she just probably isn't going to cut it.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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