BREAKING: Saika Kawakita Has A New Agency, FALENO Finds Itself In Deep Water, MUTEKI Makes A Comeback After 3 Years & More!

Published : March 18th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in March

Saika Kawakita Leaves Cruse Group!

Ever since her agency Cruse Group cleared her name of their website, many fans have been very concerned about what's going on with Saika, unlike other actresses who have left their agencies, Saika has been working a lot and even busier than ever before, so it's likely that she has switched agencies. Now let's dive into it!

I’ve got some pretty exciting news for the fans of Saika Kawakita, prior to leaving her old agency Cruse Group, Saika has now shook hands with Mines Pro, that will make her rub shoulders with the likes of Mana Sakura, Eimi Fukada, Yuna Ogura & Mahiro Tadai.

You might wonder that this agency change would bring in change, in terms of her name, but it has been brought to my notice that Saika will carry on using her existing stage name (the one she's renowned for), however with a few tweaks in the kanji characteristics. Besides, there will be no significant change, the good news is that Saika Kawakita will still continue to sizzle us with her performances on screen, jeez!

On March 6, Saika took to X citing, "To all of our fans who have always supported me. I have moved to a new office, MinesPro, and I have changed my actress name to Ayaka Kawakita. I am now an actress. The reading is still the same. I'm still reading as "Kawakita Saika" Please take a look at what I thought about this name."

"The reason I chose the character "Kyatogi" is because it has the meaning of "to be with someone and comfort them. I first entered the industry and have followed the path I've taken so far. I have been helped, supported, and encouraged by my fans countless times. There were days when I felt as if I was trapped in a pitch-dark darkness, unable to feel light or color no matter where I was or who I was with. But the people who rescued me from the depths and made my days so sparkling are my fans. It is always you, my fans. No matter how much I feel like I'm losing, every single word you say to me You have cheered me up again and again. I am still able to do what I do today. So, I would like to make a new start from now on. Next, I would like to be able to share my strength with you all.

I want to be a person who can give you courage. I chose this name with such wishes in mind. I would like to grow more and more as "Saika Kawakita" so that I can give back a lot to all of you. Thank you for your continued support."

Saika's likely changed her agency a while back and had announced it earlier this month. As far as I know, originally she was going to announce the change of agency on January 20, and the reason why she delayed announcing it until today is quite obvious, considering she's too high up in the JAV hierarchy, and changing her agency isn't as simple as a walk in the park, there are a lot of follow-up issues to be negotiated, such as whether or not she can continue to use her existing stage name (which she ultimately settled on), frequency of work per month, on top of that, you know how negotiations are between offices, not smooth to say the least.

Why did she jump ship? In theory, Saika should be the firm's biggest asset, but why couldn't Cruse Group keep her? There are two reasons for this. As you know, the there were rumors of Saika joining AllPro but in the meanwhile it lost names like Akari Mitani and Aika Yamagishi and then caused a rift when the top 8 agencies refused to work with the agency AllPro, and it's true that the Cruse Group is the victim here since talks fell down, but it's all about the fact that the AllPro broke the rules of the industry and had to be punished, which is not a good place for a talent like Saika to thrive, who wanted to make a good run after her comeback, but even though Cruse Group tried everything to keep her, she finally chose to leave; as for why Mineʻs? I believe the agency is not only big enough but also very active in overseas market, so it may have won the trust of Saika who intends to spread her wings abroad in the near future.

After Saika’s arrival, you could say that Mine’s has cemented it’s position as a top player in JAV. Previously, they had Mana Sakura, but now they also have the JAV's hot property, Eimi Fukada even if she has faced some troubles, lately, now with Saika’s entry there is nothing to fear. She not only sells well, but she can also be bundled with other actresses and Mine's has already done that, so there should be a lot of opportunities for Mine's talents to appear overseas in the future.

Congrats to Saika and Mine's, although the deal has been settled for a long time now.

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Yuko Ono's Debut JAV With DAHLIA Is Out

The gorgeous Yuko Ono has left Faleno to work as an exclusive for it’s sub brand Dahlia. Yes, you heard that right!

With this latest move, Yuko intends to finish her 5-year journey at Faleno and make the transition to it's sister studio Dahlia, that makes movies somewhat like Madonna does with more MILFs at play. The news comes after the studio let go off Ayaka Tomoda and Jun Mizukawa had who previously announced their graduation from FALENO. Also, perhaps after a failed plastic surgery, Yuko can hardly compete with the newbies that are debuting everyday under Faleno. I believe this move benefits both her and the studio. But what many fans would agree with is that perhaps the better choice for her would’ve been Madonna, if all she wanted was to feature for a mature JAV maker.

Her debut JAV with Dahlia, DLDSS-310, released on 29th last month. Also, I’ve got this early scoop on the actress's next JAV, which is supposed to be a collab with her agency’s Mino Suzume.

It is known that while Faleno has had an exclusive JAV starring Moe Amatsuka, Nene Yoshitaka, Chiharu Mitsuha and Mami Mashiro for it’s 5th anniversary, meanwhile Dahlia hasn’t lagged behind. In an effort to celebrate it’s 3rd anniversary, the mature maker has raked in the services of it’s newcomer Yuko along with Mino Suzume, who’s made quite a name for herself in the erstwhile.

DLDSS-289 which is expected to release later on March 20th, the plot follows Yuko Ono and Mino Suzume as 2 convenience store colleagues and they both have one thing in common i.e. being frustrated with a sexless marriage. Enter, JAV’s very own Jordi El Nino Polla, aka Yuki Yuduru who’s role is of a student looking for part time work at the store, and we all know, what happens to a chap stuck among two sexually frustrated ladies. The job at the convenience store isn't the only one he has got at hand.

The plus point is that the chemistry between Mino Suzume and Yuko Ono is pretty good since both of them are from agency 8Man and had previously collaborated on a photo shoot a while ago.

Taiwanese Model Alleges FALENO Of Misdeed!

But besides all this, drama prevails at FALENO at the beginning of the year.Wonder why? Well, they studio is accused of not timely releasing funds to a foreign actress. So what’s brewing at FALENO? Let us find out.

To begin with, Faleno has found a new way to source talents from abroad and develop them, while homegrown talents are increasingly difficult to find. Foreign AV actors are not too rare in the industry if they are majorly western actors, where the adult industry is quite developed, but the East is a whole different ball game and Faleno is trying to break the stereotype. After having been quite successful with a Hong Kong hottie, Erena, the studio was expected to introduce a new foreign face. That’s right, this actress named "Tai Jinghong" is Taiwanese model from Zhenggang! However, it seems that things didn’t really go well for the duo, and we’ve all the scoop on the drama.

Things didin’t work out smoothly for both parties and it’s evident. According to her own statement, she originally thought that the work was going to be shelved, but unexpectedly it was suddenly put on sale and she was completely caught off guard. She wrote, "Why wasn't my work taken down? When the trailer came out I saw that there was footage that I had asked to be removed from the movie when I reviewed it and I asked the company why it was there. If it's not dealt with, I'll need to protest the fact that the company hasn't replied and that it's on the shelves today selling content that I don't want to be made public, and most importantly, "Faleno and the agency haven't paid me any sum for the movie yet."

First of all, before wanting to turn to a Japanese AV actress, Tai Jinghong aka Tiny used to be quite a famous model with nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram. She was teased to debut for Faleno this March. But the story starts to get complicated when the actress personally reviewed her movie. As per her testimony, there were couple of scenes where she felt dissatisfied and even though she asked the producer to edit them, in the end no action was taken. "I had it reviewed, but it was still on the shelves without any regard to my wishes. All the clips I asked to be deleted were not deleted. But I couldn't get paid because I had to review the movie. It's pointless! I said if you don't deal with it, I'm going to sell it to the public and find out that I've got a press campaign before I take it down? Please tell Faleno, It's okay to delay the paycheck, but it's not okay to put the movie on the shelves. I don't know why I'm not taken seriously at all. Why did you ask me for a contract in the first place?"

On the other hand, the 30 year old also revealed that she had not received any remuneration as per the contract agreement after the JAV was released. And thus, right after that she decided to post it on social media, exposing the Japanese studio. "Why don't I get paid? Because they said that if an actress needs to be paid, she has to be auditioned before they pay her (normally, you have to be paid right away, whether you're auditioned or not) (but I'm a foreigner, so I'll admit that I'm being bullied)." It could’ve been that she was so upset with this whole fiasco and maybe couldn't keep her calm

What went wrong? Let the actress explain this part herself. When the film comes out, there will probably be a lot of reporters wanting to find her. But she isn’t the only foreign star signed under FALENO, I believe that many fans will naturally compare her with Hong Kong's Erina: the two are in a similar situation. Both of them didn't have many films in the first wave, but what is different is that Erina immediately got a contract to shoot four more films after her debut JAV was a hit. However, the situation of Tiny is more complicated. Even if the film sells well, it may not be as popular as Erina's after all the bad PR it has received all this while and the model might've go back to shooting model assignments in her country.

Currently, Faleno has not released any official information about the above incident. However, the Hong Kong based actress at the studio, Erena, believes that perhaps there are misunderstandings between the two sides. Faleno is a large studio, there is no way they are late with payment or treat their actors unfairly, so this incident needs to be carefully examined from many different aspects. So what is the cause? There is no exception to the possibility that it is due to the agency connecting Tiny and Faleno. I don't know what it's like in Taiwan, but in Japan, especially big studios like Faleno, they rarely work directly with actors but often work with an intermediary agency . And, after this particular incident it seems like her agency is a bit shady and perhaps should be blamed for this fiasco.

After 3 Years, MUTEKI Is Finally Back With A Mystery Actress

Those of you who have been paying attention to this whole MUTEKI affair should know that the actress who revived the studio, that had been dormant for over three years without much action on their part, is none other than one Kiho Kanematsu, so who’s Kiho, out of the blue?

It happens so that she used to be a gravure idol by the name Satomi Kaneko and made her way into the showbiz as a former member of the idol group AKB48, and although she soon graduated from the group, she managed to win a couple of big awards and managed to rake in a significantly large fan following. She has always had eyes for making it big in JAV.

On March 5, she wrote on X "I will be making my debut on MUTEKI on April 2. My name is Kiho Kanematsu! I have been receiving enthusiastic offers from MUTEKI for a long time. Of course, I was very worried about appearing in porn, but more than that, I was wondering if it was okay for me to be like this. It took me a long time to think about it, but I was able to make up my mind to perform. With the charm of an adult that only I can bring out. I am going to challenge myself on a new stage. I hope you will join me for about a month until my debut. I hope many people will see this work. Thank you very much."

At that time, it might’ve been a distant dream but after she graduated fro AKB48 and had changed her stage name to Kiho and shot a sultry photo shoot for FLASH magazine, things took a turn for good. Apparently, Muteki's scouts narrowed down on her while looking for a talent, and not too long ago, the scouts checked in on her agency to see if they had her name rights.

Let's take a look at Muteki's demo video!

I found out many fans had a different opinion regarding her debut timing quoting that it would have been nice to see her go into JAV five years earlier, but given her body is her biggest highlight and her face is a bit more ripe than in her heyday, she is still quite fit for making a JAV debut.

In addition to being glad that Muteki is finally back, we also need to observe what Kiho will do in the future. Funny how her JAV description reads that during the shooting of the JAV, most crew members had erections, this could be to upsell her work. But, although Kiho is familiar with the gravure industry, the line isn’t a blurred one while transitioning to JAV and it’s not easy to make it big here. Many of these girls who get into gravure, switch to AV to sustain their career but fall out soon. Let's hope Kiho stays in the long run.

Keep up with her on X

Moodyz Releases Sequel To It's Famous Bus Tour

Moodyz is back at it again with their much-awaited release, ‘BakoBako Bus Tour’ Yeah, you heard that right! The legendary series is making a comeback with a sequel for this year, and it's going to be saucier than ever!

Imagine a bus filled with 16 exclusive JAV hotties, with their exotic charm, are oozing up to hit your screens this March. And guess what? They're not the only ones taking this ‘one of a kind bus trip’. Alongside these seasoned pros are 16 lucky amateur fans who were handpicked by none other than director Tiger Kosakai himself. Ugh, these guys are certainly living the dream!

"MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Bakobako Bus Tour: The legendary Bakobako Bus is back for the first time in about 10 years! Gallery photos and videos are updated every weekday on the special FANZA page."

Now, here's all the scoop I’ve gathered on this exclusive JAV. Apparently, the filming for this steamy escapade took place back in October 2023, and rumor has it, it was two days and one wild night of non-stop action. Keep it hush hush. The trailer alone will make you run outta breath, it’s just packed with steamy scenes all throughout!

But hold on folks, because it gets even more intriguing. Among the star-studded lineup, we've got none other than JAV’s very own blondie Alice Otsu alongside Mary Tachibana, both idols have a common thread with BLACK DIAMOND, Anri’s girl band. Ah, but you all know very well, as of March, Alice Otsu bid farewell to the group. What could've led to her sudden departure? I’ve the answers to that from a previous news column.

So, mark your calendars, set your reminders, because 'Bako Bako Bus Tour 2024' is dropping soon, and trust me, you won't want to miss a single frame of it. Moodyz is bringing on the heat, the drama, and everything in between, and we're here for it!

Stay tuned for more updates, gossip aficionados, because when it comes to dishing out the scoop, we've got you covered!

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