Japanese Schoolgirl Bound and Delivered

Published February 28, 2018

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Defiled schoolgirl Ami Kuroki finds herself the star of some extremely well produced shibari bondage via a fantastic Classic JAV release by GUTS.

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Japanese Schoolgirl Bound and Delivered
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Today's environment may produce JAV that is a bit more tame, but the same cannot be said for just how much freedom pretty much any production company had a decade ago.  A pesky thing called the Tokyo Olympics along with the ever-tightening of belts has made studios want to take less risks and a title like JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL BOUND AND DELIVERED probably is of the variant that may have some difficult being made today.

Back in the "good 'ol days" you could try a lot more and get away with it and even make bank (or at least a mild profit!).  GUTS was on board with this and on top of some 'standard' titles, they've ventured considerably outside the box.  It was a little over a year ago where we showed another beautifully-shot shibari-centric title by them filmed by still-active DIRTY KUDOU whom also was in charge of all the rope binding.

Personally, I enjoyed MINAKI SAOTOME's time with us a bit more than AMI KUROKI.  I prefer women with a bit more 'heft' to them and I really do dig her pale skin and black hair.  Her release also had a bit more of a drama theme to it though BOUND AND DELIVERED has a twist at the end you'll never see coming!  I won't spoil it here so you can rest easy in regards to that.

BOUND AND DELIVERED replaces JAV acting 'hunk' YUUTO KURODA with GINJI SAGAWA, a face you may also find familiar.  He's been acting for many years is still going strong even now in his senior years.  We actually featured him last year in a fantastic period drama release by ORGA.  Here he was a bit gruff and crafting subtitles would have been somewhat easier if he talked clearer.

OK, it's always easier to nitpick than talk about the good points and BOUND AND DELIVERED well, *delivers* on them in droves.  Sure, it ain't a new release--we can't lie about that--but it's done with a master's touch.  The lighting and camera work were done with a unabashed adoration for beautifully depicting nudity, sex, and shibari bondage.  This is a title that *will* stand the test of time.  We think it's another fantastic example of what JAV can do when pretty much all restrictions are lifted and studios can ignore 'box-think' in its entirety.  We hope to see this era return again.

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