BREAKING: Eimi Fukada Lands In Deep Trouble, Tax Authority Accuses Her Of Evasion

Published : February 18th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Trouble seems to not take a pause when it comes to JAV actresses. In a recent such, Eimi Fukada was found entangled in a tax fraud affair. The 'sexy' actress who recently turned into a social media influencer is going through a rough patch, according to a recent report.

On Christmas Day in 2023, the 25 year old JAV sensation stepped into a "ramen shop under the elevated railway tracks" instead of a "bathhouse on a side street" together with a handsome blonde with the pics doing the rounds. Apparently, the paparazzi is thought to have spotted the 'soon-to-be love birds' and found it a bit weird for someone of her status who earns top yen for shooting engagements may have led to curious fans launching an inquiry with the tax agency.

One of our our in-house staff writers pointed out this detail and it'd be easier put on a context, "Not where you expect for people of their status on such an important day. When they can jet to Thailand and Vietnam in summer."

You might want to sit down for this one. So, let us rewind a bit to 2018 when Eimi ushered into the JAV scene, leveraging social media to build her brand. Over time, she has raked in over a whopping 3.6 million followers on X and another 2.6 million on the 'Gram. Together, the influencer power couple (Eimi and her 'mystery boyfriend'), boast a mind-blowing 6 million followers combined on these social platforms.

But, hold on readers, because not everything is as picture-perfect as Eimi's social media feed. Behind those glamorous filtered posts lies a tale of financial woes and a scandalous agency switcheroo. This came into light when a Japanese media house was apparently tipped off by a paparazzi. SmartFlash got hold of one of Eimi’s acquaintance who spilled the juice, revealing that last year, Eimi decided to make a significant career move and switched agencies. Sounds like a savvy career move, right? Well, not really. Turns out, her bank account took a hit in the process. Correct. Eimi got slapped with an extra 80 million yen (approx $530,000USD) in taxes somehow just cause her former agency 44Management chose not to file taxes on the actress' behalf.

For you to understand, let's break it down. Back in the day, Eimi was raking in a cool 2 million yen (approx. $13,000USD) monthly from her JAV gig, that adds up to 24 million yen (approx. $159,000USD) annually. Over her seven-year stint with the agency, she amassed a jaw-dropping 150 million yen (approx. $1,000,000USD) post ticking off agency commissions. But, guess what? Somehow the tax department never got the memo. Her earnings were never declared by the agency, and now she's stuck with a hefty tax bill.

Now, some of you might be wondering, "What's the big deal? She's already a YouTube sensation with over a million subscribers, she could pay off the outstanding sum" Well, here's the twist. Majority of her Youtube content is on the kinkier side, making it tad challenging to score those lucrative ad revenues from the platform. You see, Youtube has a way of grading videos for monetisation. According to technology blog Engadget, Youtube grades it's content based on three dollar signs, The first, a dollar sign in a green circle, means that you're earning revenue via "the broadest set of advertisers" as well as on YouTube Red. The dollar sign in a yellow circle, however, means that a video can only earn revenue from YouTube Red or a limited set of ads, because it has been deemed "not suitable for all advertisers." Confusingly, it could also mean that it has been fully demonetized because "it doesn't meet our advertising guidelines," YouTube says. Finally, a slashed-out dollar sign means videos will get no revenue from YouTube Red or advertising. "This might be because of a copyright strike, Content ID claim, or Community Guidelines strike," it explains. As per this, I assume that Eimi's content has raked in quite a few yellow dollars in the past.

But wait, there's more. According to the acquaintance cited by news agency SmartFlash, "Eimi is a mere victim in this mess". Allegedly, her former agency reassured her that the taxes were all taken care of while she was under a legal contract with them but as surprising as it sounds, it turns out they never filed a tax return on her behalf. Now as a consequence both Eimi and the agency are facing a tax audit and remuneration of the unpaid dues.

In a recent tweet, Eimi even happened to confirm the rumor by blaming her previous office while also mentioning that "her current office Mine's is fine", few names were take obviously when she cited "The office is Forty Four Management. Chairman: Kenichi Yoshida" over a tweet that alleged that her former office put her through this turmoil. Perhaps because of this, the then president of her former office seems missing, and the management team was completely swapped. As per SmartFlash, they made multiple attempts to contact Fukada's current management agency, but received no response. They even contacted the head office of Fukada's former agency and the president's home for an interview, but much to their dismay, they received no response.

Who's The 'Mystery Guy' In Eimi's Life?

Eimi spotted leaving a ramen joint on Christmas 2023 alongside a mystery blonde

So, who's this Mr. Irreplaceable who's rumored to be Eimi's boyfriend? Apparently, this guy goes by the name of Junnosuke Taguchi, a 31-year-old cosmetic surgeon by profession with the charm of a blonde god as per SmartFlash. One can find him strutting his stuff as a technical advisor at the 'Shizuku Clinic' based in Roppongi. But that's not all, this guy's got layers to him. I was made aware that he runs a Youtube channel, going by the name 'Yoshitagu' where he spills the beauty secrets alongside another cosmetic surgeon. Talk about a being a man of many talents!

Now, let's rewind to a year and a half ago when Eimi and this mystery blonde guy's love story began. As per the source, the duo met through some mutual connections and hit it off right away. Some fans might wonder, what brought them together? It could be a shared love for food and travel, of course! They've been on adventures to Vietnam and Thailand in the past, indulging in the finer things in life.

Notice how on the date at the beginning of this article, they ate ramen on Christmas Day, and Taguchi said she was happy just to be able to spend time with him. When she was mentally exhausted, he was her 'emotional support' to some extent, said Taguchi's acquaintance via SmartFlash. What's even more interesting is that, apparently, this particular blonde guy mentioned above is "irreplaceable" to Eimi, who has fallen on hard times. The news agency cites that he often visits her home to check up on her. When Eimi hit a rough patch, he became her "emotional support." It seems like he's more than just a skilled surgeon, he's got the bedside manner for matters of the heart too. Typical boyfriend material, you see.

To further investigate on the case, SmartFlash decided to ring up Mr. Taguchi in late January to have his opinion on finding his partner stuck in a tax scandal. According to them, he played it cool. No denials, just a cryptic response "I can't say anything about it from my mouth."

Eimi Fukada's Multiple Income Streams

To put things into perspective, let’s delve a bit into Eimi’s income streams to make it easy for our intrigued readers to get a gist of it i.e. the different sources that the JAV star generates income from. To begin with, the first source is a no brainer, that is filming JAV for her, since her debut, Eimi has made a name for herself among the cream crop of JAV talent pool and hence enjoys a sizeable fanbase along with a fat paycheck delivered to her every month for whatever studio she remains exclusive to. Though we don’t have any sources to verify her current income but the figures are pretty evident for an A-lister celeb like her. Now that SmartFlash has broke the news already, let us work with that. Moreover, here's an interesting chart to put into context that explains the average payout an actress of her stature demands.

  • Exclusive Actress (aka Eimi Fukada in this case): Mainly stars of the adult film industry, also called an exclusive actress. They sign an exclusive contract with an adult film company and shoot 1 to 3 films per month. The pay per film is high, usually from 1 to 3 million yen (approx $6,000 to $20,000USD) per film. In addition to JAV shooting, they can also earn by appearing on TV and other media, and as an influencer and advertising model.

  • Freelance Actress: One can make more than a project actress! Commonly known as Kikatan or freelance actress in the West. Less difficult than a project actress and higher pay per film than a project actress. The fee per film is about 300,000 to 500,000 yen (approx $2,000 to $3,300USD). They can sign contracts with multiple makers and can appear in as many films as they want if offered. If they increase the number of appearances, they can earn more than a stand-alone actress. They can decide the number of appearances by themselves, so they have a lot of freedom.

  • Project Actress: Casualness is the key to success! Almost a majority of the actresses are project actresses. The pay per film is 50,000-300,000 yen (approx. $330 to $2,000USD). The risk of being exposed is low, as most of the films are amateur productions that do not feature the actress's stage name or involve more than one person. The unit price per film is not high, so it is recommended that they work as a supporting actresses.

Next up we’ve Eimi's Youtube channel and as is apparent, she’s amassed quite the sizeable fanbase along with views that’d undoubtedly make her as one of the top creators on the platform but it does come with a drawback, I'll tell you that. For a fact, the niche of her content doesn’t gel well with the video streaming platform, though I've seen her maintaining decency across interviews on the platform rather than baring it all out, but a majority of her content is borderline sexy and Youtube being Youtube, they’ve their way around monitoring and like I mentioned earlier, Eimi’s videos most likely earn her limited to no revenue on the platform. Let’s just assume she barely makes much from the platform, even after monetization.

How could we not mention her own venture, while discussing her revenue streams? In the recent past, we saw Eimi promoting her own line of protein powders by the name of AimeProtein which does a decent amount in sales considering it’s mostly her fans buying up the stock and since we dont have the exact number on this, we’d let it be but that doesn't write it off as a substantial revenue stream for the actress, as per my assumption.

But then again, a large chunk of her earnings comes from the promotions that have to do with her majorly promoting these online casinos. "She often makes 'PR posts' on social networking sites as well," said the acquaintance on record. According to me, these PR deals alone pay out on an average of what she earns in a month from her JAV shoots for a campaign, so that makes a sizeable chunk of her revenue.

Then there is also the cabaret club she occasionally heads to for a quick buck, I’m talking about the Red Dragon Cabaret club where guests are known to be the who’s who of society and are known to tip these JAV stars lavishly, in exchange of platonic time spent with them but that doesn’t necessarily mean Eimi's always getting tipped in deposits. At times it could be several expensive offerings like a solitaire, a designer handbag or even a bottle of Moet Chandon champagne and the list is endless.

In the comments section of the original news brief that broke the story, users commented, "This monthly income for a top actress is too dreamy," "Are you getting casino deals after you leave the company?" The comments also included the following: "This doctor was caught for indecent assault a long time ago, so he changed his name and put it on a celebrity," and one interesting comment I came across was that, "Politicians are forgiven, but porn stars are not." That tells you a lot about the dynamics, honestly.

So What's The Way Forward For Eimi?

To be honest, there's not really much that comes to mind. But, as amusing as it sounds, perhaps she could put an entry fee to her 'Free Hugs Campaign', though it won't remain free anymore but that's a practical way to tap into the untapped revenue stream and pay off her dues besides whatever she's earning from her existing income streams. Almost a year in, Eimi is still figuring out how to pay the tax authorities but this in no way means she'll go bankrupt, in my assumption, she'll make it back but this'll be put under the rug sooner or later over a settlement. But in no way, I'm denying the fact that her boss at the previous office shouldn't be convicted and not face a trial in court. Tax evasion is daylight robbery and and he should face trial for that rather than Eimi, since talents are basically unaware how their finances are handled by the office they work for.

In short, turns out that the 25 year old JAV sensation, raked in a whopping 150 million yen (approx. $1,000,000USD) over the past seven years. Now, you'd think swimming in that kind of fortune would make you a tax expert, right? Well, not for our girl Eimi. She apparently had zero clue about paying taxes and hence failed to declare her the fat paycheck she made while at her previous agency. The IRS or whatever the Japanese tax department is known as (editor's note: NTA), came knocking and guess what? They brought a hefty bill of 80 million yen in additional taxes. At present, our girl is stuck in a knee-deep loan. Eimi is down bad, just 'cause she used to work at this office, and when she was expecting them to handle her taxes responsibly, instead what the management did was flip on her and threw her under the bus. The office, which was supposed to take care of everything, ended up slapping additional taxes on her and to make things worse, the big shot at her previous agency decided to pull a disappearing act. My man literally vanished into thin air! What a con-act!. Now, with 80 million yen (approx $530,000USD) in taxes looming over her, Eimi's financial situation is as steamy as one of her JAVs. And if that's not enough drama for you, Eimi's savings of 20 million yen is said to have depleted by April 2023. The struggle is real, my friends. Will she bounce back from this financial mess? Only time will tell. It's like a real-life soap opera, and we're all here for the drama. Stay tuned readers, Eimi Fukada's financial woes are far from over! Let us know in the comments down below, what you think of this story.

In the meanwhile, keep up with her on X.

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Erry 1 month ago
yeah, this might be a case of tax evasion by the former eimi agency. If the police find the CEO, take him to civil court, and the CEO admits it was an action carried out without the artist's knowledge, then Eimi doesn't need to worry. but the law is not that simple. If I were the IRS, I would certainly suspect Eimi too, that she could have known and allowed this embezzlement. Come on, Eimi is a mature woman who has worked for a long time. There's a tax on something as simple as buying ramen. Is it possible that she's that stupid and doesn't understand income tax? everything has taxes. anywhere in the world, countries will pay close attention to their citizens who appear to live "too glamorously" on social media. sorry, I don't have much sympathy for Eimi, because I see a lot of artists whose lives are very glamorous on social media but then pretend to be stupid when faced with the IRS.
ZENRA 1 month ago

Her former agency most likely has its own tax worries, but Eimi's issues are hers alone. Like essentially all performers, she is an independent contractor and has a responsibility to file taxes. It's possible she can take her agency to court and it's possible the NTA (Japan's IRS) could go lenient on her if she presents undeniable proof the agency said it was handling her taxes--though even this is a stretch given how many years it went on.

Deckard 1 month ago
Eimi Fukada is dating Roy Batty.
OppaiLover90 1 month ago
Hope this doesn't make her reduce the JAV output. Need more videos with her new tits.
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