Itazura Onsen 4 Part One

Published January 1, 2021

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The largest movie ever on ZENRA. Combined run-time of 8 hours of nearly nonstop bathhouse pranking.

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Itazura Onsen 4 Part One
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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480 minutes.  8 hours.  The run-time for the longest non-compilation new footage only update we've ever shown on ZENRA.  With ITAZURA ONSEN 4, do we see the epitome of scene creep?  Or is this actually chock full of fantastic onsen mischief footage from start to finish?  I can say that we get a little bit of near everything in this gargantuan TRIPLE update.  From solo girls, pairs, insane group antics, foursomes, impromptu naked massages, a dancing Black man in a tiny thong, and even a panties-carrying drone, this is a movie that has tons going for it and yes, it holds up.

The basic plot to ITAZURA ONSEN 4--and yes, there's a theme common to all scenes if you can believe it--is that this time, we do get actual JAV stars playing themselves.  Previously they were just playing real life randos.  Supposedly filmed over the span of a week, we are shown some very big names like HIBIKI OTSUKI, the recently unretired ASAHI MIZUNO, KUREA HASUMI, and five others of equal beauty and renown who visit a local bathhouse after doing some shooting for SADISTIC VILLAGE.  The studio, after filming them over a busy day of nonstop sex, pays their tab at a local high-end facility so they can totally unwind.  Of course, ITAZURA--or mischief--being the name of the game, 'relaxing' only happens for a few short minutes before all hell breaks lose.

Common in pretty much all scenes, we see JAV stars first find themselves suddenly the only women in a male onsen followed by a panicky flight to the changing room to find their clothes missing.  Some then try to migrate to safety only to be caught in the lobby or the big leisure room.  Others never make it out of the onsen itself.  Sex for all is a given.  Some end in creampies, others in facials.  Some have a festive atmosphere with big crowds of patrons and staff cheering them on.  Some end slightly weirder like that great naked massage with audience scene halfway through.

While I'm always fond of JAV studios going the extra mile, I'm still surprised SADISTIC VILLAGE decided to celebrate their eighth year as a JAV studio by filming an actual 8 hour movie.  Before picking this out, I figured this was a compilation movie of some sort.  You know the type:  recycled footage from previous movies.  Perhaps some off-shoots thrown in.  I was thankfully proven very wrong.  This is nothing but new, glorious footage that on one hand ticks off all the boxes of what you want to see in a huge JAV affair, but also is not exactly pure perfection.

I'll forever consider ITAZURA ONSEN 2 the best in the series.  It has a colorful cast, extremely varied antics, and just as important, was filmed in a huge ACTUAL ryokan.  ITAZURA ONSEN 4 while filmed at a real bathhouse, looked like one of those smaller inner city ones.  Not counting a tiny garden, there was no outdoor footage.  All we get is the bathing area itself (last used in this great newhalf title), the lobby, the leisure room, and the sauna.  For a much shorter movie, this would be fine, but 480 minutes with such a grandiose theme really should have been shot in larger quarters.  I do understand that ITAZURA ONSEN 4 may have been filmed in between other shoots so SADISTIC VILLAGE decided it was simpler to film closer to their office and perhaps that was a factor in their decision.  The next one we'll be showing was filmed at the same ryokan as the first which while not as big as the second, is more than adequate.

Location issues aside, this is a gem of modern JAV.  ITAZURA ONSEN 4 features a huge cast of beautiful women, ogrish men, and a director with a truly twisted imagination.  Gosh knows how much this cost to produce.  I'm just happy they took the risk to deliver something like this to satiate fans of embarrassed naked women trying to get by in a world gone mad.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 3219

4 Files 6.68GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Massive cast.
+Crazy antics.
+Gargantuan run-time that isn't plagued by scene creep.
+Novel ideas.


-Big set, but not enough for 8 fresh hours of footage.
-A/B camera cuts during multi-girl scenes.  Would prefer they just edit them together.

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