JAV News Roundup - May 2023 - Volume 1

Published : May 23rd, 2023 Written by trapstar

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Kanon Kanade Resumes AV Activities

To the surprise of many, AV actress Kanon Kanade has made a highly anticipated comeback to the AV industry after a year-long hiatus. Kanon’s Twitter page confirmed the news, revealing that the 23 year old has resumed her AV activities. The actress announced her return on Twitter, Spring is coming and so is a makeover. And I will resume AV shooting in April Please look forward to my new work revealing that she resumed shooting AV in April. With the latest development, fans are looking forward to her next releases.

Kanon had a promising start to her career, making her debut with Moodyz as a fresh face straight out of college in 2019. Since then, she has been featured in an overwhelming number of JAVs, captivating audiences with her performance and undeniable charm. However, her abrupt disappearance in late fall 2022 left her fans anxious and concerned of her whereabouts. Speculations were rife, and her absence only heightened the anticipation for her eventual comeback.

The announcement of Kanade's return to filming AV has reignited the excitement among her fans. Her recent Twitter post revealed that she had resumed shooting in April, ushering in a new phase in her career. Her comeback JAV is expected to be released around August this year, based on calculations from her mention of wrapping up a shoot on Twitter. With her packed schedule, as evident from her social media updates, fans can expect a flurry of captivating performances and thrilling releases from Kanade in the near future. A recent review of one of her JAVs has garnered attention, showcasing her captivating performance in a storyline where she engages in a secret affair with an older man after school. 

"Thanks for all the congratulations. Please keep up the good work. Thank you for your continued support  At 23 years old, I can still do anything. The possibilities are surely endless! Although there was a gap I'm back to shooting again. Please look forward to seeing my new work!", the actress hinted of a possible comeback through her birthday post.

Earlier this month, the actress celebrated her 23rd birthday in style. Kanon hosted a grand birthday bash at the renowned Red Dragon Club, surrounded by close friends, industry peers, and dedicated fans. As fans joined her in celebrating this milestone, it brought to mind Kanade's past experiences, including her time working at a Japanese soapland in the meantime while she was away from filming AV. This serves as a reminder of the diverse journey she has undertaken, contributing to the intrigue and fascination of her beloved fans.

Undoubtedly, Kanon’s return to filming AVs has taken her fans by storm, leaving them thrilled and eager to witness her captivating performances once again. After a remarkable debut and a brief hiatus in the recent few months, her resurgence promises exciting new chapters in her AV career. With upcoming releases on the horizon, fans can look forward to some sensually arousing performances by the actor. The headline claiming the return of the 23 year old has undoubtedly brought a renewed sense of hope and joy to her devoted fan base.

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Natsuki Maron Debuts Under A New Name With Arrows

There has been some sort of a development in the case of this 26 year old. Eru Natsuyo, formerly known as Natsuki Maron, has made a surprising comeback to the AV industry under her new agency, Arrows (they manage Ichika Matsumoto). The news of her return comes after a period of speculation and uncertainty surrounding her career.

Natsuki's journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by several ups and downs. After leaving her former agency, Krone, she made a cryptic tweet (posted above) on her previous account, leaving fans in a hitherto about her future plans. Prior to this major announcement, Natsuki had expressed her desire to pursue a freelance acting career, hinting at a potential departure from the AV industry. While she kept it skeptical, Natsuki emphasized that she had no intentions of retiring from the industry otherwise.

Earlier this year, Natsuki's close friend and industry colleague, Yuki Nono, had announced her retirement, leading to further speculation about Natsuki's own future. However, contrary to expectations, the actress did not follow suit and instead took a hiatus from the adult business, citing the AV law behind her reason for absence. Fans eagerly awaited her return, hoping to see her back in action soon.

"Haven't been able to update for a while. I'm sorry. I have changed my stage name "Natsuya Eru". In a new production, I will be indebted to you. I look forward to working with you." the actress cited in a statement via her Twitter

Finally, the much needed announcement that Natsuki had joined Arrows and would be resuming her career as an AV actress was published this month. As is customary with a transfer, she also unveiled a new stage name, Natsuyo Eru. While the name change may take some getting used to for her fans, they are undoubtedly excited about the prospect of seeing her perform regularly once again.

In addition to the agency change and stage name alteration, there have been rumors that Natsuki underwent cosmetic surgery, with a noticeable change in her facial profile. Some fans argue that they preferred her appearance prior to the alleged surgery, appreciating her natural beauty. However, it is important to remember that personal decisions regarding her appearance is entirely up to the actress, and any such alterations should be respected.

On record, this is the 26 year old's second transfer since she had previously availed the services of TPowers before transferring to Krone. With career progression, transfers are mandatory and with her latest move to Arrows agency, which is some sort of a bigwig in the adult industry, it would be interesting to see the kind of roles Natsuki picks up in her time with the agency.

If you want to get your feet wet, there is this JAV by DAS studios she had earlier featured on which has somewhat of a good plot compared to most of her JAVs. As previously noted by our fellow writer Oppaira in his column, there is not much you could expect of this 26 year old in terms of performance but in DASD-981 I felt like she had given an above par performance. No two thoughts regarding the execution of the plot and the director has done a great job at portraying dual personalities of the character with one being an innocent high school teacher and in contrast she turns into an absolute slut intoxicated on a potion as the story gradually progresses. It's certainly an interesting watch if one wants to explore the various offerings by this particluar actress.

Fans are excited to see Natsuki, now known as Natsuyo Eru, embark on this new chapter in her career. With her talent, it is apparent that she is motivated to make her mark once more. Whether under a new stage name or with a somewhat different appearance, her reappearance promises to entertain her followers as well as the industry as a whole.

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Kaede Fua Leaves Her Former Agency For C-More

In the world of adult business, transfers and retirements are common occurrences. However, when a rising star appears in a prominent campaign, it often leads fans to speculate about their future. Such is the case with this actress who made her debut just two years ago. Her appearance in S1's highly anticipated 2023 campaign has fueled rumors that she won't be discontinuing her affiliation with the studio anytime soon.

"This time, Kaede Fuua has transferred her office over to C-more. When I transferred, the update of SNS stopped I'm sorry to have worried you. I remains exclusive to S1! Very happy I have a lot to share. It's been two years since she made her debut as an AV actress, but I still have a long way to go. I can't thank all the fans enough. For me, I was very worried about transferring agencies at such an important time. I will make Kaede Fua even bigger for the sake of those who support me." testified the 22 year old on her Twitter.

Adding fuel to the speculation, she recently had a release in May with S1, solidifying her evident connection to the studio. It's undeniable that Kaede has made a mark in the industry, captivating audiences with her talent and charm. Now, it seems she is prepared to embark on a new chapter by joining C-more, an agency known for managing top JAV talents, including the likes of Julia.

Previously, the actress was associated with an agency that primarily managed low-tier actresses. While many theories surround her decision to change offices, only the 22 year old knows the true reason behind this pivotal move. It's possible that the allure of higher pay and better opportunities played a role in her decision. After all, the entertainment industry is as much about business as it is about passion.

Despite the agency change, Kaede has confirmed to a fan that she will remain exclusive to her studio. This statement hints at a continued partnership with S1, suggesting that she has several projects lined up throughout the year. It's an exciting prospect for both the actress and her devoted fans, who eagerly await her next ventures.

"I will do my best to do many things this year that will surprise my fans. I'm aiming to reach 400,000 people on Twitter this year and I'll do my best to achieve it! I would be very happy if you could help me! I know it's been a long time, but please continue to support Kaede Fua! Thank you for your continued support."

One goal that the actress has shared with her followers is to reach 400k followers as soon as possible. Social media has become a powerful tool for AV acteresses to connect with their fans, and it seems she understands the importance of cultivating a strong online presence. As her popularity continues to grow, it will be fascinating to see how she navigates this digital landscape.

Another significant aspect of an actress switching agencies is the inevitable change of her name. It is common practice for actresses to adopt a new stage name when they transition to a different agency. However, for now, Kaede has decided to retain her current name, perhaps as a way to maintain familiarity and continuity with her existing fan base.

To sum it up, the rising star who appeared in S1's 2023 campaign has sparked speculation among fans about her future in the industry. While she recently had a release with S1, her decision to join C-more, a renowned agency managing top JAV talents, has piqued curiosity among her fans. Though the true reasons behind her move remain unknown, she has assured her fans that she will remain exclusive to her studio. With exciting projects lined up and a growing social media presence, the actress is poised for a remarkable journey ahead. As her career progresses, it will be interesting to witness her continued success and evolution in the adult business.

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Natsu Sano Abruptly Ends Her AV Career

In October 2021, the AV industry welcomed one of its most captivating actresses, Natsu, who had started her career with Baitan AV. However, what sets Natsu apart is her decision to remove all traces of her digital footprint after retirement. While she may have taken down her Twitter account, luckily, we have a screenshot of her retirement tweet.

One person who fondly reminisces about working with Natsu is her co-star, Yuka Ichii. Natsu, famously known as "Nachhan" in the AV industry, left a lasting impression on those she worked with. Yuka Ichii recalled the experiences of shooting alongside the actress, acknowledging Natsu's talent and unique charm, "Thank you Nacchan for your hard work It was kind of a relief to be on set with Nacchan I'm looking forward to the release of our co-starring film we shot in January"

Natsu had managed to amass a dedicated following who fell for her tomboyish looks. It is not hard to grasp why fans were drawn to her magnetic  on screen presence. With her perky C-cup breasts and androgynous appeal, Natsu captured the hearts of many. Throughout her career, Natsu often portrayed schoolgirl characters, becoming synonymous with the role. However, there was one particular JAV that stands out in my memory. It was a release from M's Video Group, showcasing a plot that paralleled the discussions in the Colabo column.

This JAV somehow explored the darker realities of Japanese society, featuring Natsu as a schoolgirl who is subjected to the advances of men twice her age. Although it was meant for the purpose of entertainment, the explicit content in the plot depicted the exploitation and objectification of women, shedding light on a prevalent issue. Natsu's exceptional performance brought the character to life, emphasizing the distressing experiences faced by these girls. While the AV industry is often criticized for its controversial nature, it is essential to acknowledge that it reflects certain aspects of it's own society. It acts as a mirror, shedding light on the dark corners and uncomfortable truths that exist. Some of Natsu's works allowed her to bring attention to important issues, giving a voice to those who are often silenced.

Her retirement certainly strikes a blow to her fans, who will undoubtedly miss her incredible talent and on-screen performance. While Natsu's decision to erase her digital footprint only adds to the enigma surrounding her departure. However let us not ignore the fact that it also serves as a testament to her desire for a fresh start and a new chapter in her life.

As Natsu distances herself from her AV career, fans will undoubtedly remember her for her remarkable performances and the impact she had on them. While she may have chosen to remove herself from social media, the memories of her talent and the characters she portrayed will continue to linger through her fan accounts. Though her retirement marks the end of a chapter, it also signals the beginning of a new journey for Natsu. As fans bid her farewell, they do so with gratitude for the incredible moments she shared and the impact she had for the time being.

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