The Room of Japanese Schoolgirl Konomi Sakura

Published April 12, 2017

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Konomi Sakura has a new part time job that starts off with light dirty picture taking and gets naughtier in this fun take on compensated dating by GUTS.

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The Room of Japanese Schoolgirl Konomi Sakura
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When one usually thinks of 'defiled schoolgirls', their imaginations may run riot with twisted fantasies that are anything but what KONOMI SAKURA goes through in today's rather light-hearted update by GUTS.  In her case, the 'defilement's is totally brought on by herself...and with a smile and lots of laughter!

We love showing a little bit of everything at ZENRA and to build on that, we're proud to show a title that takes enjoukousai in action, but from the perspective of a gung-ho chirpy Japanese schoolgirl who's all giggles and more when it comes to voluntarily doing 'indecent' things with her body.

THE ROOM OF JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL KONOMI SAKURA can be considered the spiritual prequel of a title from not that long ago featuring SHION NATSUME.  Both are from the same series, but KONOMI's actually was produced first (granted, only by a few months).  Both actresses put on mirthful appearances as they gradually do more and more naughtier things for their 'part-time jobs'.  We love how in KONOMI's ROOM in the midst of sticking chopsticks supposedly belonging to various family members into her slit, she remembers to grab her cell phone to take a few shots.  It's not for her goal to be an aspiring photog, but she apparently gets paid to take these pictures.  It's her part-time job!

THE ROOM is another title that features a few extended monologues in between scenes.  We've subtitled it all and it's great fodder for those who always had the itch to learn about what Japanese schoolgirls are thinking about when they're alone.  We can't guarantee what KONOMI said here reflects her real-life thought processes, but one can always imagine...

At just under 90 minutes, this is another slightly shorter than average title, but it still packs a lot.  Also take note that older Japanese AV movies like this one generally clocked out around the hour and a half mark.  Length creep is only becoming more apparent now as we see studios try to give more 'value' to the customer with longer movies (some 3+ hours for a single woman!).  Sometimes more is better, but we hope the editors of these works can control the bloat and keep the footage top quality.  More is never better when it's repetitive!

Bondage at a hotel marks the bulk of the second scene and some may enjoy it.  We did, but we do warn those with sensitive ears to turn the volume down; KONOMI SAKURA's orgasms may shatter weaker eardrums.  They're THAT loud.

Japanese women are often seen as submissive in bed and KONOMI SAKURA fit the bill for that bondage hotel scene, but the final encounter with her at home (in her room) was all about fun sex with her taking the lead.  She had a great time doing it and we're awfully envious of the actor who was lucky enough to take part.  We also love how the scene commenced with her already stark naked before throwing on a pair of oversized underwear and pretending she had a dick while playing with the actor's.  It was innocent yet very naughty.

KONOMI SAKURA had a career lasting a few years back in the mid-aughts.  Now with her solidly in her thirties and very long retired, the chances for a glorious return are slim to none.  However, you never know as 'second wind AV comebacks' are starting to become rather commonplace.

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