BREAKING: Ruri Saijo Is Back After 7 Years, Ena Koume Faces A Blow Due To Health Issues, Maria Nagai Performs At Her Debut Concert & More

Published : March 10th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in March

At 33, Ruri Saijo Makes A Magnificent Comeback!

Moodyz just took the wraps of a 33 year old Ruri Saijo, who’s JAV is set to hit the screens later this month. It hasn’t been more than a year since Ruri Saijo bid her goodbyes and now she’s back on the scene once again, maybe the financial woes are to blame but I’m glad fans will be able to witness those bronzed out M-cup tits in 4K from now on!

This should shock everyone, right? The veteran actress who made her exclusive debut with S1, famous for her tanned skin and M-cup big breasts among her fans just completely blew out of nowhere. Fans could witness the top dawg work her magic again as her Moodyz JAV, "Resurrection of the Godly Breasts" will be up for grabs by April 2nd.

Ruri mentioned, "Thank you everyone for your continued support, Encouraged by everyone's support, I'm back for the first time in a while. Hope you've fun with adult Saijo."

The JAV cover mentions that she is restarting after a 7-year break, but to make our readers aware, Ruri had in fact filmed a one off JAV under Materiall back in 2022. However, these two resurrections have completely different meanings. The reason for the limited edition last time was because Materiall, wanted to give something out for the fans to remember. But now it is a complete resurrection, which means that it is for real. Ruri wants to cement her position with a third stint and as they say “third time’s a charm”.

But the big question stands, is Ruri exclusive to Moodyz now?

To cite a source, The code used for Ruri’s upcoming work is MIAB-114 and as per the source, this is not the code Moodyz uses for exclusive actresses, so we still have to wait until Ruri eventually lands a proper studio contract and begins rolling out those JAV bangers, consecutively.

This could also be worrying for her fans. Could it be that the guys at Moodyz didn’t see her an appropriate fit for the studio, enough for them to hand her out an exclusive contract?

That rather not be the case, since judging by the trailer released by the studio, the 33 year old looks better than ever! Her dark complexion and those juggs make her like a hot property. The M-cup big breasts and slender waist on Ruri feel nothing less than an ‘gyaru waifu’ straight out of some anime,

Quoting a source, during the pandemic, Ruri’s agency insisted her to return to the AV industry, but she remained adamant. But now, that she has completely resurrected, it raises the question if if it’s because she’s facing financial woes or could be that because she’s bored of her mundane life and wants to do something exciting like AV before the mid life crisis kicks in, but nevertheless I’m still very excited to see her return alike her fans, and I sincerely wish her all the best for this comeback. Just hope that she turns exclusive, now and gets copped by some big studio soon.

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While Ena Koume Voluntarily Decides To Quit JAV

I’ve got some scoop on Ena Koume, and truth be told, it’s not very exciting. Yes indeed, Ena Koume is taking a brief hiatus from the industry for the very first time.

First off, major kudos to all you awesome fans who've been cheering on Ena Koume. Your support hasn't gone unnoticed, and we're here to spill the deets on what's going down. So, this is no joke, cause the 24 year old is indeed hitting the pause button on her career for a 5-month period beginning, April 1st to August 1st, later this year as per her statement, "Dear all. Thank you very much for your continued support of Ena Koume. We are sorry to announce that Ena Koume has decided to temporarily suspend her activities from April 1 to August 1, 2024."

Now, I know what’s on your mind, why this break all of a sudden? Well, it turns out that the K-cup hottie has been facing some serious health challenges for the past two years. Two whole years, readers! That's no joke. She's been running from one hospital to another, undergoing medical tests like a freak to diagnose her condition. Ena mentioned, "I had been in poor health for the past two years, and after tests at various hospitals, I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease at the beginning of the year, and at the end of the year I was diagnosed with severe iron deficiency anemia." Turns out, at the beginning of this year, the doctors made her aware that she has Meniere's disease, and to make conditions even worse, towards the end of the year, she suffered another blow having been diagnosed with severe iron-deficiency anemia. Too bad!

But hold on, we’ve more scoop. How’s Ena’s been reacting to all this? Turns out from her statement, that she’s handling things like a champ. For the past one or two years, she has been actively dealing with her illness as well as carrying on with shoots, simultaneously and it has had a significant impact on her career. Juggling her health struggles while trying to keep up with her work is no joke!

Imagine dealing with all that drama behind the scenes and not having uttered a word until now. The poor thing has been facing it for quite some time now, and it's taken a toll on her professional career. Here's what she had to say about it, "I have been working while dealing with my illness for the past year or two, but the impact on my work has been significant, and as a result of discussions with my office regarding my future, I have decided to temporarily suspend my activities as Ena Koume rather than continue to deal with my illness and concentrate on recuperation so that I can return to work with a healthy appearance."

After some serious heart-to-heart chats with her agency, Ena decided it was time to hit the pause button on her career. Rather than soldiering on while battling her health demons, so she's opting for a temporary retreat. As a fan, you’ve got to respect that decision. It takes guts to step back from a flourishing career and get back to tip-top shape.

To all the fans who've been cheering her on since her debut, I feel you. Ena wanted to personally apologize for causing a ruckus and inconveniencing you all. She knows you've had her back, and wants to make you all aware that this hiatus isn't a break from you; it's a break to face her health head-on. She added, "I would like to thank all the fans who have supported my activities so far. I am very sorry for the worry and inconvenience this may cause to my fans and other people who have supported my activities, but please understand that this period of inactivity is a time for me to deal with my illness, and I hope you will continue to warmly watch over me until the day I can perform again in a healthy state, both mentally and physically."

Ena Koume began her career as an exclusive artist at Moodyz studio with the release of her JAV debut film on August 1, 2019. Ena was born on November 30 1999 and her oppai size is currently listed as K-cup. Fun trivia but her hobby is playing games, going to cafes, and drinking 3 liters of milk every day. No wonder, how she got those huge milkers!

Let's send some positive vibes her way in the comments down below, shall we? Ena, we're rooting for your speedy recovery, and we can't wait to see you back in action. Until then, let's keep the gossip mill buzzing and hold down the fort until our girl is back and slaying the game! Stay tuned for more juicy updates, folks!

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Anri Okita's Idol Group Has A New Member, Replacing Alice Otsu

Bit late but, I thought I’d make our fans aware that the latest scoop in the idol world is that Alice Otsu, aka ARIS, just pulled a shocker by resigning from Anri Okita’s idol group, BLACK DIAMOND a mere 5 days before her highly anticipated one man concert on February 26, 2024. "We would like to inform you that one of our members, ARIS, has decided to leave BLACKDIAMOND as of today. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this sudden announcement.Yesterday, we received a notice from "ARIS" herself that she would be leaving the group."

This could’ve made for an exciting plot twist but the in a statement, the music group announced that the slot would be filled later by the rest of the members, "Although the timing is just before the one-man show on February 26, we respect her wish, and after consulting with the management and members, we have accepted the wish. The live show on 2/26 will be performed by the current 4 members "ANRI", "MARY", "MIRO", and "LV". We hope that you will look forward to and support these four members of BLACKDIAMOND. "

So, Alice made a unilateral decision to bid farewell to her BLACK DIAMOND fam, leaving fans in utter disbelief. Why? you might wonder. Well, that's the million-dollar question, my friends. The official word is that it was a personal request, but the reason behind it still remains a mystery but I’d let you on a scoop even though, Alice won’t spill the tea.

Apparently, some sleuths in the fandom have been digging deep, and one particular user pointed out that Alice might’ve signed up too many projects, lately. Could it be that her overflowing plate of commitments led to this abrupt exit? You know how it is, juggling idol life and side hustles is no walk in the park. it could be that, Alice decided to drop the BLACK DIAMOND label after all, to focus on her main gig, JAV, especially if it’s raking in the dollars.

But wait, there's a few more speculations in the gossip mill. I do believe, it could be internal disputes among band members to blame, potentially sparking Otsu’s exit in the grand scheme of things. It could be a clash of egos or creative differences among the band members, For now, we're in the dark, readers, and until we get some concrete info, it's all just idle chatter.

If you hop onto the BLACK DIAMOND website, the first thing you'll notice is a conspicuous absence of Alice’s photo, it seems as if her profile has been scrubbed from existence, leaving behind the Fab Four: ANRI, MARY, MIIRO, and L.V. I guess it's official now that ARIS is out, the remaining quartet is holding down the fort.

Now, here's where it gets even more interesting. Just when we thought this whole drama had peaked, enter Maria Nagai, the chosen one to fill ARIS's glittering shoes as a temporary member to the group. But what is to notice is thatnMaria teased few shots from her first performance with BLACK DIAMNOD on her Instagram handle, while she mentioned, "I'm late to report that it was a surprise on the day to everyone during the concert, I am happy to announce that I have become a support member of BD. I was so moved to see the BD members live up close and I learned a lot about the tension, exuberance, and unity that can only be experienced at a live show. I feel like I'm just starting out as a support member. I hope to be on the same stage again with all of you wonderful and awesome BDs, I can't wait to learn how to dance and sing again. Thank you for your support!"

So, is this a sneak peek into a potential permanent position, or are they just teasing us with a temporary fling? The suspense is killing me to be honest!

In the meantime, let's keep our eyes peeled for any breadcrumbs Alice might drop about her sudden departure. Is she destined for bigger and better things, or did the BLACK DIAMOND drama just get too hot to handle? Stay tuned, gossip lovers!

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Moodyz 'Class Of 21' Witnesses Two Significant Exits

On the retirement front, we’ve not one but two Moodyz debutantes from 2021 who are set to make an exit by the end of March. First up, we’ve the pixie haired cutie, Hana Kotone who announced that she will officially retire as a JAV artist starting March 31, 2024. In her statement, Hana also happened to express her gratitude to all parties who have supported her thoroughly in the JAV industry over the past 3 years. Hana had debuted back in March 2021, under Moodyz and remained excluisve to the studio for quite a while before heading on to become a freelancer in the industry.

Here's what the former Moodyz talent had to say, "From March 31, I'm retiring from being an AV actress! 3 years with all of our loved ones. Filled with wonderful encounters and wonderful people I couldn't be happier to be in this industry. Thank you everyone for your continued support until the end."

In a tweet, she mentioned of having interacted with her fans earlier via Instagram Live and expressed desire to eagerly meet them in an offline event that’ll be held on 30th of this month. But all of it seems pretty weird now, since just a few days prior she mentioned how she was looking forward to March, as per her tweet, the month was ‘packed with lots of fun’ and now all of a sudden she has put up a retirement statement. She mentioned her favorite hobbies now were to surf FANZA and browse works of other actresses. Reacting to her retirement tweet, fellow JAV actress Moeka Marui mentioned that she has always been a fan of the actress.

Next up on the list, we’ve Himari Ayase who’d be bidding adieu to JAV. Similar to Hana, Himari made her debut from Moodyz as well but in May, 2021. Himari expressed her intention via her statement that she too will retire by the end of March and thanked her fans for support for the last few years. Besides that, to commemorate her retirement, the actress has organised an event for the 24th later this month for her fans at Lefkada, Shinjuku. Fellow JAV actress, Riasu wished her luck for the event.

A few users showed interest in attending the event, among them was a crew member from Lunatics studio who commented, “I was surprised at how sudden it was, but first of all, thank you very much! In fact, about two years before I met Himari, she quietly helped us out of a difficult situation, so I'm really grateful to her! It's a shame that March 24th will be the last time I'll meet Ayase-san and that event will be the last time, but I'll be visiting you soon, so thank you!”

Himari conveyed via a tweet, "I will retire as a sexy actress at the end of March! Thank you for the past 3 years! We will be holding an event at Lefkada on the 8th and 24th, so we would be happy if you could come and see us at the end!". For the uninitiated, Himari had held a tennis event earlier on 8th March where she competed against fellow JAV actor Koko Hoshina. We’d like to extend our wishes to both the actress and wish them a happy & fulfilling retirement.

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Get well, Ena 2 months ago
Here's wishing a full recovery to Ena Koume. It seemed like she was starting to get into groove lately but turns out she's been struggling with health issues :(
Shimai 2 months ago
I remember reading one of Alices tweets sounded like she had to much going on between her JAV work, Youtube, Fantia and her cosplay photobooks she sounds really busy so would make sense if that was why she left Black Diamond. Honestly her and Ai Sayama were the better singers in the group imo
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