Ayami Shunka, Moonlight's favorite JAV Star

Published : October 25th, 2023 Written by Moonlight

Ayami Shunka

Age: 30 (August 15th, 1993)

Measurement: B(85cm) W(58cm) H (83cm)

Height: 5 ft and 0.2 inch (153cm)

Cup size: D cup

Status: Retired (09/2012 - 03/31/2019)


Although Ayami Shunka retired a few years ago, she is still remembered by many JAV fans, including myself! She started her career at Prestige in 2019 and was in over 100 movies. She is very beautiful with a charming smile that attracted many fans. Her body is also outstanding. Her breasts are wonderful as they are perky with good size and nicely colored and sized areolas. They are so lovely when they jiggle in all directions during intercourse. She also has a good-sized ass. She satisfied both breast and ass groups.

It was not just her appearance that made her popular. Her performance was stellar. She was also involved in many different genres, including solo plays, documentaries, NTRs, bondages, three/foursome, etc. Therefore, she had many fans with different tastes and was able to stay as a top seller for many years. She moved to S1 in 4/2018, but she retired soon after. Unfortunately, she had some leaked uncensored videos that were taken while she was in Prestige in 6/2018, and she was very distressed. It is unclear if this triggered her retirement. Her current status is unknown after retirement. If someone knows her current status, please leave a comment so we all know!

I listed a few of my favorite movies from her with a summary and my thoughts. Please share your favorite movies from hers in the comment section :)

Criteria Score (out of 10)

Face 9

Breast 9

Ass 7

Body line 9

Performance 9

Video quality 10


Studio Prestige Escalation Chick 209

Video         EDD-209

Cast         Ayami Shunka

Duration      123 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Beautiful girl, Big tits, Amateur, Debut

Release Date  2012-09-28

Let's start with Ayami Shunka's debut video. I like debut videos as they almost look like dating vlogs that feel more real than staged movies. Her smile and laugh bring positive vibes, and she showed lots of her smile, laugh, and giggles in this video. The first few minutes of the video were dating, and it made me smile as the dating between her and the actor was so cute. It will make you almost wonder if this is a porn. If you are looking for sex, do not worry. Most of the movie is comprised of sex. What killed me was that she was very shy and innocent at the beginning of the intercourse, but she eventually showed her naughty side as she was getting more relaxed. The banging was well done, and her performance was good as well. You may love watching her breasts moving back and forth while she was getting banged. The angle of the camera was not bad although I am not a fan of POV. Overall, this is a good one to start with if this is your first time watching her works.


Let's Cum For Shunka Ayami's Adorable Cosplay!

Video        ABP-166 

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      155 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Cosplay, Bukkakke, Threesome/Foursome

Release Date  2014-07-09

Next up is a bit more hardcore than a debut video. It started with the interview about how much she was interested in cosplay. She undressed in the middle of the interview, and I thought this was super sexy especially when she got shy. Her shy face with her wonderfully well-balanced body was something that you would fall in love with very quickly. Her underwear was pink, which was a perfect fit for her. She was in many different costumes in this movie, including a maid, gym clothes, a swimming suit, a nurse, and a school uniform. With her model-like body fit, she really looked gorgeous in all of these costumes. She was also in 1 on 1 sex, threesome, and even gangbang. Therefore, you get to see her in many different costumes and in many different plots, which you will likely enjoy to watch. I love it when an actor spends his time devouring the actress' body, especially her breasts, and you will get enough of that in this video.


Brothel Tower - 3 Hours Special

Video        ABP-260

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      184 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Club hostess/sex worker, Bondage, Big tits, Massage parlor

Release Date  2015-02-19

If you are into sexy lingerie like me, this will be a good one to watch. Her breasts are great assets for her, and they look even more beautiful when she is in sexy lingerie. This clothing also accentuates the movement of her breasts during intercourse. Also, she played really well as a sex worker with her mesmerizing eyes. The camera work was good as it showed the full shot and also the focused shots of her pussy, breasts, anus, and face when she was getting banged. This video also showed a few scenes with BDSM play, so it also satisfied BDSM fans.


Orgasmic Lingerina 2

Video        ABP-313

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      131 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Lingerie, Threesome/Foursome

Release Date  2015-06-18

Finally, Ayami Shunka showed her short hair in this video. As a person who likes girls with short hair, this movie was a dream come true for me. Plus, did I just say that I love lingerie? This video is full of lingerie. Great combination. Sex scenes were also very sensual. The part where she was banged in the shower booth was very sexy. When she was covered with the oil, her body was really shining, and that was sexy as well. Camera work was also good similar to her previous videos as it showed both full shots and close-up shots, especially her breasts. If you are a fan of lingerie, this is something that you really want to consider watching.


My Very Own Dress Up Booty Girl

Video        ABP-367

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      183 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Ass Lover, Swimming Suit, Business Casual, Threesome/Foursome

Release Date  2015-09-30

Let's talk about her ass! Although her ass is not the strongest feature of hers, her ass is still above average in my mind. It is not big but not small either. It is very bouncy with a nice skin tone. Her rosebud is also very attractive with a nice color. This movie is good for ass lovers as actors spent lots of time touching and eating her ass. Most sex scenes are doggy-style, emphasizing her ass. To be honest, I am not an ass person, but even I really fell in love with this movie. It is just too beautiful when I watched her ass moving back and forth during doggy style. It is not just her ass, but her outfit was very sexy. Imagine a beautiful girl wearing a black-colored sexy costume with a nice ass. If you consider yourself as an ass lover, this is a must-watch movie for you.


Prestige Summer Fest 2016 Shunka Ayami Sucks Men Dry At An Outdoor Soapland

Video        ABP-506

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      177 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Big tits, Massage, Anal play, Titty Fuck, Lotion, Outdoor

Release Date  2016-08-11

Let's talk about outdoor sex! Outdoor sex may be attractive to many JAV fans as it may be considered an unusual experience. Also, imagine having hot sex with a beautiful land on the beach. This movie will help you imagine that situation. Although the plot is simple, her performance is fabulous. I know I keep repeating myself, but her body is just beyond gorgeous. It was interesting to watch her body look different (shinier) under the natural light as opposed to artificial lights in the studio. I also liked the camera work in this movie as it showed the full video of the sex as well as the environment. As a person who is into gangbang, it would have been nicer to watch her getting gangbanged on the beach.


When the World Ends, I Want To Be With Shunka Ayami

Video        ABP-548

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      111 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Schoolgirl, Big Tits, Creampie, Titty Fuck

Release Date  2016-12-22

It is time to introduce a movie that has a good storyline. This storyline is similar to the storyline in an Australian movie called These Final Hours (2013). Basically, Ayami Shunka and her friend, who is a virgin, spent the last moment of the earth with lots of sex. Most of the scenes were POV, so it may help some viewers feel like they were spending the last moment of the earth with her. Well, I will feel blessed if I get to spend that moment with her! It was sexy that most sex ended with creampie since the world was about to be over. This movie makes me wonder what I would do if I were in their situation. What would you do if you were in this situation? If you like a good storyline, this is a reasonable choice!


Absolute Classic Situation 2

Video        ABP-566

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      166 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Office Lady, Big Tits, Blowjob, Facial, POV, Deepthorat

Release Date  2017-02-16

If you are into POV, this is a good one to watch. She played in many different situations like hospital, library, public bathroom, etc. Although I am not a huge fan of POV, she has beautiful eyes and her eye contact was so good in this movie. Therefore, I enjoyed watching this movie. Also, she played in threesome, and this was very sexy as it felt like a real time where I was watching her getting banged by someone in front of me.


Taming Ayami Shunka

Video        ABP-607

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      202 minutes

Studio         Prestige

Genre         Rope/Ties, Big Tits, BDSM, Bukkake, Deep Throat

Release Date  2017-06-22

It is time to turn your kink on! Ayami Shunka has been in a few different BDSM videos, and this is one of them. She played well as a subordinate female in this video. It started with POV then moved to full view of 1 on 1 sex and even gangbang. It was very sexy when she was shy initially but showed her kink and enjoyed the play. I appreciated it when the actors spent enough time devouring her body before banging. Her moaning was not excessive either as some actresses sometimes screamed their brains out during BDSM play, which sometimes bothered me. Sometimes, gangbang scenes can be disturbing with too many people. However, gangbang scene in this movie was well played as it was not crowded and the camera work focused more on Ayami Shunka instead of the actors.


Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex Her First Complete and Uncut Video Shunka Ayami

Video        SSNI-227

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      143 minutes

Studio         S1 NO.1 STYLE

Genre         Big Tits, Slender, Nymphomaniac

Release Date  2018-06-01

After she moved to S1 NO.1 STYLE, she was playing with different actors. Her chemistry with these actors was really good in this movie. She was playing like a lewd woman who really enjoyed having sex, and this is why I liked this movie. I like it when actresses appear to be happy with what they do. In my opinion, her sex scenes were not too different than Prestige, but it was good seeing her playing with other actors. One downside was that the last scene occurred in a dark room. I thought it would have been better if there was a bit more lighting, so I could watch all the sex and Ayami Shunka's body.

SSNI 276

This Big Tits College Girl Was Totally Tied Up In SM Bondage

Video        SSNI-276

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      139 minutes

Studio         S1 NO.1 STYLE

Genre         College Girl, Big Tits, Bondage

Release Date  2018-08-03

This is one of my most favorite videos of hers. I like bondage as it makes body parts more emphasized. As Ayami Shunka has beautiful breasts, hers looked even perkier and more gorgeous when they were roped tightly. Also, she was acting shy again in the beginning and could not resist but took a deep penetration of penis while being roped. Her sexual desire was awakening as she was more trained, and that is a key for BDSM. The camera work is good as it showed mostly full shots, so I could enjoy all of her beautifully roped body. The sex scene was good especially cumshot was done on her body as it was more visually striking than creampie for me. For those who are in ropes, this is definitely something that you need to watch.


The FINAL Shunka Ayami Let Me Show You All Of The Techniques I Learned Before I Retire 5 Hour Special

Video        SSNI-446

Cast         Shunka Ayami

Duration      321 minutes

Studio         S1 NO.1 STYLE

Genre         Big Tits, Orgy, Nymphomaniac, Massage Parlor, Teasing, Squirting

Release Date  2019-04-03

As the title says, this is her retirement video. It started with an interview where she talked about her retirement. Then, it moved to many different sex scenes, including teasing a guy in 1 on 1 sex, massage parlor, classic 1 on 1 sex with a stud actor (this part was good as the actor came on Ayami Shunka's breasts, and that was very sexy), squirting, and bondage. She really showed everything that she learned throughout her career in this video although I was a bit disappointed that there was not much about gangbang. After watching her videos from her debut to retirement, I could tell that her performance had been improving, and she was getting more comfortable. Overall, the camera work was good as usual, and nice quality of video.

In conclusion,

It is very unfortunate that she is no longer in the industry. Or perhaps we should say it had been very fortunate to have her in the industry for the past few years as some actresses retire even sooner or even without notice. There is always a hope that she may return to the industry like some other actresses have shown. However, this may be deemed unlikely as some people say she left because of uncensored leaked videos.

Overall, she was an actress who had many strong features, and she has been greatly missed by many JAV fans. If you are not aware of her, hopefully, this writing has given you some idea of who she was. If you are a fan of hers, please share what you think of her or your favorite movies of hers in the comment section, so we all can discuss and learn from each other. Thank you for reading my writing!


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Ayami Lover 5 months ago
The way I see it her retirement was prob something she had on her mind for a while and the uncensored leak just gave her that final "push" She is my favorite as well and am definitely hoping for a comeback! I think there is a chance as Yua Mikami is still strong in the industry and I might be imagining things but they always seemed to be rivals/colleagues in a way. So glad to see other fellow fans as well :) Oh I'm a fan of POV so abp-566 is my favorite. Thank you for writing this article! I came across it as while trying to find any similar idols to her to fill the void :')
0 0
Frans 7 months ago
I thought Shunka Ayami and Riku Minato was the same person all this time
0 0
ZENRA 7 months ago

You know, there is indeed a resemblance.

0 0
Moonlight 7 months ago

I LOVE Minato Riku. I am glad you brought her up since she is rarely mentioned in ZENRA. Although Minato Riku is so gorgeous, her breasts are not as beautiful as Ayami's in my opinion lol

1 0
Fried Chikan 7 months ago

Nice piece. Shunka was a great star in the 2010s. One of the best overall figures in my opinion.

2 0
Moonlight 7 months ago

Thank you for the comment, Fried Chikan! I am glad you are also one of Shunka's fans! Yessss she is one of the best (or the best)!

0 0
Double egg 7 months ago
She really high grade jav idol. Face, smile, boobs, body, sex scenes, the erotic seems perfect.
If I remember back on her Instagram, when she retired, she only showed her cat and her activity only played lots of games. But I think she still appears at some kind of private event. But the reason for the retirement due to uncensored leak cannot be ascertained. But she doesn't seem to be married or seeing a sugar daddy and doesn't look like she's sick. We will wait if studio like Madonna can make her comeback.
1 0
ZENRA 7 months ago

Doubt the UC leak had much to do with it. Certainly not a nice thing for her to wake up to though.

2 0
Moonlight 7 months ago

If she does not mind uncensored videos, I hope she does some of uncensored videos if she ever decides to come back haha. Thank you ZENRA :)

1 0
Moonlight 7 months ago

Thank you for the thorough comment. I am also gland to find a fellow Shunka fan :) Yes, she is beyond perfection! I agree with you that I cannot be so sure that she retired due to uncensored leak videos, but I think that could be a possibility based on what I read on google (although google can sometimes be an unreliable source). I also hope that she comes back. She is an angel for me, and I really support her.

What is your favorite video of hers?

2 0
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