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Moonlight's spotlight - Aimi Rika

Yes.. she is so lovely. Thank you for your comment.

Oppaira's Obsession: Akari Niimura

I fell in love with her as soon as I saw your cover image. Beautiful face, nice breasts (I guess they are fake according to you? but still look great), voice, and body line. I am thankful that you introduced her to me. I will check her out more. Thank you as always.

2022 Debut Review - Anna Hanayagi

Nice review. Her face and breats are great for me. She is a bit too thick, though. I wonder how she will look once she loses some weight. Her performance is okay but obviously I need to watch more of hers to make more reasonable evaluation. Thank you for bringing her into my attention.

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Ayami Shunka, Moonlight's favorite JAV Star

I LOVE Minato Riku. I am glad you brought her up since she is rarely mentioned in ZENRA. Although Minato Riku is so gorgeous, her breasts are not as beautiful as Ayami's in my opinion lol

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Ayami Shunka, Moonlight's favorite JAV Star

Thank you for the comment, Fried Chikan! I am glad you are also one of Shunka's fans! Yessss she is one of the best (or the best)!

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