Hotel Massages Gone Wrong: New Hires Edition First Half

Published May 9, 2022

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Attractive Japanese hotel masseuses and horny clients. A recipe for extra services, special options, and lots of unfaithful sex!

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Hotel Massages Gone Wrong:  New Hires Edition First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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As we know how many of you love 'hotel massages gone wrong' footage, we're happy to be bringing you even more of it.  Sadly, it comes with a slight catch:  for reasons beyond my ken, HOT ENTERTAINMENT has not shot any new footage from their original older women series for some time.  I don't know why, honestly.  Asking would spoil the fun and besides the answer is probably obvious:  it doesn't sell as well in Japan OR perhaps it does, but it's a challenge finding new real amateur older actresses to fill the roles.  Maybe because of this, some time ago they launched a sister series of sorts which is what we will be showing material from for quite awhile (as they've got a ton of it!).

Actually, we already released an update from this series a couple of years ago.  That one was #2 in the series and today we're returning with the actual first release in HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG:  NEW HIRES EDITION.  Thus, when we show the next one hopefully in a few months, please don't act confused when we label it #3.  From then on out we'll be showing them in proper order!

What happens in this series is pretty similar to the original one.  The biggest difference is casting:  we get considerably younger women including a few recognizable JAV star faces (it's beyond obvious that's YUU SHINODA in scene 5).  Also, the scenarios this time are more audacious and considerably more varied.  My biggest--well, only--issue with the main series is how each scene pretty much consists of a horny older businessman taking out his erection and seeing what happens.  Sure, exposure remains the name of the game, but as you'll soon see, sometimes exposure this time around doesn't begin with the client.

That brings me to the only issue with NEW HIRES EDITION:  some scenes break that fourth wall between semi-realistic hotel massage encounter and JAV Land material.  This goes triple for the second scene in the second half that starts with a moe-inducing performance by HARUKA EGAWA which remains perfect until that really gnarly five-pack-a-day actor who was the host of that horrible private parts guessing movie turns his massage into everything I really don't like about kimomen JAV (seriously, where does he get the big massager from?!).

With a few JAV Land missteps out of the way, this is a great movie.  Sure, the type of masseuse you'd actually get when ordering treatment in a hotel remains way closer to what's shown in the original series, the variety and eye candy of casting in NEW HIRES EDITION is commendable.  As always, do remember this is fiction.  Actually trying this out in real life be it in Japan or elsewhere we strongly advise against trying.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1355

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Eye candy casting, nice scene variety.
+While all are shot in real hotels, we get nice room variety too (including natural lighting in some scenes for a change).


-Some actresses play their roles believably while others...
-Expect less realism than original series (see review for reasons why).
-All scenes--every one of them--end with "creampies".

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