Ai Uehara: The Deep Cuts (and some classics)

Published : December 3rd, 2023 Written by jmsorry

Ai Uehara - a name that still resonates in JAV discussion boards and tube sites. Despite retiring in 2015, Ai-chan is still fondly remembered by many fans. This woman is so legendary that she even has a cameo in the game Yakuza as an NPC.

For this blog post, we'll be looking at some of her less-known works. Some of them are wacky, some are straight-up heavy, and some are low-key career highlights that deserve some attention.


SVDVD-369 - 100 Liter Squirting. 10 Liters Of Creampie Semen. We Trick Ai Uehara Into Having Creampie Orgy Sex With Sweaty Stinky Day Laborers!

100 liters of squirt? 10 litres of cum? Don't mind the exaggerations - SVDVD-369 is a wild ride, as the title itself would suggest.

The video starts like a Japanese socially conscious documentary. We get establishing shots of the Japanese suburbs, focusing on the bands of struggling day laborers across the town. 

We even get a bit of history telling us how the workers have contributed to the industrialization of the country in the 1960s.

However, as the country becomes less and less dependent on heavy industries, most of the workers eventually found themselves out of work after the 60s boom.

Now here comes the pure-hearted Ai-chan, who says she wants to offer her services to these down-trodden workers and give them some joy in their lives.

Thus starts a series of escapades where Ai-chan picks up random workers on the streets and offers to suck their cocks or give them a taste of her pussy. 

Of course, none of these are real blue-collar workers. Many of them are well-known actors with blurred faces, hard hats, and white towels on their shoulders - top-notch costume effort, if you ask me. 

SVDVD-369 only has three major scenes, including a gangbang with 10 workers where she willfully obliges to each of their advances.

All these in the name of charity from Ai-chan's noble heart.

While the video is quite basic, it is well-made. We get a healthy variety of sets and scenarios, a heart-warming interview about Ai-chan’s thoughts on the manual workforce, and of course, the actress’ enthusiastic, if not naive, performance. It’s the kind of JAV to lift your spirits, something only actresses of Ai-chan’s calibre can pull off. 


IPSD-047 - Ai Uehara Drink 100 Loads of Sperm

Remember when Idea Pocket used to make their models swallow buckets of cum? While we can only dream of them making their current rosters get into such challenges (that includes Karen Kaede, Kana Mononogi, Momo Sakura, and many others), we have to be grateful for IPSD-047, where they made Ai-chan get more than enough calories for an entire day through sperm alone.

Despite being fetish-centered, IPSD-047 is far from boring. It is actually well-planned and quite entertaining. In fact, you'll get the feeling that it is the result of diligent brainstorming where multiple brains and cocks worked together in unison.

For instance, in the very first scene, we get to see Ai-chan sucking a cock at the house's front door and getting her first fill of the day in broad daylight.

After that, she goes inside the house and roams from room to room, hunting for some sweet male juice.

The second scene is the meat of the movie, where does some more cum swallowing. As she hits the 30-load mark, we can already see her struggling a bit to gulp it all down. We see her tearing up a bit as a crust of dried cum forms on her lips and cheeks. Yet she continues to smile and chow it all down, and do three more scenes where she basically does the same thing.

The next few scenes have more fucking, but despite Ai-chan's prodigious swallowing, it appears that the taste of cum is not something she'll get used to.

IPSD-047 is a monumental feat, and is among the best of her many gokkun-themed videos.


MVSD-284 - Cum International 2 - Ai Uehara

There was a point in Ai Uehara's career where her very name has become synonymous with gokkun. She has basically swallowed semen in all of her videos and has done numerous feats with said fluid.

But MVSD-284 is quite special because we get to see Ai-chan ingesting gaijin semen.

The video starts with a couple of interviews of the male actors, in English.

After the interview, we even get to see the guys goofing around on the set and talking about the job.

"He [the giraffe] looks like you, dawg."

The sex proceeds as usual. The foreigners, all speaking English, were particularly excited and talkative throughout the scene. After all, I'd imagine fucking a single Japanese woman and feeding her all your cum might have been a great bonding experience for the boys.

It is followed by a bizarre scene where Ai-chan wears a blonde wig (in keeping with the 'international' theme, for sure) and fucks a couple of Japanese men. It is unfortunate that the directors have run out of gaijin to shoot with, so they just move on with the same old gokkun format.

Nonetheless, the video ends with a sweet four-panel compilation of all the swallows in the video.

Overall, MVSD-284 is a curious video, along with DANDY-329 where she flies to LA and takes on the biggest cocks in the whole world. Another great video worth checking out is DANDY-368 where Ai-chan goes to Africa. Read about it here.


TT-042 - Prisoner Training Room

One of Ai-chan's earliest videos, TT-042 is a rough video from Glory Quest. Basically, Ai-chan is trained in a pervert's dingy room as the perfect cum dumpster.

There is not a lot of action by way of story, and the video quality is abysmal. But the close-ups will make you feel as if you are in the same room as her, everything is tightly cropped.

Moreover, the guys never run out of crazy ideas for Ai-chan. They have all sorts of gizmos for the poor girl. Every fetish you could imagine is here - double rimming, deep throats, cum swallowing, humiliation, and others - and Ai Uehara gladly does them all.

Just a few months after her debut, TT-042 features Ai-chan in top physical form. If you're into these kinds of fetishes and you don't mind the low video quality, TT-042 is worth perusing.


WSS-249- Kiss Slave

A treat for those who have an oral fetish, WSS-249 is all about deep kisses, mouth explorations, deep throats, licking, and saliva exchange.

So what would you do if you have Ai Uehara as your personal mouth-toy? WSS-249 can give you several ideas. For instance, you can tape her legs, prop her into a chair, and explore her mouth with a probe while she is blindfolded.

Or you can make her clean your face after a long and stressful day at work.

Or perhaps grab her ponytails and fuck her mouth until you cum into her throat.

The possibilities are endless with Ai Uehara at your disposal.

WSS-249 ends with the obedient cumslut having passionate sex with the kiss genius Toru Ozawa.

This video is quite focused on the fetish, so it may either be boring or totally perfect, depending on the viewer.

Nonetheless, it's a finely-made video, with a lot of variation, and some excellent performance by all actors. Toru Ozawa's scene, for instance, is particularly intense and definitely worth a look, regardless if you're into oral fetish or not.


YMDD-055 - The Uehara Stepsisters' First And Last Co-Starring Performance!

YMDD-055 is perhaps the most awkward entry on this list. It features Ai-chan and her (supposed) older sister (step?), Mai Uehara.

Now it's not up to us to say whether what's being sold here is legit or not, but you have to admit that they do indeed look a bit similar.

This one is a bit hard to watch. We see the two actresses making out and sharing cocks. The two do not look very comfortable either, especially Mai-chan.

As for the video itself, the action is quite typical. We have some generic threesomes, and the two actresses interact, gingerly, quite a bit.

I guess the appeal lies in the fact that the actresses are breaking a limit, fake or not. But regardless, YMDD-055 is another testament to Ai-chan's groundbreaking career. This babe knows no boundaries.


AVOP-069 - 100 People x Creampie

Since Oppaira has already mentioned MIGD-601 which is one of my favorite Ai Uehara videos, I have to include here AVOP-069, an AV Open video which he didn't mention, and is also arguably one of her most epic videos to date.

Basically a game of hide and seek + sex, AVOP-069 is designed like a game show. We follow Ai-chan as she tries to hide from a horde of 100 horny men in a huge game field, all drooling to get a piece of her. Anyone who manages to catch her is given the right to fuck her, right then and there.

This makes an incredibly fun watch. We see Ai-chan frantically looking for places to hide, as the participants are interviewed. We hear about their personal stories as well as their fascination for the actress.

The hunt starts, and we see multiple cameras following the action.

Of course, it's only a matter of time before one of the 100 guys spots Ai-chan. The anticipation heightens as the guys zero in on their target.

What is awesome about AVOP-069 is how genuine everything is. The actors all look like amateurs, and it is likely that none of that chasing is scripted.

That makes the sex scenes all the more exciting. The guy literally did the hard work (and had some luck) to get a taste of Ai-chan's pussy. One can't help but feel good for the winners.

Moreover, the winners are only given a limited amount of time to fuck Ai-chan. So you could see their desperation to make the most out of the opportunity. The lucky fuckers gave everything they've got, and you can see it in the way they fucked Ai-chan. Luckily for them, she doesn't seem to mind at all.

Towards the end of the video, Ai-chan runs out of places to hide, so she had to run from a herd of horny men. It's almost like a scene from a zombie film, it's hilarious.

AVOP-069 became so popular that Ai-chan re-did they concept for her retirement video. Definitely one of her best works.


HND-130- Sex Positions To Do For Sure-Fire Fertilization with Ai Uehara

What's a creampie for if not for procreation? In HND-130, Ai-chan wears another hat, this time as an Ob-Gyne assistant, aiming to help couples who have problems with the subject.

First, we get introduced into this 'expert', who then pulls none other than Taku Yoshimura as Ai-chan's co-demonstrator. Because if you're planning on getting pregnant by someone, there's no better candidate than Taku-san, right?

The expert then proceeds to supervise the couple's fucking, commentating in the corner about God knows what.

So, aside from the classic missionary, here are some of the best positions to get your wife pregnant, according to JAV science.

Finally, what's a better way to impregnate someone other than to collect as much cum as possible and simply pour a mug-full of cum straight into your partner's love canal.

Frankly tho, HND-130 is quite lackluster in terms of production. While the gimmick is sufficiently explored, it all happens in a generic JAV set. Moreover, they were not able to hire the 'expert' throughout the entire video. Her insights would have made the other sex scenes more interesting. Moreover, we could have had some interior shots to verify if the men really did hit the mark. There's a lot that can be done to make this video more fun.

Nonetheless, it's an interesting curiosity in Ai Uehara's oeuvre.

We have missed a lot of her earlier works, particularly those before her plastic surgeries, and those that have really bad production. Nonetheless, it pays to mention a couple of other videos that you guys may want to check out:

  • AUKG-151 - a full-on lesbian work with another nasty goddess, Rei Mizuna. Quite tame by both of their standards, but they do seem to enjoy each other's company. Great work for those who love vanilla and tender JAV.
  • CEN-031 - focuses on deep-throat; it can get quite brutal
  • DASD-229 - one of Ai-chan's hardest jams; she gets stimulated and creampied incessantly

What do you think about Ai Uehara and her long career? What is your favorite video of her? Do you know some other lesser known works by Ai Uehara that you think deserves some attention? Share them with us in the comments section!

Today, Ai-chan is still rocking it out with various endeavors. She is still using her JAV name, and regularly posts on Instagram and Twitter.

One thing is for sure: Ai Uehara is a name that will be stuck in the JAV industry for a long time.


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I'm loving this article. I hope you do some ranking about AV actress doing it with fans or something like that. Would be cool. I'll def check some of this hidden gems for me, ty a lot!
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That's a good idea, probably something we can add to the docket

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