Anytime Anywhere Sexual Gratification Quiz Show First Half

Published February 3, 2023

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Real friends going head to head with clothes gradually being dropped. Raunchy questions, challenges galore, and it all leads to audacious sex!

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Anytime Anywhere Sexual Gratification Quiz Show First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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To a worldwide audience at least, what JAV is known for more than anything else is the unusual.  Sure, within Japan, just like the west, what is most popular will forever be high production value vanilla sex starring especially easy on the eyes and well-known actresses, but my heart--and the heart of many foreign fans (and certainly many in Japan too!)--are on titles that care little about who they cast and mostly focus on what the movie is about.  And the what here is important:  the unusual.  Abnormal, but in ways that mix reality, game shows, quizzes, and lots of impromptu nudity and sex (in that order!).  That's what we get in today and Monday's fantastic double update by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.  It delivers and does so again and again over the course of 240 minutes and over a dozen contestants.

Welcome to the ANYTIME ANYWHERE SEXUAL GRATIFICATION QUIZ SHOW!  Real amateurs are targeted on the streets of Tokyo--probably not too far from Ikebukuro Station is my bet--for 'interviews' that lead to...well, the screenshots and the trailer should give a clear idea of what ends up happening in all encounters.  Sure, sex concludes each and every one of them, but in a movie like this, the journey really does make it worth it.  Here, we get excellent quizzes that segue more and more into kinky play.  We've real friends going at it each trying to win cash prizes that increase as clothing is dropped and inhibitions are retired to the wayside.  Every moment of this movie builds and builds and it's something that we've been eager to show for quite awhile.

ANYTIME ANYWHERE lacks accesses of renown.  Some may think going the 'all amateur' route is a cop-out, but seeing big names appear here would destroy the atmosphere HOT sets out to create:  we've engaging hosts (who obviously are JAV actors if you've seen more than a few movies) and real life friends--or actresses who portray them--doing what they do best.  I was impressed with their interactions and their reactions as well.  Frequently one may have had a blindfold and headphones on while her friend ended up stripping naked for extra chances to win big.  Once brought out of her aural world, she was in for a shock and said shock was something we see time and time again that becomes mutual.  One scene in particular ends with a glorious reverse threesome and even the ones that don't all have things going for it.

With all the material squeezed into this four hour release, there should be something for everyone.  A movie like this that's based heavily on those questions either needs full comprehension abilities or our English subtitles.  Going into it any other way would be a loss.  This is reality JAV at its best and a near perfect example of HOT ENTERTAINMENT delivering the goods.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2733

4 Files 4.23GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Fantastic theme that needs more love.
+Huge cast all things considered.
+All scenes end in great sex.
+Fun to watch from start to finish.  That's pacing for you!


-Slightly older FHD release that visually isn't as sharp as it should be.
-While sex concludes all scenes, the hotel transitions are always a bit jolting.

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