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The Colabo Parody - Tragedy of the Pseudo-Feminist NPO Leader and the Famous JAV Star

The most controversial JAV movie of the modern era and a parody unlike any other. Released here before anywhere else!

Sending Off Wife for Unfaithful Bathhouse Sex

The tale of a bisexual Japanese wife married more for convenience being sent off by an abnormal husband to have sex with a stranger while being filmed.

GOGOS Female Employee Crashes Cheating Wives Onsen Getaway First Half

New employees regardless of gender are often given the type of tasks most would rather not do. Case in point: filming sex while not being able to take part.

Riko Tanabe - Covert Relationship Destruction

Wanting her husband gone and a good reason for it, a wife hires a relationship destruction specialist.

The Secret Life of a Public Housing Wife Second Half

A swinging wife, a husband with his own closet skeletons, and how their shame and passions intersect in the conclusion of this unique JAV drama.

September 29th, 2021

Chiharu Sakurai and Ai Kawana - No Longer Just Friends

One of the most beautifully shot JAV movies ever. Cinematic picture quality and an extra sentimental school age love story about two classmates.

The Secret Life of a Public Housing Wife First Half

A husband looking for a job, a wife looking for enjoyment, romances untapped. Oh, and a swingers club located on the ground floor.

September 1st, 2021

Maki Hojo - The Insatiable Wasp Spider

ORGA taking traditional Japanese folklore and turning it into a wonderful JAV movie about a beautiful succubus.

Miki Sunohara - Training a Cheating Wife

Crossed by an unfaithful husband, saved by HR...but at a cost to her dignity. Not your average cheating wife, not your run of the mill cheating wife story.

Chisato Shouda - A Showa Tale of a Shameful and Secret Affair

The wife of a farmer, a city slicker looking to buy up land, and lots of immoral activity to seal the deal.

Yui Hatano - Pleasure of Exposure

Watch JAV star Yui Hatano transition from prim and proper housewife to an exhibitionist masochist in the next iteration of this popular ORGA series.

Miki Sunohara and Miyu Kanade - Diary of a Wife in Training

Married insurance saleswoman Miki Sunohara eavesdrops on a client with an abnormal BDSM secret. Drama JAV via ORGA.

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