Riko Tanabe - Covert Relationship Destruction

Published April 27, 2022

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Wanting her husband gone and a good reason for it, a wife hires a relationship destruction specialist.

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Riko Tanabe - Covert Relationship Destruction
Timing and Translation by JM84

Sometimes people will try to create reasons to get out of cruddy situations.  Case in point:  being married to someone you really don't care for.  Simply coming clean about one's distaste for their spouse can lead to a messy, heated, argument.  If there was a way a reason can be concocted to kick him to the curb, wouldn't it make sense to using it?  This is where we stand with today's update, COVERT RELATIONSHIP DESTRUCTION.  Frankly, given we're dealing with a wife who hires a skilled seductress to snatch away her husband for a condom-free afternoon of coitus, 'covert' may be pushing it.

Covert, if anything, can rely on the word-of-mouth renown RIKO TANABE has at satisfying the unusual demands of her clients by performing acts most anyone normal would scoff at.  Things stand firm here:  our wife wants her husband gone.  She doesn't want to fight over it.  She wants an iron clad reason why.  She wants him to commit a most unfaithful act with iron clad proof the act was carried out.  RIKO is all too happy to oblige.

For DREAMROOM, COVERT RELATIONSHIP DESTRUCTION is a novel way to make use of limited production funds.  While simple--after all this movie pretty much takes place in the entrance of a house followed by one of those dime-a-dozen zero decoration bedroom sets all JAV studios seem to employ, we get theme that's pretty unusual.  I really do hope movies that take low financial capabilities yet still turn them into out-of-the-box wonders become more commonplace.  A movie like this could have simply been 'sexy saleswomen seduces young husband' and it would have done OK.  Thankfully, we get something much more and I'm thankful for a unique theme of reverse breakup being made use of so well on the JAV small screen.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Cute actress who nails her role.
+And what a role!  A unique theme in spite of cards stacked against it.
+Real raw creampie finish.


-Obviously a budget shoot, but one done right.