Nudist Female Dorm Welcomes Male Students

Published June 14, 2024

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Clothed at school, females in this private Japanese institution live a nudist lifestyle at home. But now an issue: a handsome male transfer student!

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

People may look at a movie like NUDIST FEMALE DORM WELCOMES MALE STUDENTS and think it's total fantasy because of the title. However, any long-term Japan resident who sees this movie can easily tell you it's less the constant nudity (hello onsens!) and more that odd big of dialog partway through about a student saying if she may have to repeat a year if she doesn't improve. Yes! If there's one thing any long-termer knows about Japanese education it's that being held back a year is almost impossible. You'd probably have to do something short of never actually going to even face that type of punishment. Nevertheless, we're jumping the gun on what this unique ROCKET movie brings to the table so let's return to the film of the hour rather than a focusing on a quirky cultural tangent.

As some may know, once or twice a year for many years counting ROCKET will dedicate a month of their release calendar for 'user request' movies. Yes, this is one of the few JAV studios that actually has periods where fans can send in their wildest ideas and if budget and logic line up, they may be turned into actual movies. That's the reason why we are blessed with today's update, a surprisingly lovey-dovey affair that on the surface, is not exactly what this JAV studio is known for.

Being a private school with a unique twist, the student body is surprisingly small: three female students and a new transfer of the opposite gender. He's that handsome actor whose name defeats me. A perfect fit and still can pull off playing a student even though it's surely been a number of years since he actually was one. At school his three female classmates are dressed normally, but in their dorm whom he ends up staying at because the male one is full (yes, plot hole!), he is assigned to live there. To his delight, he discovers all three elect to be nudists at home while early on at least, he remains properly dressed. This is a JAV that mixes cloying romance so where this leads is obvious. But the catch as the film runs its course is the addition of another male student who also lives with them! Rather than ROCKET going the wild rivalry route, the movie stays sweet to its core. Without any more spoiling, things somehow work out.

It's hard to imagine what studio a movie like NUDIST FEMALE DORM WELCOMES MALE STUDENTS would best be suited at. At ROCKET, it works, but there are times it falls a bit flat; the soapland scene (in the dorm!) is cool, but having two of them back to back is a bit weird. The budget-minded armchair director inside me would have simply cut one and also added something more of a rivalry element--hinted at with a new male student joining in, but never really fleshed out. If anything, it all works too well, but at the end of the day, can one really have issues with very easy on the eyes and always naked female classmates?

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+This movie has our site name in its title!

+Nudist dorms should be more of a thing.

+Unusual for ROCKET which makes it all the better.


-Almost too sentimental for the studio to tackle right.

-Only one soapland scene needed.

-Needed more of a rivalry element given the plot.

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