Miki Sunohara - Training a Cheating Wife

Published March 19, 2021

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Crossed by an unfaithful husband, saved by HR...but at a cost to her dignity. Not your average cheating wife, not your run of the mill cheating wife story.

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Miki Sunohara - Training a Cheating Wife
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

"Hanae (MIKI SUNOHARA), living comfortably in a upscale Tokyo apartment, is celebrating her fifth year of being a married woman.  With her husband up for a promotion, the head of HR pays an unexpected home visit to deliver fraught news:  he has been having an affair with the company director's daughter.  Normally this would jeopardize his career, but he suggests they reach an arrangement instead..."

I went into TRAINING A CHEATING WIFE thinking it would be similar to some of the other 'training' movies we've showed by ORGA.  Not that I hate releases like PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE and that incredible AI UEHARA update from a few months ago, but both very much push into fantasy; it's pretty hard to imagine those situations happening.  Honestly, even what happens in this NAGIRA-helmed update still is fanciful, but is a bit closer to what could happen when approached with a one-two punch of bad news:  your husband's a cheater and not only is he not going to be promoted, but he may lose his job.  What would you do if you were in this situation?  Imagine the suave head of the HR department then hints at a certain reciprocal and carnal arrangement that would lead to him closing the case and letting your husband advance?  Would you do it?

MIKI SUNOHARA made that fraught decision.  She fulfilled his salacious needs, but in doing so, not only became an adulterer herself, but also discovered deep down that the feeling of doing something so unfaithful yet pleasurable is highly addictive.  What we get is a slow, but sure descent into her becoming a slave to her desires no matter how twisted they may become--and doing it all behind her husband's back.

NAGIRA really went to town crafting a great story here.  There's something I'm leaving out that would spoil it otherwise.  Don't take TRAINING A CHEATING WIFE at name value;  yes, MIKI is 'turned' but there's more at play here than a regular demure and masochistic Japanese wife simply having lots and lots of sex with someone who's not her husband.  And speaking of MIKI, we see her yet again absolutely nailing a role.  When it comes to acting chops among JAV stars, she's my #1; never giving a half-assed performance, never dialing back, and always becoming whomever her role requires.  MIKI SUNOHARA becomes Hanae-chan and does it wonderfully.

I can gush about MIKI's acting ability forever, but even her bedroom performance is in a class by itself.  I wonder how she is in real life.  Is she more demure?  Quiet?  Because what we get here from that first timid blowjob in the living room through the immoral sex that follows (including a chilling blindfolded switcheroo!) is peak JAV star performance.  She's intense, but believable.  This isn't over-acting.  This isn't giving an 11 when a 9 is sufficient.  This is reality.  We see Hanae-chan unleash her long-cocooned inner sexual being and let it run riot while her husband is off doing whatever a normal day has him doing.  TRAINING A CHEATING WIFE is up their with MIKI's best works and ORGA's as well.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great storyline that is somewhat believable.
+MIKI SUNOHARA showing her incredible acting ability.


-A few very minor issues with the plot, but all are spoilers so they won't be mentioned here.

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