Sending Off Wife for Unfaithful Bathhouse Sex

Published August 10, 2023

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The tale of a bisexual Japanese wife married more for convenience being sent off by an abnormal husband to have sex with a stranger while being filmed.

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Sending Off Wife for Unfaithful Bathhouse Sex
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Sometimes we can't do what we most yearn for in front of loved ones.  This goes double when it's being unfaithful and even more so when you're married.  But what if your husband wanted more than life itself for you to cheat?  To be a hotwife?  Sure, his initial request of him literally being in the room while it goes down may be too hard to swallow, but remotely?  With a tried-and-true JAV director there to capture the moment so he can watch later?  This isn't NTR and while it may not technically be cuckolding, it's still something glorious.  

Cheating while knowingly being filmed so one's abnormal spouse can enjoy the content later is a unique theme of movies GOGOS regularly shoots.  If I had to pick one, this would be closer to cuckolding than NTR given the absent spouse is very much aware of what's going on.  Hotwife is what this type of fantasy seems to be called in the west.  The whole point really is the wife being too nervous to perform in front of him can finally let go in a situation where he isn't there in the flesh ogling everything.  Just like some may have a shy bladder, others like the wife in today's update, SENDING OFF WIFE FOR UNFAITHFUL BATHHOUSE SEX, may possess a shy libido.

Keeping this on the down low, GOGOS tradition keeps the names all clandestine.  N is 30 years old, married to a man three years her senior.  Both are company employees (how's that for vague?).  No family.  Just them.  The pressure to make one is great, but so is the pressure that is trying to make do in modern Japanese society.  What's more, N is bisexual and in the past has dated women.  Thus, a marriage of convenience?  One to make her parents happy?  Is her true love women?  Or just passionate sex with JAV directors filming for her husband?  There's a lot to untangle here and an attempt is made starting with a lengthy car ride to the upscale ryokan.  Lasting 40 minutes and being nonstop talking, you'd think this would be a bore to watch (let alone subtitle!), but the opposite holds true:  this is engaging reality.  Just how much is part of the 'plot' and how much is stone cold truth we may never know for sure, but GOGOS always concludes these types of movies with open casting calls and generally seems to feature mainly unknown faces so perhaps N of today's update along with her husband are indeed the real deal.

SENDING OFF WIFE UNFAITHFUL BATHHOUSE SEX is from a very long running series by GOGOS.  Initially, we only licensed this and one other we will be showing soon in order to see how subscribers like it.  Cuckolding (with the spouse present) is more ideal, but sadly, even for this cheating wife JAV maker, remains rare.  What we get here is unique, riveting, and the sex itself is top-tier.  A minor spoiler if you can even call it that:  N gets to totally unwind and really goes wild.  While a slow burn like most movies of this kind, clear some time and watch this one slowly and attentively.  The pay-off is worth it.

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+Gorgeous wife who really looks the part.
+Unique theme you can't call pure cuckolding, but it comes close!
+There's 'reality adult video' and then there's this.
+Extremely interesting back-story given adequate time to flesh out.
+Oh, great sex too.  REALLY great sex.  She is freaky.


-As we note for most GOGOS movies of this kind, the build-up is slow, but worth it.  Be patient.

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