Chiharu Sakurai and Ai Kawana - No Longer Just Friends

Published September 17, 2021

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One of the most beautifully shot JAV movies ever. Cinematic picture quality and an extra sentimental school age love story about two classmates.

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Chiharu Sakurai and Ai Kawana - No Longer Just Friends
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Before I even delve into how outstanding of a release NO LONGER JUST FRIENDS IS from a story standpoint, I'm kick-starting this review by gushing over the picture quality.  While a certain rogue director may be trying to convince the western world he is the ultimate example of Japanese-shot adult video, washed out color and hokey storylines will never replace the quality of true homegrown wonder.  Shot with one half of a high-end VR camera of all choices, we have DREAM TICKET producing what may be the most beautifully shot JAV movie we've ever had the pleasure of showing.  This is well beyond the norm; this is pretty much major motion picture quality footage but filmed for the JAV audience.  The only movies that come close are the pair of AUCTION movies by ORGA from a few years back.

When I first saw the trailer for this school-age lesbian movie, I thought we were watching a BYAKKO production.  If there's one director who loves lesbians more than life itself, it's him.  Surprisingly, he was not involved in this one.  The director who shot it also has not appeared to have done much lesbian movies, but perhaps he--with DREAM TICKET's permission--wanted to do something really, really different and he succeeded and if you've patience, you'll truly enjoy the masterwork at play here.

Starring CHIHARU SAKURAI, an actress who debuted for SOD after doing a few uncensored movies including one for out friend Covert Japan and AI KAWANA, an actress I admit I don't know much about, NO LONGER JUST FRIENDS's storyline is pretty easy to understand.  Two schoolgirls, two best friends, but soon one will be moving away.  What best way to fortify their love for each other than with lesbian lovemaking?  This takes elements of WHERE AN INNOCENT LOVE LETTER TAKES US and slightly--ever so slightly!--reduces some of the fanciful elements in it.  Both are beautiful stories about JAV schoolgirls going all the way with each other though what happens in NO LONGER JUST FRIENDS is ever so slightly more realistic (for example, I don't recall their being a nocturnal rimjob scene in the classroom though classroom play does happen!).

On one hand, it's odd and unexpected to see DREAM TICKET to release a movie like this.  They're known for a combination of very hardcore and very guerrilla movies after all.  However, I've always been a big fan of JAV studios putting out curve-ball movies every so often to test things out and nothing is more out there than a studio like DREAM TICKET releasing a lovey-dovey lesbian schoolgirl romance.  Yes, romance.  There isn't much 'dramatic' about ONLY JUST FRIENDS.  It's sentimental, extremely well-shot, features a surprisingly big cast of female extras, and does what it sets out to with a level of finesse most JAV--even counting the biggest of studios--generally lack.  Sure, if you really aren't into lesbian movies, this one may not win you over, but otherwise, I can't recommend it enough.

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+Beautiful picture quality.  One of the best shot movies ever.
+Spot-on casting.  I can believe this is reality at play.
+Very sentimental story.  This isn't two hours of 'lezzing out'.


-A slow burner of the highest order.  Have patience.