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Fertility Climax Vaginal Intercourse Teacher Has Sex with Husbands in Front of Struggling Wives

Can husbands first having sex with a beautiful fertility teacher while his wife and other students watch really be the best way to tackle our population crisis?

Embarrassing Nude Art Class - Sex in Front of Students

SOD concocts a delightful nude art prank scenario featuring a huge group of students, Myuu as the teacher, a built male model, and three eager faces.

Anal Sex Class Reunion 3

Once and for all we decide on whether it really is cheating if Japanese friends get together to have audacious anal sex behind the backs of their spouses.

Soft on Demand Female Employees Most Embarrassing King's Game and Truth or Dare First Half

Soft on Demand female employees tasked with selling fun playing cards to a huge group of fans leading to raunchy dares. Hosted by the legend herself, Myuu.

Anal Sex Class Reunion 2

According to their teacher, if sexual organs of opposite genders do not touch, then it is NOT cheating. Five examples of this phenomenon.

Tsubaki Katou and Risako - Real Deal Creampie Sex Party

This may be the best FFM JAV movie ever shot. Really, it's THAT good. Stop reading and click the link to watch.

Consensual Cuckolding 2

Husbands get to live out their most unorthodox fantasy of seeing their wives go all the way with other men.

Low Key Sexual Harassment at the Bathhouse

Camp! Huge groups! Variety! Harem for a Newhalf?! This one features darn near everything. A must-see for any JAV fan.

Real Virgins Assembled for JAV Star Cherry-Popping Endurance Contest First Half

Down on their luck to the point they have no issues becoming men with hyper experienced women WHILE cameras are filming it all!

The Orgasm Brushing Endurance Game Show

Huge group, unique theme, big budget, and lots and lots of unique sexual games!

Megumi Mizutani and Nami Mogami - Our Rustic Creampie Getaway

All natural (including the pubic hair!) and filmed in a log cabin. Come for the two cute newcomers and stay for the double dose of sex while friends watch!

Sex with Newhalf While Jealous Girlfriend Watches First Half

One half cuckolding, one half...uh, newhalf? Real Japanese couples test fidelity in the most abnormal of ways.

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