Anal Sex Class Reunion 2

Published November 4, 2022

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According to their teacher, if sexual organs of opposite genders do not touch, then it is NOT cheating. Five examples of this phenomenon.

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Anal Sex Class Reunion 2
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Class reunions happen all the time--be it in Japan or elsewhere.  But you know what remains significantly rarer?  Crazy sex parties at these events.  The biggest reason at least using JAV Land logic is not due to the embarrassment of being naked in front of many other people, but infidelity of course.  Class reunions imply time has elapsed since one's salad days as a student.  Most are married now.  Married with families and all the responsibilities that come with them.  A dangerous fling is tempting, but could also be devastating.  Few tread those waters and come out clean.

However, there is a loop-hole.

As was noted in the previous update from this series, "it's not cheating if done in the butt!".  The logic of this was lacking and that may have been my only issue with that movies.  I mean if you're naked and sexually intimate with someone who isn't your spouse, isn't that kind of cheatin--ooh, right!  The key word here is "sexually" and it's been settled law in Japan for decades that "sexual intercourse" only involves actions at the very least have private parts of opposite genders coming in full contact with each other.  In other words, penetrative sex.  The penis sliding in and out of the vagina for a minimum of 37 thrusts if we use the Iwahashi Piston theorem.

Thus, that loop-hole:  it's not cheating if it's done in the butt!  That, blowjobs, handjobs, leg-jobs, armpit-jobs if you're into that, are all on the table--legally-speaking that is.  Of course YMMV if one's spouse finds out you got an ankle-job from Mariko during last week's class reunion.  And "everyone was getting them!" probably is not a skin-saving excuse.

In ANAL SEX CLASS REUNION 2, a lovely follow-up by BULLITT, we pretty much emulate the theme of the first one but make it bigger and bolder by having the first anal sex outing happen while everyone watches and only then have the remaining "unfaithful" couples sneak away to do their own thing in private.

Thankfully, what we get here is the real deal.  The flip side is as we've noted often with these types of movies, you aren't going to really get known faces.  Frankly speaking, the type of JAV stars who are down with anal usually are older and may never have held "high rank" status.  Anal sex often is seen as something an actress does down the road as she slowly "lifts bans".  But as a fan of older married women who can go wild in private, the casting in ANAL SEX CLASS REUNION 2 couldn't have been better.  This one left a smile on my face and shows there is true magic in back-door antics.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Big cast effectively used.
+First sex scene in front of everyone!
+Anal sex and lots of it.  The real deal.


-Casting is accurate given the theme...for better or worse.

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