Consensual Cuckolding 2

Published May 20, 2022

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Husbands get to live out their most unorthodox fantasy of seeing their wives go all the way with other men.

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Consensual Cuckolding 2
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

While we may reference previous reviews at times, we generally avoid quoting from them, but this time we're making an exception:

"We're eager to see how this double update does.  Is the demand for JAV NTR with English subtitles strong?  Shall we go ahead and show more?  This is going to be one of those updates we'll be looking at closely to see how it does with our subscribers.  If it does well, expect quite a few more like it!"

-taken from our review of the first CONSENSUAL CUCKOLDING released about...ah, three years ago.  So yes, we're terribly, terribly sorry about the delay!  That movie did well but we really did drop the ball on getting its sequel out in a timely manner.  Slightly delayed, but finally online and to make up for it, we're showing it on one go.  Better than the first?  Worst?  Or a simple conclusion of where that left off?  Let's find out!

To be honest, like the first one, I think what we have here is something akin to BULLITT shooting one new scene (the one that kicks this movie off) and then combining previous footage from other movies with similar plots.  There's a huge difference in the scenarios where the first scene is a traditional cuckold surprise setup and the latter three all follow a "I'm going to hire a masseur to have sex with my wife" trope and even go as far as having everyone's favorite suave gentleman JAV actor Souta Asami fit the bill (and I think he's wearing the exact same uniform in all three encounters though I do have to say, it suits him well!).

As a fan of cuckolding, I was expecting a bit more out of this movie.  There's that by now quite famous series by D-O-C that mixes 'memorial nudes', embarrassed wives, eager husbands, and JAV actors that totally nails it.  What we get in CONSENSUAL CUCKOLDING 2 comes close but at times is almost too realistic (first scene) and other times too darn fanciful (what follows).  This is where I think the first one we showed did a better with:  the acting--especially of the husbands.  When you're watching the second scene in this one, you'll know what I mean.  This is a situation where every time he opened his mouth, realism was lowered a notch.

I don't hate CONSENSUAL CUCKOLDING 2 and I really do hope we can show more like it.  NTR, that I do not like very much, should be pushed to the corner for more bona fide cuckolding JAV content.  I've always considered it a waste if the husband NEVER finds out about his wife's infidelity.  While having him in the room living his fantasy while watching his wife in the act is always best, even examples of remote observance and phone guidance (see the first part of a recent GOGOS update for that) are excellent plot devices.  Even an NTR movie that follows industry tropes except with the husband finding out via a phone left open at the very end are fine.  Thus, I can't fault today's update too much given in all but one scene the husband remains totally present (in the last, he's watching remotely...barely).

Like pretty much anything BULLITT and it's sister company HOT ENTERTAINMENT produce, expect relatively unknown faces BUT high production values.  The audio is a subtitler's dream and the picture quality for the most part is stellar.  While they push for realism including hiring new faces and amateurs, when it comes to making a slick movie, you can't go wrong with either of them.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1147

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Can never go wrong with cuckolding.
+Very realistic at times.
+Massage encounters also always a plus.


-Aside from the first scene, all encounters make use of the same scenario.
-Also aside from the first scene, anytime the husbands talked, the realism dropped a notch (you'll see why when watching).

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