Anal Sex Class Reunion 3

Published May 15, 2023

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Once and for all we decide on whether it really is cheating if Japanese friends get together to have audacious anal sex behind the backs of their spouses.

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Anal Sex Class Reunion 3
Timing and Translation by JM84

You know, according to Japanese law, anal sex really isn't "cheating" per say.  Of course ask any neglected spouse and you'll soon receive another answer!  But of course, as one knows all too well, what goes on in those 'class reunions' are things that one spouse may live for (who here honestly has never wanted to catch up on school friends every few years while secretly relishing in any's misfortunes?), but the other, knowing none of the attendees would find it dreadfully boring.  Thus, it makes for a unique place where cheating remains extremely probable.  After all, this isn't a group blind data ala "konpa" or "gokon" where most people going are total strangers.  Here, we've parties that all know each other which makes the logical step of migrating to a hotel for a private after-party all the more realistic.

The theme of covert--or in the case of this series--brazen forbidden activities depending on morality of putting it in the butt of someone who isn't your wife will forever remain a hot topic surely to keep quality Japanese evening shows busy for years to come.  What we get in today's update, the massive almost three hour conclusion to a trilogy spawned by BULLITT, shows another group of Japanese friends in their 30's having one of those legendary parties where almost uncannily everyone goes home lucky.  Of course, "lucky" here implies full-fledged anal sex!  And the first scene, like what we've seen previously, is as brazen as it comes with darn nearly everyone watching!

In ANAL SEX CLASS REUNION 3, like previously, we've a bacchanalian nomikai predictably segue to ribald talk.  That of course is where this movie truly picks up.  Some may wonder given how JAV is known to blur actuality and otherness whether the real deal is happening.  Are we witnessing actual anal sex?  Could BULLITT have really found not one, but a whole group of older MILF participants who have no issues engaging in some proper back door fun?  The answer to all of this is a thankful, resounding YES.  Is the last the best?  Or did we see even better play in the two previous movies?  I have a personal favorite, but this really does come down to one's taste in the actresses as the overall flow and production quality across them all is pretty much the same.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1842

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+Big group of outgoing Japanese MILFs all in one place!
+Real anal sex, the REAL deal.
+First scene sex in front of everyone!


-That so few JAV stars are OK with anal makes for almost too many familiar faces which may hurt the realism angle a bit.

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