Welcome the New Students

Published September 7, 2020

#Subtitled #Exclusive #ClassicJAV

Legendary huge cast huge budget game show JAV with a schoolgirl theme.

Full Movie

Welcome the New Students
Translation and timing by Patonyan

The first thing that needs to be said about WELCOME THE NEW STUDENTS is that no, this is NOT a movie by ROCKET, but it sure looks like something they would shoot!  Funny story--and yes, if you've been reading our reviews for awhile you can probably skip the remainder of this paragraph--once upon a time before there was ROCKET there was V&R PRODUCTS an offshoot of V&R PLANNING with the goal to make bizarre yet slightly mainstream JAV movies.  They did this really well and still do it to this very day under V&R PRODUCE.  For a short time, however, before ROCKET even existed, they were the quintessential weird JAV studio and all of ROCKET's original directors worked for them.

WELCOME THE STUDENTS is a gigantic movie by the aforementioned V&R PRODUCTS.  It's also one of our first full length releases both timed and translated by PATONYAN who deserves a lot of praise for working hard on a very involved, very wordy, and very fun movie.  If you need movies with tons of sex from the beginning all the way to the end without respite, you probably will not enjoy a release like this.  This is a game show back when JAV studios still could afford to bankroll such huge casts to do such insane things with sex being more of an afterthought than the main attraction.  Yes, hard play does happen; it's dotted throughout the title from outrageous wardrobe malfunctions, masked Bunraku men using vibrators to carry out penalty games, and of course some penetrative sex thrown in in near the end (with real cum, thankfully).

In a masterful combination of a game show and absolutely heterodox new student ceremony, we get a big group of female JAV stars masquerading as high school seniors trying to learn while trying to stay decently attired.  Games aplenty are mainstays all led by delightful Abe-chan, the fast-talking actor we've shown in similar roles in previous updates.  This is zaniness turned to eleven.  I have no doubt the insanity here may turn off even some adventurous fans of #ClassicJAV as it really does get especially hectic at times.  This still is a prime example of what happens when a production company has a big budget, creative minds, and the freedom to shoot pretty much what they want.  Seeing this recreated today is a pipe dream; sadly that huge studio used here and in many ROCKET movies seems to no longer exist and good luck finding assistant directors willing to spend days ahead of time crafting such novel set pieces.  This is classic and JAV.  The best of both worlds.  Unique, titillating, and a true example of legendary Japanese adult video.


Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  Huge cast, incredible game show, varied scenes.

Con's:  Sex in most of its incarnations happens, but not as much as some may prefer.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1394

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