My Nude Maid Harem

Published July 9, 2021

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Yes, a service like this actually exists! Is sex really on the table or does that at least remain a fable?

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My Nude Maid Harem
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Admittedly MY NUDE MAID HAREM is a movie we've been sitting on for while and only when subtitling began did I realize what a mistake that has been.  At first glance, you'd think this was some cool nudist maid JAV movie ruined by hidden camera'ish filming.  That fixed camera production technique?  A big reason that we'll get to shortly.  What we have here is a solid 90 minutes of unusual JAV starring cute, young actresses (plus one extra).

The gist:  V&R hears about the nude maid phenomenon gaining popularity in USA.  After doing some research, they find out the service now exists in Japan (!).  Curious to see what exactly happens, they give a poor AD (assistant director) a wad of cash with explicit instructions to order their services and to film it.  He complies (this is Japan after all; you'd think he'd just bolt with all that money?).

The first scene--and yes, while I usually try to avoid basic scene summaries, I feel it's necessary to talk about this one.  You see, unlike the ones that follow, this one stars a mature woman portraying the maid.  Our AD is far from happy; he expected youth, not reality!  However, as a fan of older women, I loved this encounter and was bummed that not only was it short, but was totally by the books.  No sex, no teasing, just an older, busty and somewhat curvy in gravity destructive ways older women cleaning a small apartment.

The real magic happens after when our AD makes an additional appointment for a weekend (we're later told weekdays are when mature women work and weekends are when students are on shift).  The service begins normally, but later on ear cleaning leads to well...a blowjob!  Touching is still forbidden, but perhaps he unlocked the secret to getting extras.

I'll step back now from summarizing what goes on.  This is a fun movie.  It's not terribly long, but the scenes all connect to each other nicely with the cast increasing in number until that awesome FFFM harem at the very end.  I liked the mature woman of course, but even those three younger actresses all appeared to be lookers.  I say that in italics because if there's one slight issue here, it's the use of eye mosaic throughout the entire movie.  I get they are pushing a hidden camera vibe, but I'd loved to see their unobstructed faces.

Aside from eye mosaic, this is a solid JAV movie.  It's unique, features eye candy, and for what it tries to do, it pretty much succeeds.  Sadly, there's no sequel, but things can always change.  Before I close this one out, we're bound to be asked about nude maids in Japan and a cursory search turned up various sites.  The service does indeed exist!  Whether you can get 'extras' is something we're not at liberty to discuss.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 322

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Unusual theme carried out well.
+Very cute maids (even the first one!).
+Play is carried out well and believably*.


-*That is with the exception of the final sex scene which looks great, but since I couldn't see any actual penetration shots, I wonder if it was staged or not.
-Fixed camera setup not ideal, but understandable.

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