The Trials of Freshly Married Kaede Sakai

Published June 14, 2017

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

GUTS went out of their way to make something truly out there with this unfaithful wife title that mixes and matches realism and drama leading to mass confusion.

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The Trials of Freshly Married Kaede Sakai
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What we originally had planned for today's update was an unfaithful wife title akin to the other ones by GUTS we've been showing on and off for the last few years.  This was our mindset when going out and selecting what would become today's update.

Quickly browsing THE TRIALS OF FRESHLY MARRIED KAEDE SAKAI presented us with a title that pretty much followed the footsteps of previous updates featuring Japanese wives secretly doing adult video.  However, it was only when we started subtitling did we begin to see how incredibly *weird* it is.

The first scene is pretty normal and things really don't jump off the deep-end until their arrival at the hotel.  Even here right at the beginning, it's really interesting to see how gung-ho the director is with pushing KAEDE's emotions for she actually is not totally new to AV.  This update came out about a year after her debut though she did not stick around for much longer.

Sometimes AV movies mix realism with falsehoods.  Women who may be married aren't, age is almost always a lie (we'd be in big trouble if we told you how much older the actress who plays KAEDE SAKAI really is!), and once upon a time even male orgasms were faked.  We don't know KAEDE's life story perfectly, but you can't fake lactation.  She may not have been a big squirter when this was filmed, but her breasts still leaked some milk when given the right amount of squeezing.

Milky goodness aside, we need to return again to how 'out there' TRIALS is.  It feels almost as if the director was having a really extended inside joke by seeing how much confusion he can throw on KAEDE.  I really don't think his goal was to make her act as an 'AV star'.  Rather, he wanted to keep her second-guessing everything.

TRIALS at times felt like a normal 'document AV', but every so often the director would throw in some bizarre dramatic elements and even some comedy.  At times it felt like I was subtitling the Japanese AV version of The Monuments Men as both this update and that movie seem to have a difficult time with genre self-identification.

TRIALS does feature a little bit of everything.  The second scene (the first at the hotel) even tackles the herbivorous man theme--something we've touched upon in the past.  When this title was filmed, however, 'herbivorous man' wasn't even a buzzword yet.  Instead they used the word 'anthropophobia' which is just a fancy way of saying someone's really, really shy around people.

Sometimes AV titles are thrown together at the very last minute, but THE TRIALS OF FRESHLY MARRIED KAEDE SAKAI perfectly describes what she goes through in this GUTS release.  It's no normal unfaithful wife title.  It's something in a class by itself.  We sure hope it didn't weird KAEDE out too much; her exit at the end seemed a bit on the hasty side.  Regardless, the director seemed to be having a blast.

THE TRIALS also made use of various background musical elements that you don't see in AV releases that often.  It also had a ending credits sequence much longer than one would assume.  We wonder if these were also purposely added in by the director.  We still have no idea if he pushed this title out as one that should be taken in as a serious docudrama or a bizarre black comedy.  It's worth a watch either way!

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