Maki Hojo Visits a Real Life Virgin and Teaches Him How to Have Sex

Published February 5, 2020

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JAV star of the highest order Maki Hojo visits an actual virgin at his cluttered apartment to steal away his innocence via DREAMROOM.

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Maki Hojo Visits a Real Life Virgin and Teaches Him How to Have Sex
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Major fans of JAV probably will see a title like today's, MAKI HOJO VISITS A REAL LIFE VIRGIN AND TEACHES HIM HOW TO HAVE SEX, and think, "oh, one of those fake visiting a fan at home titles where the apartment is just a studio and the 'fan' is an actor".  Heck, I thought that too before beginning to work on this beast of an update (800+ lines of dialog!).  I was wrong though.  Very, very wrong.

Nakajima-kun is in fact a virgin. They really did shoot this at his place.  And did I say he's a virgin?  MAKI HOJO at this point does not need an introduction.  Even a casual JAV fan has seen her face here and there.  The Queen Bitch extraordinaire also has a soft spot when it comes to meeting and 'coupling' with her most dedicated supporters.  Seeing her interact with Nakajima-kun was an amazing experience.  From the moment she walked into his cluttered abode to that 'twist' near the end, this was a kind MAKI HOJO we rarely see (except for that one time she played herself).

What makes this uncensored DREAMROOM title so great are his reactions.  If you've seen those fake virgin visit movies, you know how it goes:  timid guy who secretly is an actor with initial foreplay possibly being slow and tense affair, but once penetration begins, he just goes through the routine.  Here, we don't get that.  Here, it's watching innocent Nakajima-kun get to do things and have things done while having the world's biggest smile etched across his face.  I truly believe his reactions were genuine.  This really is a guy who before that fateful night was indeed a virgin with near zero experience.  He got his time to shine though was he able to finish the deed?

If you rather not ruin the surprise, don't read further and certainly don't scroll down to see the screenshots from the last portion of this movie.  The fact is, while Nakajima-kun did maintain an extremely hard erection through and through, he suffered from last minute stage fright and was not able to complete the act.  Fortunately the one-and-only SOUTA ASAMI was available and showed him how a JAV actor does the deed.  Normally, seeing a slightly heavyset young man masturbate while watching a more attractive pairing go at it raw would be a pitiful sight, but this title is that one exception.  Nakajima-kun, going by that smile, was loving every moment of it.  He got to have sex with MAKI HOJO raw and then got to beat off while she did an actor ON HIS BED without a condom AND with a real creampie finish.

The technicals for REAL LIFE VIRGIN are mixed.  I wish they used a bit more lighting, but hey, I understand it was shot at night in cramped quarters.  Perhaps what we saw was the best they could do.  After all, this really was shot on location and a huge amount of studio lighting would have alerted the neighbors to prurient mischief.  But then again, MAKI HOJO did not hold back when caterwauling her orgasms.  My money's on Nakajima-kun getting some odd looks the morning after this life-altering event ran its course.

Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  Real virgin, no condom, realistic ending (for him), Maki Hojo still receives a real creampie.

Con's:  Lighting issues.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 817

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