Aki Sasaki and Tsubasa Hachino - Making Pets Out of Husbands First Half

Published November 20, 2020

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The ultimate pairing of JAV stars visit the homes of men who really need it in this AV OPEN release by WAAP.

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Aki Sasaki and Tsubasa Hachino - Making Pets Out of Husbands First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Like any JAV studio, WAAP has its series that it returns to every so often.  While none to my knowledge have connected storylines, they all share similar themes.  Most notably is DREAM SHOWER, their flagship bukkake series that is not only incredibly popular, but one of the longest running of its kind.  Beyond that, there's what we're showing today:  MAKING PETS OUT OF HUSBANDS.  Take a vicious lewd JAV star and pair her off with a real masochistic man and have her unleash prurient mischief at his actual home.

While most iterations in MAKING PETS only feature one actress, WAAP has released a few that double that number.  Some time ago we showed an immensely popular one starring NOZOMI HAZUKI (now HANEDA) and YUU SHINODA that to this very day remains high up on our popular movies list.  Going off on a slight tangent, beyond the play itself, it's the quality.  We at ZENRA work with a large number of JAV studios and it's WAAP that produces the slickest footage every single time.  There's never an intentional blooper, the lighting is perfect as is the sound, the women are beautiful, and the editing is as good as it gets.  They may deny it, but they're absolute top tier in the industry and remain one of the most renown independent studios that I hope always will remain free of corporate influence.

After working on the NOZOMI and YUU movie, I could not imagine WAAP finding a better pairing and thankfully I was proven wrong.  Just in time for a previous AV OPEN, we get the sultry AKI SASAKI and the compact sexual ball of energy that is TSUBASA HACHINO; experienced and fiery tag-teaming with young and fierce.  You can't get any better than this!  This was a casting only possible with planets and stars in perfect alignment.  Even seeing them remain (mostly) clothed and tease a guy to an accidental cumshot in a car en route to his home was legendary.  They're true masters of their craft.

The play is just what you'd expect:  femdom that thankfully stays on point.  This is not a hard BDSM movie though it does feature some play similar to it.  All scenes take more out there elements of adult activities and mainstream them to some extent.  While full-on sex only happens in two of the four encounters, it's of the FFM variety and in spite of being shot on location in actual, cramped apartments, the footage remains glorious.  That last scene in particular goes above and beyond and may be my favorite FFM threesome of all time.  Let's just say that even after the sex end, the party (and squirting) continues to a very messy conclusion that leaves everyone--including Director Samoari--soaked.

WAAP goes to show you don't need a huge number of women to make a great AV OPEN movie.  Three, four, and more isn't needed when the storyline and production is solid.  We see two JAV legends go at it with real amateur men for some of the most enjoyable unfaithful sex of their lives.  MAKING PETS OUT OF HUSBANDS with AKI SASAKI and TSUBASA HACHINO is an absolute must-see.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2143

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-Picture-perfect in every way.
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