Hotel Massages Gone Wrong - New Hires Edition 6 First Half

Published September 25, 2023

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Could hotel massages in Tokyo performed by naive married masseuses really led to sex? And creampie sex no less? We find out!

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Hotel Massages Gone Wrong - New Hires Edition 6 First Half

Timing and Translation by ZENRA

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As these titles show reality is where it's at, it's always important to begin noting that actually trying this on your next trip to Japan would be very ill-advised. While massage services are pretty common at hotels (most likely using some form of an out-call service that works across various hotels in the same area rather than a few therapists sitting in a break room by the lobby when there are no appointments), you probably are not going to be opening the door to a curvy masseuse who could pass for AI UEHARA. But then again, in JAV Land, yup...anything is possible!

Six titles in and dozens of scenes later, not much has changed in the secret sauce that is HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG - NEW HIRES EDITION. In the penultimate update (don't worry, HOT ENTERTANMENT has shot more, but not specifically for this series!) the biggest thing of note is who appears in the 10th of 12 scenes. Want to know who? Well, look at the previous paragraph or the next sentence. Part of AI UEHARA's fame came not just from having almost perfect full body fat distribution turning her into a big, soft sexy marshmallow, but being something of a modern day MARICA HASE, a freelancer who would work with darn near any studio doing darn near anything. One wonders if instead she latched on early to an exclusive career she would have the immense popularity she carries today in her hypocritical--I mean her 'modern sexy creator' career.

With AI in the picture, if it isn't already obvious enough, yes what we get here is less real actual new hires who may all be married, but JAV stars working extra shifts to cover the meager pay they receive from all that performing. Don't let that take away from what makes this series great though. HOT makes use of real hotel locations, not sets. The lighting, customers, and scenarios--if you can believe it--are pretty varied. We get basic "I'll show my erection and see what happens" as a tried-and-true method, but in between these some truly odd-ball encounters as well such as AYA KISAKI giving a rubdown to a mystic ("I sense a lot of worries in you." "OMG, how'd you know?!").

The sex is great and it's all real. No funny angles making for guessing if it's really happening--something JAV studios sometimes do to reduce costs. The creampies? That one is up in the air but given the fantasy element of this series, it gets a pass even if ample amount of egg whites were on hand to make the magic happen. The obvious standout scene is AiU's but most throughout are great watches. Do note the first two scenes are one-two punches of bad audio production and two actors known for being mumblers so pardon any subtitling gaps there. Also, RIRIKA SUZUKI's appearance as a masseuse/chiropractor was a bit out of place. Hotels are expected, not brightly lit clinics. Thankfully, her nonpareil body made it all worth it. From thin to curvy to legendary, there's something for everyone in HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG - NEW HIRES EDITION 6.

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+A plot that never grows old...even 50+ scenes into the series!

+Hyper reality with a dose here and there of fantasy.

+One last hurrah of AI UEHARA...?


-Audio issues in first two scenes (perhaps their placement was intentional?).
-Shot entirely with fixed cameras when a few close-ups would have been nice.