Yua Mikami Seeks Marriage. Fans Applicable Only If......

Published : January 26th, 2024 Written by JWL

Yua Mikami may have left JAV, but she has never truly left the spotlight. No stranger to controversy herself, she found herself in another barely six months into her retirement.

On a segment at a recent late-night talk show she reveals what sort of man she is looking for in a life partner and if it's possible for a fan to become The One.

To her credit, Mikami said it's not impossible for her to engage in a relationship with a fan. Spoken on record, she gives herself a 50/50 chance depending on certain criteria.

And one of those is that he must not be a hardcore devotee, such as one that bought her releases and attended all her events trying to gain her attention. In fact, she recalls a certain someone that was always there when and wherever she made an official appearance and had never missed the chance to take a selfie with her.

That somebody even goes as far as signing up as an extra during her active days, trying to make a name on one of her titles. But after noticing his photo on a casting list, she turned him away. It's understandable as such behavior borders on outright stalking.

Now, as if to set a bar, Mikami revealed what essentials she looks for in her life partner. She did not mention how good-looking he must be or if there's any age limit. Rather she went straight to the jugular, his financial standings . Ideally, Mikami wants her partner to earn an annual income of 100 million yen (USD 675,000 at the current exchange rate), though she is willing to settle for a fraction of it at 30 million yen (USD 200,000) annually; the reason being that just so she can maintain her current lifestyle and both can support each other if and when things become unpredictable.

The response was swift following the airing of the talk show. People didn’t exactly take well to what she said.

For starters, one has to wonder despite her apparent popularity with at least 5.5 million followers on social media, why has the national broadcaster NHK yet to invite her for a role in one of their historical drama extravaganzas which had been on continuous renewal since 1963. Most notably, the last time a former JAV star--or "sexy actress" as they are sometimes known, was cast way back in 2010 when Mihiro landed a role in Ryomaden.

Second, a man that earns that much must be either an executive at a large company, a rising lawyer/politician, or a trained surgeon. In short, high profile public figures who might not want to associate with Mikami, when the fact that a state-owned media outlet chooses to turn a blind eye to her remains.

All the savaging resulted in Mikami making a tweet clarifying her stance:

"All those arguments regarding annual income are really something. What I want is somebody who can earn more than me, able to survive on his own, and is someone who I can respect. It's hard to put across what I'm really trying to say. But since I've made it thus far without a man financially supporting me, I rather settle for a guy who I can trust more than myself."

What to make of all this? It could be explained by Mikami trying to play a psychological game with her followers.

The part about rejecting courtship attempts from fevered devotees is obviously going to break some hearts. One could say that remark is unbecoming of someone who used to be at the top of an industry that exists to inspire hope in lonely men.

Next, the way Mikami speaks about the income of her partner, her willingness to take major compromise yet maintain somewhat of a standard seems to be her trying to appeal to her female followers. It's her trying to project a sense of feminine compassion yet positioning herself at respectable level that will maintain her image, thus instilling a strong maternal persona.

Finally, Mikami might have let slip her true intention with the final part of her clarification statement about "making it thus far without financial support from a man".

This is factually wrong considering her background. Think about it: what was the foundation upon which the name “Yua Mikami” was first built upon?

Whether Mikami intentionally made those wild statements is up for debate. Considering that she had exited the adult entertainment trade, it is perhaps not too much to say this could be an attempt for her to alienate herself from all her unsavory male fandom and cleanse herself to appeal to her growing female audience. In any case, it is almost certain that Mikami isn't seriously looking for a lifelong male companion at the moment.

In her own words, she got by fine thus far.

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GerardKhacha 3 months ago
Bruh, she never disappoints in triggering her sister, Akari Kitó (the voice actress one).
Punkt-kun 3 weeks ago
Can you further explain about this relation with Akari Kito?

I'm kinda loss here.
Fknzz 4 months ago
LOL, she's basically acting like every 304 hoe does.
They all want the tall guy/ high status guy making 6 figures who worked his ass off and earn his value by himself. While they claim THEY also have high value when the reality is that they are simply whores being fed boatloads of xxxxx by simps and their only value is their body and they can't create anything outside of that (her brand is created by her fame (and a team) as well, not by her business skills plz). Like JWL quoted "making it thus far without financial support from a man". Haha.
It's not surprising she doesn't want to deal with any simps in her life other than handshake events and free gifts. (Tho she's kinda right about the stalker problema). In this one its more on you than on her: Its like for onlyfans girls, as soon as you are a simp to said girl you must accept that you will forever be nothing more than a wallet to the girl, a beta wallet seeking attention.

Thx for the article Zenra.

-comment edited by admin
ZENRA 4 months ago

This is a type of viewpiont where the author should turn the lens inward. Yua and all other adult film stars do not take the ‘easy’ road to success. Her extreme success may not have entirely came from her own efforts, but she certainly was a major decision maker both in terms of what movies she did and how she had her image marketed. There are very few adult film stars anywhere in the world who have amassed her type of following and it takes more than being a ‘whore with a good manager’ to get where she is today.

PointGradient 4 months ago
I thought she was engaged (I saw a guy on her YT videos) and that's why she left JAV
Daaaan12 4 months ago
It is a little off putting to read she wants a rich dude but it is what it is.

That one superfan must be devastated hearing that she turned him away from casting list.
Jackfromdownunder 4 months ago
With her selection criteria being so high, anyone care to guess her success rate - Kaho Shibuya was looking for a BF after leaving JAV, todate that has been totally failure - Kaho couldn't date Japanese guys because they kept bringing up her past, she said she wouldn't be offering a love life like her JAV work, when Kaho visited America she said she could date an American but hadn't told them about her past.
ZENRA 4 months ago

Given her job, it's important for her to push a "I can't find love" image. If she told fans she was dating, 20% of her subscriber base may cancel then and there.

AV Alex 4 months ago
Great article!, just a comment, the last part of the text it's repeated.
ZENRA 4 months ago

Fixed, thank you for letting us know.

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