The Morning Ejaculation Service

Published April 19, 2021

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All men need to have a complete breakfast and proper milking before leaving home. No exceptions!

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The Morning Ejaculation Service
Timing and Translation by Jimi Hentai

We've been waiting for awhile to show THE MORNING EJACULATION SERVICE.  Technically, this marks the final title in the batch of movies from a previous ROCKET licensing order (and don't worry, we've another fresh batch to dive right into) so save the best for last, right?  This is where I'd be tempted to say "wrong!  We saved this for last because it sucks!"  Thankfully, that is not the case.  This is a really, really good movie.  I don't have much negative to say about it so if you were hoping for one of 'those' reviews, then...uh, sorry?

Believe it or not, all heroes have their origin story and you can kind of consider this to be one of MIKI SUNOHARA's.  This wasn't her debut, but was shot around a year after it and was one of her first roles requiring her to do something a bit more outside of the box.  This wasn't her first rodeo with ROCKET; that'd be that amazing GUESSING GAME movie we showed a few years ago, but both her and CHIGUSA HARA perform as truly believable 'morning ejaculation ladies' in this especially zany service-themed update.

And yes, 'morning ejaculation ladies'.  THE MORNING EJACULATION SERVICE is in a world slightly adjacent to ours where all men need both a healthy breakfast AND to be milked not by their wives, but by specialized 'morning ejaculation ladies'.  With beatific faces part smile, part adoration, they gently caress and stroke their assigned client's erection until his balls are thoroughly empty.  This can be done anywhere.  Sometimes during breakfast with everyone present, someones while he's getting dressed, someones as early morning surprises.  Advanced courses feature more involved options that make use of the mouths, breasts, and even vaginas (all for strict milking purposes as this is NOT a sexual service!) again while anyone can be present.

This is exactly the type of movie I wish ROCKET would do more of.  Unlike that really bizarre blindfolded naked date/science experiment which had a great plot but incredibly weird execution (most likely being filmed by a one-off director), THE MORNING EJACULATION SERVICE was shot by one of their resident names, features known faces of both genders, and all around is a very slick production.  My gripe is that of not having enough.  MIKI and CHIGUSA are both doing what they do best.  MIKI definitely steals the show and to this day remains one of my favorite JAV stars, but CHIGUSA did a commendable job as well.  Unless you need penetrative sex from start to finish, this is definitely a movie well worth checking out.  It's bizarre, other-worldy, and shows that even something mainly focused on handjobs can still carry itself well for two and a half hours.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1089

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Really great 'sexual service that is not sexual' theme.
+MIKI SUNOHARA doing what she does best (CHIGUSA is great too).
+Proof positive a movie mainly about handjobs doesn't have to be boring.


-Having more actresses involved would be better (for example, a different one in each scene).
-Sex only happens in final scene.

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