Single Father in the Neighborhood PTA

Published January 20, 2020

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Volunteering to help fellow Japanese parents out has its perks as shown in this reality bending group sex release by BULLITT.

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Single Father in the Neighborhood PTA
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

You know what I don't like in JAV?  Extreme over-acting.  Sometimes when actresses don't really read the room right (or the director just doesn't have the balls to state the obvious), we see situations that just make the title feel plain old fake.  Usually, this is bad.  Usually, I detest these.  And usually, it takes all the pleasure out of watching them if it feels like the actress is just clocking in and going to town and then some because she doesn't know any better.

Sometimes over-acting is warranted.  It can take an already zany theme and just amplify it to dimensions we haven't even yet discovered.  Now imagine this:  you're a single father, three years divorced; a tough position for anyone and double if you're not that social to begin with.  Your "soul mate" may be gone, but hey, you got custody so things aren't all bad.  Still, you want to engage more with the community so you join the local PTA.  It's all women, young mothers with too much free time mainly.  Either way, you're there, you're present though sitting away from the real 'action' hoping you may be called on for something (while praying that doesn't happen either).  The wives are all chatty, but things get done.  Things are running swimmingly.  Time's almost up and before it all ends, you decide to take a leak.  As you plan to return to collect your belongings, all hell breaks lose.  You encounter not one seductress that day, but five.  Prepare to get messy.

SINGLE FATHER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD PTA is one of those super curve-ball titles BULLITT releases every so often.  This was directed by their resident 'non-nude actor/director' ICHIEN who's a really cool guy (met him many a time) who's really into gymnastics, comedy, and adult video.  A truly wicked combination!  It's up to debate whether PTA can be considered his magnum opus as we've an AV OPEN release by him that will be shown in awhile.  But really, any movie that runs 160+ minutes, features five JAV stars including ASAHI MIZUNO, and concludes with the messiest FFFM harem sex party I've ever seen surely is no title one would NOT be proud to call one's own.

What I love is how this entire story takes place essentially in real time during one afternoon PTA meeting.  Sexual encounters begin covertly with a bathroom blowjob followed by MISATO NONOMIYA pulling aside lucky Ishii-san for bedroom play (that ASAHI MIZUNO soon barges in on).  This all leads to the sweaty shiofuki harem climax that serves as a great way to introduce the magic that is HANA KANOU to the ZENRA audience.  Truly impressive from start to finish, but is it perfect?

Well, it's close!  For starters, the second scene that begins with MISATO and also later features ASASHI features two instances of uncensored rimjobs.  The last time we showed a movie that had it done so brazenly was almost half a year ago and that was a title originally released in Japan well over a decade ago.  I'm not sure the comings and goings of what the Ethics companies approve, but given how long the anal-licking lasting, I'm certain this was no mosaic mistake.

However, speaking of mosaic, butt-holes aside, it was a bit heavy in SINGLE FATHER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD PTA.  This was a movie released not too long after the post-2017 mosaic hammer went into play (things are thinner now so don't worry too much) so at times, the pixelation was rather harsh.  There's no really nice way to sugarcoat that, sorry!  Also the production geek in me (novice level, thank you very much) feels like the cameras used here weren't top-notch.  Compared to other FHD releases by BULLITT and HOT ENTERTAINMENT including ones released several years before PTA, I felt the picture was a bit...blurry?  It wasn't crystal, but the insane action and the uber collection of JAV stars in their thirties (or made to appear that way) DEFINITELY made up for it.

If you're a fan of what essentially is 'groups of sexually frustrated Japanese milfs gone wild', then we've great news:  as of writing this, HOT ENTERTAINMENT has released a trilogy of titles that take PTA's theme and mix it with King's Game (think truth or dare).  All run around 3 hours and all will be shown on ZENRA starting in the near future.  We know many of our subscribers love seeing older Japanese women more than youthful schoolgirls and we'll be working hard--overtime if it's needed!--to keep you all satisfied.

Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Successfully combines comedy with a huge cast doing marvelous things together.

Con's:  Mosaic on the heavy side.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1900

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