Anytime Anywhere Sexual Gratification Quiz Show 2 First Half

Published February 26, 2024

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Real Japanese friends play a sexy trivia game with big a lot on the line along with losing clothing and full on sex for wrong answers.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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Almost a year ago to the day we released the first of HOT ENTERTAINMENT's wacky duology about finding real friends and seeing if they're down for playing a very unusual sex game. Now we're back with ANYTIME ANYWHERE SEXUAL GRATIFICATION QUIZ SHOW 2 with around a dozen more friends eager to win big, find out untold secrets about each other, and hopefully leave with a glistening semen shine and a pocket full of Yukichi's.

It wasn't that long ago--in fact at press time this was our latest update!--where we tested the waters with another 'people monitoring' update that proved even with little fanfare to become one of our most popular releases of the year. Some may wonder why our updates are more and more focusing on this type of amateur* content given any random glance at DMM or any similar site shows top sellers are big name movies that are otherwise very vanilla. The answer is simple: it's what foreigners seem to like and the foreigners that do prefer the big name content sadly have another maritime-related way to easily get it. What's more, these movies are ideal for subtitling by human hands: watching them without subtitles if you don't know Japanese is a waste and the amount of on-screen captions plus rapid fire multi-person dialog makes any type of "AI" solution dead in the water.

* "Amateur" as these are always professional actresses shot by professional studios, but portrayed as no names for added realism.

Thus, for today and again quite often in the future, it's amateurs doing the unthinkable with fun and games leading to hotel sex. From the screenshots and trailer, one wonders whether the initial portions were shot in a studio van ala that aforementioned PETERS update or if they just draped sheets around a coach in the same hotel room they would shoot the sex at. It's a weird thing to think about because be it cheap bedsheet wallpaper, the familiar blue cloud pattern of the Magic Mirror studio, or shooting in a literal mid 2000's van, the setup sells itself. Shooting in a dry studio versus some type of guerrilla on location vibe with amateurs just makes all the more sense and whatever method HOT employed here seemed to work out very well.

No new ground is achieved in QUIZ SHOW 2, but with movies like these, it's less about always trying to drastically alter course and more of simply getting new faces to appear. The latter is achieved and while I would prefer the entire encounter to have been done in that bedsheet location rather than a hotel 'relocation', it still is an all around fun movie that successfully combines sexy trivia and crazy sex.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2565

4 Files 4.31GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Quiz-themed JAV never gets tiring.

+Very varied casting of cute and eager amateurs.

+Surprisingly funny at times.


-Better if it stayed entirely on location.

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