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Published June 7, 2024

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“Will you have sex with my wife?” The kink of a husband and a JAV studio eager to make it a reality-- with a little bit of a twist.

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"Will you have sex with my wife?"

A brazen request GOGOS probably receives more often than most other JAV studios. This is because they are known for more than anything else realistic beyond belief cheating wives movies. A question we often receive is "is this the real deal? Are these actual wives and married couples?" While it's tempting to answer one way or another with conviction, being JAV, reality often is blurred. Could these in fact be actual couples or experienced performers just doing a job? Could they still be performers who are actually married and have an entire adult film career blossoming behind the back's of 'loved' ones? As you can see, it gets complicated.

And even more so in today and Monday's double update where a tried-and-true hotwife request is given a slight JAV twist as GOGOS takes advantage of AV OPEN season to up the ante as much as their budget allows them. Going back to that first question, are we given real wives or JAV stars? As the movie notes it in both halves, at least half the female performers in this incredible four hour release are indeed plants. Yes, they are actresses. Yes, they are in on it. That's the point this time around!

REAL SPOUSE SWAPPING HOTWIVES WEEKEND GETAWAY is one of those prank movies JAV is sometimes known for. Here, we have a husband who wants his wife to swap while he watches (and of course joins in too!). He wants to see her pleasure faces when another man is balls deep inside her. He wants it all! He wants to do a stranger's wife as well. Holding hands, looking into each other's conflicted souls, the whole nine yards. But this time, unlike GOGOS pairing two curious couples, we get one couple paired with Director Takahashi and a JAV star portraying his wife. Thus, the type of stage fright that can happen in previous updates with similar themes this time are absent--for better or worse.

Making use of an extra large vacation house we may have seen in previous releases by them, we get ample footage from traditional tatami rooms, depressing western rooms found in many a Showa Era home, and excellent bath footage as well. With so much space and a picturesque outdoor onsen at their disposal, it's almost a bummer each of the two encounters finishes in such a drab space. Thankfully, that great Japanese style tea room is used during the first brazen sex encounter where our 'fake' couple goes at it out in the open in order for the real wife to watch them in the act. The first grouping in particular not only uses it well, but features some cinematic-level framing to boot.

While neither encounter features the most gorgeous Japanese women on earth, all four--plus the oddly utilized female AD in the second half (really, I have no idea why GOGOS decided to add this side-plot in as it did very little and surely cost a pretty penny to hire another actress for such a brief role)--are both attractive and approachable. They make the perfect wives in a movie about 'cheating' (if you can call it that when everyone consents to it!) in a most unusual way. Making use of both well-placed still cameras and handheld ones manned by POV masters, we get great footage and hopefully the sex was worth it! A life of swinging for these couples awaits? Or just an awkward car ride home?

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1850

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Overall Satisfaction


+Hotwife movies are rare and this one adds in a unique twist to boot.

+All performers are very, very pretty.

+If you like 'em hairy, this one's for you!

+All out lesbian play in final portion.


-The female AD in the second half served no real purpose.

-Audio in bathing scenes a bit rough; pardon any gaps!

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