JAV Career Movements: Rei Yuino, Meguri, Miku Abeno, Mahoro Kamiki, Toka Rinne

Published : June 12th, 2020 Written by WoodOfTheRisingSun

Career Movements will be a semi-regular feature of this blog as I summarize retriements, revivals, suspensions, transfers, and name changes of well known JAV idols.  So, let's get on with the most recent in-out-in-outs:

Rei Yuino 唯乃光

Retirement of a performer like Rei Yuino's normally would not catch my attention at all.  Her career is barely a year old and she has only very few solo works to her credit.  However, she is chosen as the debut retiree (I know, I love oxymorons) for this feature, because of her highly unusal reasons.  In recent weeks, she has been affected by the George Lloyd protests in the USA and has made it known on her social media.  In fact her twenty-two thousand followers on Twitter would know well her powerful sense of justice and fiery tempers.  She has been waging her own online crusade with the feminist movement, especially on behalf of fellow JAV performers against sexual harassment and online bullying.  To be honest, she didn't explicitly explain her reason for retiring.  But in the whole of May she was constantly at war with online trolls and now (almost mid-June) she announced that she had in fact retired at the end of May already.  So it's a little hard not to make any connection.  Anyway, I'm rather amazed the racial unrest in the US or online harasment is having such an impact in the JAV world.  One I did not expect most performers to have any strong opinions on the matter, but even more incredibily any JAV performer would make her honest opinion public on her Twitter.  Because... well most non-Japanese fans may not be aware... JAV idols' social media accounts are carefully constructed and almost exclusively used for promoting her products and image.  

As a side-note: it is a huge shame that (if) online trolls and bullying is a contributing factor to her retirement.  So I implore everyone: treat each and every JAV performer nicely and with respect! 

Meguri めぐり

Meguri めぐり was well known to JAV fans a few years ago.  This volutuous MILF (熟女) with massive G-cup tits retired for a second time in summer of 2017.  After keeping fans waiting for a long time, she returned to the industry at the end of last year, to the delight of many fans.  But now, after 7 vids in 7 months (all with Goro Tameike 溜池ゴロー), she announced on twitter she will not be releasing more JAV until next year. 

What's going on?  Well as always, a definite explanation isn't forthcoming, either publicly or even amongst industry insiders, but it can be assumed that current pandemic is a factor.  During the recently ended state of emergency, many performers were temporarily out of work.  And the top rank idols who have a good financial buffers aren't keen to go to work for fear of infection.  But then every idol is facing the same situation yet not every idol is suspending work for more than a half year.  So... I can't help but wonder if her returning to JAV early next year is at all solid. 

Meguri's recent videos:

Airi Suzumura 鈴村あいり

Fans of this classic beauty might have panicked slightly since she made no new videos since her last solo work in mid March (ABP-959).  In an IG post, she explained she suffered a disease of the digestive tract, but a prolonged absence could turn into a retirement, as history showed before.  Finally her next video in Prestige's Absolute Perfect label is announced: ABP-991 Creampie Ejaculation Law Officer scheduled for July 10, 2020. For fans not familiar with this series, it's one of the more intense theme of the rather conversative label. There is a (fictional) law that require every man to ejaculate at least once every three days, Airi plays an officier in charge of ensuring the law is being complied.  ~Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do,When they come for you~

Miku Abeno 阿部乃みく

Seven year veteran loli Miku Abeno announced she will be retiring from JAV at the end of January next year.  Miku Abeno explains that her retirement isn't a decision of a whim, the idea of retiring has been discussed with her agency Funstar for a long time and the date next year will allow her to finish all the jobs she is already committed for.  And also she wish to have the chance to say goodbye to her fans in face-to-face events.  Considering the pandemic, leaving a few months for scheduling the fan events is quite prudent. 

Miku was never a top rank idol, she neither make a lot of videos nor does she earn particularly much per filming. But her petite frame and boyish look is quite striking.  Fun fact: her nom de porn was inspired by Abenomics, which came to prominence exactly one year before Miku's JAV debut.

Personally speaking, I am not a fan of loli-type JAV idols, but I will forever cherish these two vids starring Miku and four other idols:

RKI-408 Bosshi Original Work: Futa Club Part 1 RKI-412 Bosshi Original Work: Futa Club Part 2

Mahoro Kamiki 神木まほろ

Mahoro Kamiki debuted with S1 and was branded "Devine Ass" (神尻) right away. Unfortunately, after SSNI-600 in October 2019, health problems sidelined her career after only four videos.   Usually "health problem" can be either real or fake, short term or permanent.  So seasoned fans learned to treat such explanations with some mental guard: it might be the end of her career already.  During her rest period, Mahoro kept up interaction with fans on Twitter and promised to return to performance.  Fortunately for her loyal fans, she has returned to JAV performance.  For her return, she is partnering with Nene Tanaka 田中ねね in DOCP-236 田中ねね×神木まほろ 淫乱天使の極上ご奉仕 巨乳と神尻の贅沢サンドウィッチ, set for release on 2020/07/17.



Toka Rinne 凛音とうか

This super busty 30 year old MILF is loved by many fans.  She announced she will be quiting her agency on July 9th.  She will spend some time to think about my life, not just Rinne, see most people (especially herself) understands Rinne Toka the JAV idol to be a persona (almost an avatar) only, it's a performance, not just on screen, but even off screen, as seen in fan events and on Twitter. It's a good hint that she (whatever her real name is) needs a period of rest from performing the role of a performer, when she publicly acknowledge there's a real and hidden self underneath the persona Rinne.

She leaves open the option to return to JAV performance.  Her exact wording is "Whether it's one month or six months later...I'd apprecaite if fans would be with me [upon her return]". 

So... complete and total uncertainty.  Let's hope she will find peace and come back to give JAV fans pleasure sooner rather than later.

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Doc 3 years ago
Love you Touka. Wish I could just gibe you a big hug.
R10 3 years ago
talk about the career movement of a jav artist. the last few weeks i saw several retired films from some jav artists like: tsujimoto, anri okita, misaki honda ... but minato riku.. it's about their feelings, hahaha I'm too hypocritical when talking all about sex. but riku changed my mind. we will be sad if our idols retire, but we hope they find a new life after that. if not mistaken, the male actor said to Riku: "no one bullies you anymore"

btw, Rei Yuino, i checked Rei twitter, it's a good movement to respect JAV actress. as this article says: "So I implore everyone: treat each and every JAV performer nicely and with respect!"
cvr 3 years ago
As a fan of her I'll miss Miku Abenu, I wouldn't say she doesn't make a lot of videos... or better, maybe it's true for the last months, but based on my collection of her, she has over 100 movies as main star, plus dozens of VR as main actress, plus many harem titles, plus an impressive number of scenes in anthology series like hunta, vrtm, nhdta, iene, rocket and so on. She did almost anything, a lot of lesbian (obviously, given her appearence), interracial, gokkun, niche weird fetishes... she is a very complete performer, I hope she will leave with a BANG.
ZENRA 3 years ago
Miku Abeno may not be an AAA rank actress, but she's been in the industry for ages and has done near everything. I am saddened to see her go.
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