Yuna Suzaki - Real Voice of an Older Woman

Published July 20, 2022

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

One of the best looking 30 year olds I've ever seen and a fantastic example of a vanilla JAV with a nice twist.

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Yuna Suzaki - Real Voice of an Older Woman
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

As strange as it may sound, age 30 and finally appearing in JAV is not that common.  Some women may age into it as their careers lengthen (most notably YUU KAWAKAMI whom essentially debuted as a student and has been releasing films nonstop even as she nears 40), but from what I'm told, the key demographic for incoming JAV stars remains early twenties.  These are women out of school, but not yet ready to go on to more mainstream societal pursuits.  Once you hit 3-0, it's time to settle down, not strip down (at least not in a semi-public setting).  Thus, seeing a beauty of that age do the deed again and again in today's sound update puts a big smile on my face.

YUNA SUZAKI looks great.  I almost wonder if she really was 30 when REAL VOICE OF AN OLDER THERAPIST was shot or like other MILF debuts, she was probably aged up (a common practice in the industry).  She's fit, she's tight, she's got a great firm chest, and fantastic mostly unkempt pubic hair.  Oh, and while having a boyfriend, cares little for his near devoid sexual prowess and prefers her fun on JAV sets.  AND does she show it!

We're on year seven now of showing movies from our GUTS time capsule and like always, I have no issues with withholding honesty:  this is a #ClassicJAV movie filmed almost two decades ago.  Crazy how time flies.  By now we've subscribers probably younger than this movie's original release date but don't let that stop you from watching it.  This is a well done example of JAV from days long past.  Not too short, not too long, mosaic not too thick, an actress beautiful and natural, play that's slightly abnormal (we'll get to this series' shtick shortly), and authentic cumshots to even things out.

REAL VOICE OF AN OLDER THERAPIST is the third and most likely final movie from this series.  We showed the first one some years back and the second a bit closer to the modern day.  What makes these three movies unique is to help differentiate them from vanilla JAV, GUTS hired a 'professional mind reader' to supply each actress with an internal monologue that will play sometimes while she's in various states of arousal (see the trailer for an example).  It's pretty neat and if I had to guess why you don't see these types of monologues used much is due to it requiring more time with the actress.  A drama JAV would have lines planned ahead of time that presumably the actress would record first thing in the morning before beginning actual filming.  Given how we have YUNA recording her own lines on top of her own performance, I wonder if she was called back at a later date or simply watched raw footage with the director and ad-libbed her thoughts.  A neat addition either way.

Don't let the age of this movie discourage you from watching it.  Don't let it being SD turn you off either.  YUNA SUZAKI is a babe.  Whether she is really 30 or younger, I don't care.  That face, that tight body, that pubic hair, and that extreme desire for passionate sex are all rare combinations that deserve proper appreciation.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Very attractive actress with a great fit body and tons of pubic hair.
+An excellent example of 90 minutes being the sweet spot for JAV movies.


-Unique inner monologue theme may pull some people out.
-Not a recent movie by any most any criteria.
-Actress looks better in the actual movie compared to the box cover.

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