The Curious Case of Aida Asuka - How the JAV industry took the life of a rising star!

Published : June 22nd, 2020 Written by tonymontana

On 23rd February, 2019 Aida Asuka posted this tweet on her official Twitter handle.

She tweeted: "Alone in the vacant room, it is only possible to think of the worst things, not being able to move. I'm too tired. Somebody pull me out of this time, hug me and say everything will be fine. I just wish I could get a real break "

Aida Asuka used to work as an escort for a luxury soapland in Ogota, a hot spring resort in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, famed for its soaplands. Aida was the top lady on the roster for five years in a row before transitioning into mainstream JAV with the famed Soft On Demand studio under the name Yuika Takashima. Her first JAV release was (CUBE-009) 240 minutes long and was released to the eager public in 2015 along with two other debutantes. While the other two girls vanished, Yuika stuck to the profession and reappeared again in 2018 with Oppai studio's PPPD-710, this time under the alias Aida Asuka

DVD cover of CUBE-009, Aida Asuka's debut film

Aida Asuka on the cover of PPPD-710, her debut JAV under the new alias

Aida Asuka formerly known as Yuika Takashima, was often hailed by the JAV critics for her supremely slender stature with magnificent bust and her quality paizuri skills. Her legendary pair of breasts and skills had acquired a one-year waiting list of male clients in her former soapland.

By late February, some grim rumors about Aida Asuka having committed suicide allegedly having jumped out of a high rise building in Gatonda started sufacing on the Japanese AV forums. The rumor gained grip as Aida’s friend Ichika Kotone (aka Hosho Riri) went on to criticize the late actor's agency Zeal Group on Twitter about Aida’s videos still being on sale and her Twitter account still online and what not. She was also angry about the JAV actress only being paid 200K yen for her recent acting services although the DVD sales were fairly huge but she deleted those tweets later (probably pressured by her agency/manager). You can check the archives of the tweets below.

The story is actually more complex than what it seemed to be. This was not the first time she tried to commit suicide. Prior to this she had attempted to end her life once but was saved by her friend Ichika Kotone and going by her tweets they both livestreamed on TwitCasting later that day. The JAV idol also tweeted how the late actor's mother reached her over the phone with the intention of suing the firm but was too scared to do so. She expressed remorse over the untimely death of her daughter.

The JAV star went on to rant about her own personal grudges and her battle with cervical cancer by tweeting cryptic messages like "Do not call the police" & "Sayonara". She later pulled off those tweets, maybe under pressure from her firm for which the reasons are still vague. Ichika resurfaced a couple of days later & apologized to her fans on the platform.

By connecting the dots & doing our own bit of research we found out that Aida committed suicide in late February - March of 2019. The reasons to her death are still unknown but according to an article on JAV blog PlayNo1 a vague theory came into light. A user going by the alias Kato Eagle commented: 

"Most of the AV actresses come from single-parent families, have no education, and many people have been bullied. Some of them have a bad personality, and some are mentally ill. In the pressure of the Japanese AV industry, it is inevitable that some people will go to a dead end"

The case didn't attract much attention because it made the JAV production community look bad. It was just swept under the rug and kept moving. Some sources say that the sales of her DVDs skyrocketed after her untimely demise and the profits were being churned out in large numbers. The talent agency she was associated with hasn't taken down any of her titles from R18/FANZA and are still making huge sales post her death. Her Twitter is still active to this day, she had full ownership of her account unlike other AV stars who allow their management to operate their handles. A VR movie, which was probably her last work was released after her death by Alice Japan.

DVD cover of the movie under studio Alice Japan, that released after her death

Cases like these are very rare in the JAV industry. We, at ZENRA hope that no actors whether dead or alive get exploited in any way by agencies for their monetary benefits & suffer such ill fate in the near future.



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vuardhu 7 months ago
Very sad.
Josh 8 months ago
I keep coming back to this blog post every time I'm at my lowest.
Mister Hart 1 year ago
This is truly heartbreaking and I had no idea until I saw comments on one of her videos just today (May 14, 2023). I am saddened by her loss and I wish there was something someone could have done to help her. Rest In Peace.
Michael 2 years ago
I saw her in WANZ817. She was amazing. RIP Aida ????
Abelius 2 years ago
Damn. Such a pity. So desired by everyone, yet she felt alone in life. Reminds me of Marilyn.Chronic Depression is a much serious illness than most people believe. It takes many lives every year.Mental health is no joke. Don't hesitate to seek help.
Vuzerian 3 years ago
Oh Jesus.... Out of the blue I remembered her today after not watching any of her work for a pretty long time even though she quickly became one of my favorites first time I saw her work, so I tried to look her up. I thought maybe she had retired. But I didn't realize she hasn't been with us for over a year.... I think porn companies should be required to help finance any mental help their actresses require. Sadly, even in the west, many still view these women as less than human, let alone in a still pretty conservative countries like Japan.
ZENRA 3 years ago
"I think porn companies should be required to help finance any mental help their actresses require."

I don't think studios should be responsible for this. They're already paying a relatively well-known actress almost $5KUSD to shoot a for a day. Agencies here which take in upwards of 50% are in charge of their roster's well-being and believe it or not, I'm sure they do keep an eye out for things like this. It's not good business to drive an actress across the edge. They want happy, balanced talent that is eager to work so everyone makes money.
asdf 3 years ago
She clearly developed an eating disorder when she joined Zeal Group, and I believe she was on Accutane since she had some acne problems and disappeared for about the same amount of time it takes to complete Accutane treatment, both anorexia and Accutane can cause suicide. In her most recent livestream archives she was saying she hasnt been able to contact her manager for weeks, hasnt been paid and is still booked for more shooting and is panicking because Zeal Group wont contact her.

Before Zeal Group she enjoyed AV and was excited to start shooting again after her break. Zeal Group ended up giving her an eating disorder, underpaid and probably started stealing from her. Zeal Group's abuse combined with the mental effects of anorexia and Accutane is probably what caused her to end her life. I dont know why one of those AV legal groups havent been able to bring a case against Zeal Group over her death, they should have tried to contact her mother.
ZENRA 3 years ago
It's hard to say whether the agency worsened her condition or tried to help her. For all we know, her previous agency dropped her for those reasons and Zeal took her on, but couldn't handle her situation.
R101 3 years ago
“We, at ZENRA hope that no actors whether dead or alive get exploited in any way by agencies for their monetary benefits & suffer such ill fate in the near future.” - we must underline these words.

and we hope, who already in this industry or will jump into industry, get the best and professional agency
R101 3 years ago
yes, bro. no more exploitation. thanks to Zenra for information like this. at least, this opens our eyes, the artists who in this industry have entertained us, fulfilled our desires, our fantasies, we just have to say thanks to them. for us, no more bullies or sexual harassment in their real lifes.
spaten78 3 years ago
This is terrible. I had no idea. I did notice she suddenly vanished, but that can happen for several reasons in AV, even if the actress is still popular.
Best we can do as fans, I guess, is make sure to always keep it positive when interacting with AV actresses in social media, live streams, etc.
ZENRA 3 years ago
Even though rumors say most JAV star social media accounts are handled by their agencies, I'm still sure at the very least the actresses check them from time to time. They may see comments and sometimes those comments can bite deep.
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