Shimbashi Takeover - JAV Stars Seek AV Law Revision

Published : September 17th, 2022 Written by trapstar

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Commuters returning from work amidst heavy downpour

Picture yourself heading towards the exit of the Shimbashi subway on a rainy August evening and a 20 something female comes along, she looks famililar but it's difficult to distinguish as she has draped a mask over her face and you reckon a typo on her black top has caught your attention, it says 'Sexual Lives Matter' in a language quite distinct and foreign for you to fathom. She blocks your way while you're in a sudden rush to return home and hands you a flyer that reads "the AV fraternity needs your help". At the gist of the moment, consider the kind of jeopardy you'd find yourself in. Chances are you might just recognize the girl but find it hard to recollect where exactly have you spotted her earlier. To dispel doubts, the female that just handed you a flyer is a renowned AV actress and a  similar turmoil is looming over her head. Long story short, the legislation passed a dreadful AV act pushing the handful of these adult stars out of work and to flock near the busy Tokyo subway, garnering support in their favor. To get rid of the dagger hanging upon their head  a cluster of AV stars from the adult fraternity assembled near the exits of Shimbashi station, handing out leaflets to civilians and subway commuters returning from work in an attempt to garner much needed support as the law looms as a threat on their livelihood.

Renowned AV actresses take a stand near Shimbashi subway

Faced by heavy downpour on a gloomy August evening at the heart of the metropolitan, the actresses stood determinant to attract public attention towards a matter that has drastically plagued the industry over a couple few months since it has come to practice and to regain what has been a priority, a right to livelihood through a profession that has existed as early as man invented the internet. In foresight, I won't clog your arteries by shoving down the same propaganda that I've addressed in the past and as a platform stood by, ever since the treacherous law came into practice, i.e to either abolish or at very best a revision should take place in an attempt to safeguard the individual interests of performers affected or vulnerable to the malpractices prevalent in the uncensored AV niche that doesn't specifically come under the state's jurisdiction, rather than to act as a stringent layer for the adult fraternity as a whole. Meanwhile, unregulated operators in the business sneak under the nose similar to loopholes in an umbrella.  This particular column inclines more towards the silent display of courage that these actresses have shown on a rainy August evening, is a phenomena I thought should be brought to the readers notice as it stands commendable to an extent that fans exemplify this in the rear future, while simultaneously portraying it as an act of courage against a legislation's ill practices that pertains to wiping out of majority of workforce in the adult business overnight, as an aftermath.

(L to R) Miyu Inamori, Moe Amatsuka, Sakura Tsukishima, Haru Ogawa & Rei Hanamiya

In hindsight, the very thing that triggered this collective stand of adult actresses was in response to the maneuver brought about by a handful of politicians, deciding to turn a blind eye to the aftermath that occurred in the industry over the months, following it's enforcement on the month of June. As the issue has been put into light on various occasions by several individuals of the fraternity that the manufacturers, actresses, offices and several governing bodies were not consulted prior to the law being promulgated and the whole industry, per se, had to face consequences pertaining to operations and performers being laid off involuntarily post the implementation. Considering that the law is to be reviewed within two years of its enactment, several renowned individuals from the adult fraternity amalgamated for the noble cause. The likes of actresses such as Moe AmatsukaSakura Tsukishima and Miyu Inamori had a field day on a gloomy August evening amidst heavy downpour when they handed out flyers to departing commuters and workforce individuals near the Tokyo subway. To my knowledge, the particular leaflets had a certain QR code embedded in them that directed one to a campaign page upon scanning, urging them to leave their signature as a display of support for the adult fraternity in such dire times. The collective petition will be submitted to members of parliament in the near future, soliciting a revision for the same. At the time of writing this column, about 20k signatures have been recorded, just short of 5k of it's actual goal.

The certain law in the picture, intended to protect the rights of actresses from illegal AV that fosters ill practices and unregulated behavior such as being influenced to perform, doxxing of personal footage without permission and a zero barrier to entry considering the age factor, faced heavy backlash from the fraternity that practices 'proper AV' in the words of Sakura, adhering to the guidelines of the law and matter of fact even prior to the enactment of the law, the mainstream AV industry had been operating on ethical grounds. It had taken into account the human rights of performers, contacted minors only with the consent of their guardians, explained the content of the filming, and conducted venereal disease tests prior to shooting. Only certain AV's that have passed a screening process, such as implementing the above, and clarifying where the copyright resides, are passed on as 'appropriate AV'.

However, the adult fraternity needs to settle upon a concrete solution and reach a common ground with the legislation in the future, vilifying what could possibly put the industry into a state of turmoil, affecting the performers livelihood in a way that they'll be hell bent to look for viable options once the manufacturers and production companies involved in the conduct of proper AV find themselves exhausted and pull off the shutters, unwillingly. Following which, the only possibility that arises for performers and producers is to conduct their operations under shady doujin sites that don't fall under the regulation of the state and very frankly have a history of showing the middle finger to the state. In reality, these illegal sites that cater to overseas audiences put these girls at an even greater risk, as they certainly have no intention of complying with the state's domestic laws in the first place and have been judged leniently with workplace exploitation, in the past. This is when you, as a fan with direct authority to influence the lawmakers decision to bring revision to the law by signing the petition can save your favorite adult performer from being a scapegoat to the system.

Survey Yields Shocking Revelation 

The regulated new law expected to safeguard the interests of pre-debut actresses has in contrast done more damage to the actresses dependent on the AV ecosystem for their livelihood. Taking into account the recent survey conducted by the Japanese Production Association, an association collectively formed by adult production houses, the disadvantages drastically outweigh the advantages associated with the new law.  The survey outlines the fact that 52% of the total 430 AV actresses who were a part of it stated that "new offers have decreased after the implementation of the new law". 16.7% said that they had lost their jobs, 37% of actresses are expected to lose more than 50% of their income, the staggering figures make it even more hard to fathom.

Sakura Tsukishima with a handout of the petition 

Sakura Tsukishima, a prominent AV actress who has from time to time voiced criticism against the new law was present at ground zero. Sakura stated "I wasn't compelled to perform. Everyday around me, I hear people saying, I can't get a job anymore, so I have no choice but to quit. That being said, I would also like to see relief for actresses who have lost their jobs. I wonder if their heartbreaking complaints have reached to the deaf ears of the members of parliament." as the bewildered actress lamented about the law. Further justifying her motive behind her stance near the Shimbashi subway "I thought this would affect my work. After all, I had zero work in June and July when the new law was implemented, and only one in August." The adult performer agrees with providing relief to victims of illegal pornography, but insists that it should be distinguished from proper pornography that operates along the guidelines.

Moe Amatsuka 

Sakura's close affiliate in battle Moe Amatsuka, another renowned star who has lately been in the public eye regarding her stance on the matter, with her recent few tweets highlighting her outspoken demeanor pertaining to the law spoke about how the new law has had impact not only on the performers but to a broader extent, on behind the scenes individuals associated with the adult business as well, "When this law was enacted, we, the parties concerned, were not asked for our opinions. Moreover, the actual work is affected not only for us, actresses and actors, but also for the staff. Hair and make-up. If the shooting is cancelled, cancellation fees such as studio fees and staff labor costs will be incurred. If that happens, I think the manufacturer will be in trouble"

Miyu Inamori 

My goal is to get 100,000 signatures,” says the bubbly Miyu Inamori, an adult performer who is on a streak of being unemployed for three months. Earlier, active as a gravure figure, Miyu subsequently made her AV debut in October 2021, exclusively under IdeaPocket. "When I was an idol, I had to keep secrets (male friendships, etc.), but I hate lying to my fans. I also like the environment where I can talk about naughty topics. Above all, the AV shooting site is actually kinder than the gravure shooting site, and there is a sense of security. I like video work, and I think the charm of AV is that I can constantly produce works. I want to try various things.”

To her ill fate, the new law was implemented as Miyu geared up to pursue a solo route in the adult business. “I was just thinking that I would be able to get a job from now on. Originally, there should have been more work, but now there is no job. If I lose my job like this, people might forget I exist, and I will lose my source of income" the actress was quoted saying in an uneasy tone. 

Yoshiuki Kurishita 

Former member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, Yoshiuki Kurishita from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan held a dialogue on the 'Prevention and Relief Law for AV Appearance Damage' at the Japan Production Association office in Tokyo prior to the signature campaign that conspired near the metropolitan subway to request revision of the AV Appearance Prevention and Relief Act. Mr. Kurishita, who earlier fell short to secure a seat in the Upper House elections, a day prior to that of the controversial law being enacted, shared his two cents on the issue, "If the idea of 'accepting diverse ways of life' is not strong in the political world, such things will not be protected," The Democratic Party candidate found himself, the center of attraction for his political endeavours to protect freedom of expression and has since garnered massive support online and is highly praised by the adult fraternity.

Moe Amatsuka handing out a leaflet to a passerby 

Close to 30 people stopped in the heavy rain in front of Shimbashi subway, where the members of the fraternity handed out flyers, and encouraged fans to have their support registered. A man in his 50s said, "This law ignores the feelings of an actress who wants to work. It violates her freedom of choice and labor." A woman close to her 40's, also a fan of the actress was quoted saying "I came to know about her activities on Twitter. I felt doubts about the legislative process without the parties involved. Appropriate AV is healthy. I want the law to be accompanied by it".

"Today, from around 16:00, I will be handing out leaflets about the new AV law on public roads near Shimbashi station with Moe Tenshi, Miyu Inamori, and Haru Ogawa

We are also waiting for media coverage"

To tackle the conflict regarding political messages on SNS and for the tweets to not be flagged by the platform, the actresses devised a plan to send out tweets in advance to their fanbase regarding the handing out of flyers near the subway as it turned out to be quite a success, as fans gathered in swarms despite the sudden downpour. The idea, apparently brainstormed by Mr. Kurishita assuming his political indebtedness, was to get a plethora of fans to turn up to the venue as there were concerns that the new  law won't necessarily reflect the voices of the parties concerned and may even make the situation worse. So to exert pressure upon the authorities responsible for the revision of law, fans had to join forces to protect the livelihood of the actresses and safeguard the fate of the adult industry.

The Road Ahead For AV Makers

The production houses operating under the AV umbrella have significantly upped their game. In respect to the establishment of the new AV law, certain policy changes have taken place in the recent past. For instance, in a proper AV shoot scenario it commences from the drafting of the contract to adhering to the intervals in line with the shoot and promotions. Certainly not limited to the upgrades at the filming locations sticking to proper shooting guidelines as mentioned in the law. But with all the overhauling going on and as the industry makes a massive shift to regulate within the boundaries set by the legislators, as it tries to make itself more acceptable in the mainstream narrative, the major question for the consumers of appropriate AV, as they say, still persists, How can fans understand that there is no involuntary appearance? Well, to be quite honest, actresses operating in the adult business will have to throw in the towel and roll up their sleeves, keeping things transparent and interacting with fans from time to time. Without internal efforts from the core participants of the AV ecosystem, it doesn't make for a possibility, rather it seems more of an uphill battle to climb. But by using mediums like online petitions to deliver voices of fans and handing out flyers in a similar fashion in the near future, the burden on the back can be lightened to an extent. Of course, public opinion and  decisions of the lawmakers sitting at the upper houses do not change overnight considering the voices of AV fraternity and fans, collectively but for the time being, it seems like the only viable trick at their disposal. To be honest, the industry never had the need to reach out to their fans as much as it does now. Fortunately, with their thoughts & words, the fans could save a sinking ship, i.e. AV.

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Mark 1 year ago
For further clarification what does the law require from the AV producers? Why are the actresses losing jobs because of the new law? What do they want changed? Why did the law makers think this law needed to be passed?
ZENRA 1 year ago

We answer this in other posts on the blog about the law.

Surprise 1 year ago
I am actually against JAV girls here. The jav industry is not one that should be praised instead it would be better for it to disappear from Japan altogether.
ZENRA 1 year ago

Why do you say this? And do you have actual data to backup your opinion?

trapstar 1 year ago

That's not a safe thing to comment on a blog that is basically a haven for JAV fans worldwide but I respect your opinion and hope you'll have a change of heart in the future.

The Helper 1 year ago
I normally try and avoid the more serious issues that the industry faces. I like to bury my face in the sand and just enjoy the videos, without caring about the actresses or people involved. Posts like this are quite sobering and shine light on the fact that they are very real people with lives reliant on the prosperity of the industry. I hope that things are eventually sorted out and the actresses are able to start gaining more from their involvement in JAV. Though, I have quite a pessimistic outlook on the future, what with piracy and the new AV laws, plus global issues and Japan's stagnant economy (or that is what the news articles are always harbouring about).
ZENRA 1 year ago

I believe it will be sorted out (or just eventually ignored) in the semi-near future.

trapstar 1 year ago

As a platform, it's our effort to bring such issues to light that get swept under the rug and I'm glad you found this column worth your time. Appreciate your thoughts.

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