Rara Anzai's Sexy JAV History

Published : September 29th, 2023 Written by Syndrome


Finding myself curious in the JAV history of yet another actress, I'm presenting my study of the charming "Rara Anzai". I will look at 10 of her adult videos and analyze their various qualities.

Rara already has an interesting past regarding her name, as she initially debuted in 2013 as "Shion Utsunomiya". 2 years later in 2015, she went from 8Man Production to T-powers, getting her name changed to "RION" in the process. It is said she then halted all JAV activities in 2018 before then coming back to 8Man Production in 2019, this time finally changing her name to Rara Anzai (said to have initially been used in 2014 during her "Playboy gravure rollout").

Come the first half of 2020, Rara achieved the most adult video sales by actress. Perhaps we will learn how she turned out so successful!

1. Fresh Face NO. 1 STYLE – Shion Utsunomiya AV Debut

Video           SOE-992
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration       121 minutes
Studio            S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Massage, Tit Fuck, Gangbang
Release Date  2013-09-07

Rara Anzai's debut JAV is no different than most, as the title starts off with showing a clothed Rara. The movie exhibits her cuteness as the woman quickly presents her lewd side, and eventually begins providing a male with oral stimulation. The movie has a lot of intimate touching, fellatio, and massaging, and Rara's breasts aren't unveiled until after the first sex scene, which probably adds some suspense for watchers, and increases their desire to see them.

Revealed, Rara's nipples are quite cute, and the final scene of the JAV is a three-way involving two male actors. In her first movie, Rara makes an effective demonstration of her sexual capabilities and shows she is ready to perform in more hardcore films.

2. The Sticky Facials of Utsunomiya Shion

Video           SNIS-110
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration  120 minutes
Studio Sex Agent
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Massage, Tit Fuck, Glasses, Bukkake
Release Date 2014-03-07

Not long after her debut, Rara took part in creating this next work, which has a heavy emphasis on bukkake and facials. While there are plenty of messy blasts to her cute face, the work also features some sex, paizuri, and fetishes such as glasses. Clearly Rara has no issues being drenched in male fluids, a trait that only serves to benefit her (and watchers).

In comparison to her debut JAV, I would say the elements of this movie have been increased tremendously, as Rara is ejaculated on by multiple men without rest. Here's hoping she delves into other fetishes and scenarios with her other movies.

3. Utsunomiya Shion Busty Agent Investigator

Video           SNIS-166
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration       119 minutes
Studio            S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Massage, Tit Fuck, Gangbang
Release Date 2014-06-07

Rara expanded the types of JAV she stars in with this release, as it is a drama-filled movie with a plot. Rara serves as a busty agent investigator out to get the bad guys, whilst having breath-taking sex along the way. The first scene involves her having sex with two men in a jail, and the moment makes clever use of the cell itself.

There are a couple action-filled gun scenes which are rather mediocre, but they help to give the JAV a greater purpose, while also giving Rara a chance to try out something new and flex some skills that aren't sex-related. Overall, the sex scenes are still the most attractive part of the movie.

I've noted an absence of creampies in Rara's films so far. It's possible I've merely missed the JAV that have them, but I hope it's something she eventually allows.

4. Nude God RION

Video           OAE-105
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration       106 minutes
Studio            Air Control
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Massage, Food, Bathing, Nurses, Bikini, Lotion, Onanism
Release Date  2016-08-25

This movie goes in a different direction from standard JAV as there is no actual sex or penetration - surely a nauseating fact for some hobbyists of the genre. Rara performs some lewd acts, such as sucking on ice cream or bathing herself and making her clothes see-through, which will definitely entice any male.

The work has given Rara a chance to do some perverted things that her fans will no doubt enjoy, like some nurse cosplay, wearing a swimsuit, some lotion play, and brief moments of onanism. Even an exercise machine makes a brief appearance. This release perhaps reveals that Rara is willing to experiment and try and different things to please watchers, as opposed to strictly doing penetration (even though most her films have actual sex).

5. The Temptation of Bra-less Tits in See-through Clothes: J-cup Older Sister RION

Video           SNIS-939
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration       153 minutes
Studio            S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Tit Fuck, Trains, Exhibitionism, OL
Release Date 2017-06-19

See-through clothing serves as the central fetish of this movie as Rara wears a variety of sultry outfits, with several giving off an OL aesthetic. Aside from Rara's luscious nipples being partially exposed at almost all times through her clothes, the woman is more than eager to come onto men in public, such as on trains, in libraries, or the men's bathroom.

This movie will be positively received by those who don't particularly enjoy the more hardcore fetishes in JAV, though plenty of sex and the usual acts (such as tit fucks and oral) are still present.

6. Pancakes Megahit Sensation 3D Titties Anime and Live Action Rion!!

Video           SSNI-053
Cast   Rara Anzai
Duration       87 minutes
Studio            S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Tit Fuck, Cosplay
Release Date 2017-11-19

Live action adaptations of 3D ero-anime videos seem to be something Rara Anzai has become interested in with the release of this film. The movie has Rara dressed in a gym uniform of sorts as she pleasures a male in a locker room. She provides all sorts of sexual favors and the woman's breasts will be deemed a highlight considering her amazing bounciness. Some more extreme fetishes, such as using her hair as handlebars, also feature.

The title lacks a bit when it comes to variety as the entire short film is set in the locker room, and Rara doesn't change her outfit at all, but such a title might have watchers hoping that Rara will take part in a cosplay adaptation of a more popular franchise sometime in the future.

7. Welcome To The High-Class J-Cup Titty Sex Club Apartment House RION Shows Off Her Up Close And Personal Sensual Technique A 150-Minute Full Course

Video           SSNI-268
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration       150 minutes
Studio            S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Tit Fuck, Lingerie, Bathing, Bikini, Lotion, Massage, OL
Release Date 2018-08-07

Rara also boasts expertise when it comes to serving as a "massage girl" as this movie has her assuming such a role. The first scene involves an extended bath sequence as the woman wears a sexy bikini and stimulates her customer. There is some slippery lotion play, and the usual penetration.

The next scene involves the woman doing actual massaging, and she makes use of her entire body to do so. Other scenes in the film also involve relatively normal and savory fetishes, so it seems Rara might be the go-to actress for watchers who prefer to avoid more extreme JAV activities, though, Rara could also be seen anally pleasuring a man with her tongue, so these sorts of fetishes aren't completely absent from her JAVs, though they are rather scarce.

8. Colossal Tits Cosplayer Gang Banged By Group Of Sticky Gross Nerds RION

Video  SSNI-0290
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration       162 minutes
Studio            S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Tit Fuck, Gangbang, Cosplay, Bunny Girl, Onanism
Release Date 2018-09-07

Cosplay-lovers will probably enjoy this JAV from Rara as it has her donning the costumes of well-known anime characters, such as Hestia from Danmachi and Re:Zero's Emilia, along with more generic outfits like a bunny girl costume. There is a slight bit of plot to the movie as Rara expresses disdain for the otaku photographers who want to take pictures of her in lewd poses. What follows is various sex scenes with the otaku.

All the outfits in the film are quite extraordinary and help to add a higher level of eroticism to scenes. There are several different costumes that Rara wears, so watchers can expect some decent variation. The actresses' focus on gangbangs and cosplay in this creation potentially helped to expand her audience, but around this time is when the pretty maiden took about a nine month break from JAV.

9. Super Service With Amazing Tits Rara Anzai

Video           SSIS-025
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration       119 minutes
Studio            S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Tit Fuck, Massage, Bathing, Lotion, Dominatrix
Release Date 2021-03-19

This movie marks Rara's return after a nine month break, and some fans were likely divided, as the actress appeared slightly thicker around the middle, but also seemed to have a larger breast size.

Once again, Rara serves as a provider of pleasure, granting sexual service to a lucky man. She lathers him up with lotion in the bath, goes out drinking with him, gives him a tantalizing massage, and (of course) has sex with him. Things get more enthralling when Rara then takes a more dominant role later on in the video, making use of a riding crop whilst pinching the man's nipples.

Rara Anzai's eagerness to become more dominant might be a succulent change of pace for some watchers.

10. Best Jcup Therapist ‘Rara Anzai’ Serves Men’s Esthe

Video           SSIS-269
Cast            Rara Anzai
Duration       147 minutes
Studio            S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre            Solo, Big Breasts, Oral, Tit Fuck, Bikini, Massage, Pool, Lotion
Release Date 2021-12-28

Rara Anzai's latest JAV has her becoming a message therapist that gives male customers happy endings. There are several moments where Rara lovingly strokes the male actor, and she eventually ends up stroking him on the penis (to no one's surprise).

"That" pool also makes an appearance as Rara slips into a swimsuit to make things more compelling, and the actress is eager to give the man service as she pleasures him from behind (and constantly sucks his nipples). Those with a distaste for this kind of content might be turned off, as there is not as much penetration in comparison to most standard JAV.


In conclusion, I say Rara is definitely worth checking out, as over the years, the woman clearly became more bold and comfortable with her work. She explored more fetishes without delving too deep into ones that some might regard as "unsavory", so individuals who enjoy more tame JAV content might prefer her the most. The most glaring issue with Rara, however, is her refusal to take internal cumshots, which might be a minor annoyance depending on the viewer. While she's had some long breaks, some might be concerned with how her future is headed, as it is said the woman hasn't starred in any JAV since 2021.

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AsianThirstTraps 7 months ago
Probably the hottest woman to ever have sex on camera.
drk 8 months ago
FYI, 'creampies' are a blanket ban at S1 these days (Hinata Marin tweeted about it a while ago). I guess had she REALLY, REALLY wanted to do one, she'd have to be 'loaned' to Moodyz or IP for a single release
ZENRA 8 months ago

Didn't even think real creampies were happening anywhere major these days. If anyone has seen the supposedly authentic ones by Moodyz and/or IP of new releases, are there telltale signs it is real (ie, the hands-free first pull out with squirt and then go right back in with no cuts method Mobsters made famous).

drk 8 months ago
Yeah, yeah. I was referring to her only being able to do a fake one if she went to MOODYZ or IP for a single movie. Can rent S1 doesn't even do fakes is what I meant.
Drk 8 months ago
*current s1
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