Mature Women Unfaithful Onsen Getaway - Enchanting Edition - First Half

Published February 13, 2023

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Failing marriages, MIA husbands, passions untapped. The perfect recipe for older Japanese women to engage in infidelity with JAV directors.

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Mature Women Unfaithful Onsen Getaway - Enchanting Edition - First Half
Timing and Translation by JM84
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It should come as no secret that running ZENRA as long as I have, my own tastes have matured along with my age.  From students of utmost innocence ala MINORI AOI to almost, but not quite so 'experienced in years' dying one's pubic hair becomes a decisive issue.  OK, that may be pushing it, but one of the most forbidden forms of pleasure fortunately is very easy to shoot and in spite of some aspects of the world turning on our industry (that ebbs and flows!), "older married women who willfully cheat" will never be a banned theme.  Too old to cause issue and consenting.  Unless even depictions of adultery became a hot topic which a lovely thing called the 'first amendment' may soundly prevent, this is one tried-and-true genre of JAV that will keep on kicking.

After testing the waters with some other cheating wives movies by GOGOS, we're at it again with something of a compilation.  Running about four hours (!) and featuring edited down scenes from three movies, today and Friday we bring you MATURE WOMEN UNFAITHFUL ONSEN GETAWAY - ENCHANTING EDITION.  Do note that "edited down" here does not mean less sex than the original versions, but simply less of those gargantuan buildups.  Consider these movies like the original FIRST TIME LESBIANS SECRET HOT SPRINGS VACATION movies  we showed some years ago:  you get the same amount of sex as the originals, but with less talking.  That's it!

GOGOS's "nostalgic for Showa" game is so good, the trailer for this excellent mature Japanese women release commences with exactly the type of cookie-cutter BGM you'd hear if you ever were fortunate to ride on a local train in one Japan's more vastly depopulated regions.  I can attest I sometimes take a small ferry connected to a tiny almost empty island (think the island Battle Royale was shot on, but with 200 people still living there) whose music is so close to the trailer's I thought they were identical on first listen.  It sets the mood for countryside infidelity done right and it's absence in the actual release is a bit of a bummer.

In ENCHANTED, we are graced with three rather unfaithful Japanese wives whose ages range from 35 to 40.  All are attractive if you are fans of older women.  Otherwise, this probably is not the movie for you.  Both the actor/director and the trio are decades out of schooling and while lacking youthful innocence, make it up with experience in all of life's pursuits.  The buildups are shorter, but still exist.  Thus, this isn't simply four hours of onsen-themed unfaithful coitus, but we still find out just enough about the women, why they are unhappy and are willing to take such a huge risk to finally achieve some level of 'stress reduction'.  For future husbands of Japanese women out there:  "happy wife makes for a happy life!".  Keep her satisfied or down the line she could be sharing a train ride to Infidelity Inn.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 966

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+A trio of older cheating Japanese women with realistic, curvy bodies.
+Reality all the through.  This can happen!
+Filmed on location rather than in a studio.


-This series is generally all self-shot.
-Fans of those epic dialog buildups that sometimes run an hour may feel rushed.

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