Hitomi: 2012 Films Ranked

Published : March 15th, 2021 Written by Panking

2012 was an interesting year for Hitomi. If there's one word to summarize the year for her it would be variety. She did a wide assortment of themes such as old men, gym/workout, outdoor sex, big dicks, and fan thanksgiving just to name a couple. However, not all are winners. Depending on what you're into your mileage will vary. Some of these themes I really enjoyed while others were a complete "nope" from me. "Missed potential" also summarizes the year as well as some films you'll see on this list feature a brilliant setup but miss the mark with their execution and her performance. Still a very respectable year with some of her most memorable films to date. Now let's kick this list off with what is easily my least favorite film of 2012.

12. ZONO-048

"Sticky Kisses and SEX With An Old Man"

What do you get when you combine old men and sloppy kissing? My least favorite film of hers from 2012. One of my least favorite themes is sloppy kissing so right away I was turned off by this one. Plus I'm not a huge fan of old guys to begin with. That's really the only central plot here. It's just Hitomi with some old men, kissing and licking like crazy. So right off the bat I am pretty much instantly turned off. The kissing aspect is present throughout the entire film. Every single scene features it. They'll constantly make out during the sex scenes which really ruins any potential the action has. I don't know if there's really anyone who wants to see Hitomi sloppily swap spit with old men. It's just gross all around.

I can tolerate videos with old men but one thing I hate here is that at one point Hitomi "baby bird" style feeds one of them and it's repulsive. So beyond the offputting themes what else is there? Well her performance overall isn't too great. She's mostly submissive all around and rather forgettable. The action across the board is a mixed bag. The sex scenes themselves are fine if you ignore the kissing aspect. However, there's a very lame handjob scene along with a pointless scene of her making out with a pane of glass and rubbing her tits all over it. It's completely unsatisfying. This has to be one of the most niche films she's ever produced. If you're into old men and kissing then go for it but otherwise it's not worth your time whatsoever.

11. MIDD-911

"Cumming 10 Times In One Day Can't Stop My Orgasms"

Pretty nice cover right? This film here is apart of a long-running series from Moodyz. Overall it was a series I found quite bland and often overlooked. Going back to this film for this post I gave it another chance. I have a little bit more appreciation for it but still, find it forgettable for the most part. The premise centers around Hitomi and the actor here having sex in a hotel room for an entire day starting in the daytime and ending at night. What you see is what you get. It's not very interesting and gets repetitive as time goes on. There's only so much you can do in a single hotel room after all. I suppose it does make for a nice intimate setting if you enjoy that type of thing.

The one aspect here I really love is the 10 cumshots. This dude throughout the film legit cums 10 times. No fake cumshots or creampies here. He shoots a sizable load at first but by the final shot he just dribbles a few drops out. It's really remarkable and admirable. I mean who wouldn't want a chance to shoot 10 loads with Hitomi in a day. Anyway, the action overall is really vanilla. Not a bad thing inherently but combined with the dull setting it starts to wear thin about halfway through and the only thing keeping your interest is will this man survive the night. Her performance is decent enough which is certainly a plus at least. MIDD-910 is just a very forgettable film that at most is worth a watch to see a man nearly cum his brains out lol.

10. MIDD-889

"Hitomi's Home Soap Delivery"

This film always leaves me feeling conflicted. The fan thanksgiving genre is a big favorite of mine but I mostly loathe soapland-inspired setups. As a result, I have very mixed feelings about this video. The premise centers around Hitomi visiting lucky "fans" in their homes and indulging in some soapland play. This of course involves lots of lotion and soap. Most of all this leads to full-on sex. I enjoyed the fan visit part of the plot but soapland to me is so dull and boring. It's very repetitive watching Hitomi just rub her body all over the guy for 10 minutes straight. This leads to the pacing feeling super bloated with the runtime nearing 3 hours.

This film unfortunately has other issues beyond the pacing such as the actual sex. One of the biggest crimes this film commits is the use of condoms for the sex scenes. They don't even take them off for the cumshot leading to a very unsatisfying finish. Very lame. The actual sex itself is fine but a bit too timid and slow-paced for my liking. Hitomi does deliver a pretty solid performance at least. She's engaging and playful with the "fans" which is nice to see. And lastly, I gotta mention the camerawork. For the most part, it's fine but the final scene uses static camerawork for the entire scene which makes no sense at all and really ruins it. Couple that with previously mentioned bloated pacing and you've got a very underwhelming film.

9. MIMK-007

"Masochist Girl Special Course"

I'm not entirely sure on the exact plot here so if anyone reading this can fully understand Japanese then feel free to correct me in the comments. This film definitely has some positive aspects to it but overall it's not a plot that I strongly connect with leading to it often being buried in my collection. It's based on a doujinshi where Hitomi plays a dignified employee at an advertising company who makes a humiliating mistake and is made to make up for it by...well you can probably guess. The title of the manga is "M-jo Senka" if you want to read it yourself. It seems like a faithful adaption all around. While the plot isn't exactly my cup of tea I do think the rest of the film is pretty solid.

From a production-quality standpoint the lighting, wardrobe, and settings are all excellent with no real glaring flaws. In particular, Hitomi's wardrobe is fantastic as it's full of sexy lingerie and OL outfits. Hitomi's performance is decent throughout too. She's entirely submissive here which is to be expected. And for the most part, she does a fine job at playing her role. The best aspect has to be the action. There are several full sex scenes that are all paced quite nicely and the position variety is great as well. In particular, there's a nice part where she's talking on the phone while getting fucked. Overall I still don't rank this too high as I'm not a big fan of the plot but the action and production values do still make it a film worth watching.

8. MIDD-929

"J-Cup Colossal Tits vs Strongest Big Dick 4 Scenes"

This one is pretty self-explanatory. As the title the central premise centers around Hitomi having sex with "big" dicks. That's really about it. Some scenes do incorporate a little bit of a plot to them. One example casts her as a teacher fucking a well-endowed student of hers. Or another where she plays a nurse giving you a tittyfuck through POV. Beyond those two scenes though it's all just vanilla sex for the most part. If this film is all about the action how does it fare? Pretty decent overall. There are 4 full sex scenes in all with one being a threesome. Besides that, there's a tittyfuck scene and a very underwhelming masturbation scene.

The sex scenes are all around pretty solid with nice pacing and fantastic position variety. While it's not particularly innovative or memorable it's serviceable enough. When it comes to her performance she's mostly lackluster, unfortunately. It's no secret that early Hitomi was not that great of a performer, to say the least, and here is no different. Besides the tittyfuck scene, she's mostly submissive with very little engagement. On a more positive note, Hitomi looks fantastic here as she sports a few sexy outfits that really draw your attention. Beyond that, the production quality is good with a nice range of settings, fine lighting, and on-point camerawork. This isn't a film I revisit often but it's got some decent action at least that is sure to please anyone.

7. MIRD-113

"L-Cup and J-Cup Together at Last!"

MIRD-113 is a film that should've been a home run. It definitely has some nice scenes and moments. But overall with this stacked pair, the video failed to live up to its lofty expectations. What you see is what you get regarding the premise. There's no central plot at all beyond just...big tits. Some scenes incorporate a slight theme such as them playing nurses but not much more than that. Now one look at this cover and you would probably expect some juicy eye candy. Thankfully the film wholly delivers in that department. They each sport some super sexy outfits that show off their massive breasts quite nicely. And there's some fantastic paizuri as well along with some decent threesome action. However, the rest of the film leaves a little something to be desired.

While the film gets off to a great start after a strong paizuri and threesome scene, it soon starts to lose momentum. It then shifts to some solo paizuri and sex scenes with each actress that is rather underwhelming and forgettable. It features another threesome sex scene at the end that is solid but still pales in comparison to the earlier scenes. In addition, the lighting is mediocre as it does a poor job at highlighting their bust and curves along with being too bright at times. Acting is a slight letdown, as well as their solo performances, are lackluster. Together their chemistry is relatively fine but it sometimes comes across as artificial. All around still an enjoyable flick but leaves you wanting more.

6. MIDD-861

"Mind Blowing Titty Fucks"

This film proves you don't need a deep plot or a fun premise all the time. Sometimes all you need is just Hitomi and lots of tittyfucking to make for a good time. That's precisely what we have here with this film. It's all entirely centered around Hitomi and her massive tits. Most of the action consists of paizuri of course but we're also treated to some full-on sex as well. So plot-wise there's not much to talk about so let's discuss the main course here, the action. It consists of an equal mix of tittyfucking and full sex with about 6 scenes in total. And even the sex scenes contain plenty of tittyfucking too.

All around it's pretty nice. The cumshots are terrific, the setups to the scenes are varied enough and the intensity is great. Plus you get to see Hitomi titttyfuck two guys at the same time. Guarantee you've never seen that before. What talent!  And of the scenes is shot entirely in POV which is always a treat. That leads me to the production values which are all relatively fine. The camerawork and lighting are all solid and the pacing is very well balanced. The set designs are a bit bland though but not a big deal. And as a whole Hitomi's performance is a little above average as she's fantastic during the paizuri scenes but still underwhelming during sex. MIDD-861 is a fantastic paizuri centric film overall. Can't go wrong with this one.

5. TYOD-145

"Colossal Tits Wild Guerilla Sex"

This is by far one of my most overlooked Hitomi films. Not for a bad reason but I just always forget about it. As per the title, the focus of the film is on "guerilla" or impromptu sex. Some examples of this include her having sex in a bar or at a convenience store. It makes for some thrilling action even if it's more than likely staged. It's a fun premise that enables some fun scenarios. However, the action as a whole is a mixed bag. Those two previously mentioned sex scenes are easily the highlight and are quite the spectacle. But other scenes feel half-baked and don't take full advantage of the film's premise. One example is a scene where she's in a parked car half-naked and masturbates.

The issue is you can't see outside so there's no risk involved whatsoever. Then there's a scene at the beginning where a few guys fondle her tits and use some vibrators on her. It feels completely detached from the core theme of the video. The execution certainly could've been better as a whole. When it comes to her performance I really can't say much. Her acting feels like a slight step up from her usual outing but still can be very whiny at times and too submissive for my liking. Thankfully though the camerawork is fantastic doing a great job during the sex scenes to capture the full surroundings of the action. Lighting is generally nice too. In closing, TYOD-145 is worth a watch for its memorable sex scenes but beyond that not much else.

4. MIDD-921

"Colossal Tits Naked Exhibitionist"

MIDD-921 is probably one of the more well-known films from this year, and for good reason. Of course, that cover is very eye-catching and the film itself more than lives up to it. The film's plot centers around Hitomi playing the role of a horny exhibitionist who loves to tease and seduce random men. This mostly involves flashing her tits and ultimately results in lots of outdoor/public sex. One of the film's biggest strengths is easily her performance. While she's still not perfect it's certainly one of her better performances from 2012. She's pretty great when it comes to the initial seduction with nice facial expressions and engagement. Unfortunately, she falters a bit during the sex scenes but still not too bad. A rather convincing performance all around.

The production quality is another big highlight. Hitomi's wardrobe is stunning with several slutty outfits that showcase her body and tits in remarkable fashion. In addition, the settings are interesting and feature a decent variety. Also, the camerawork is top-notch and the pacing is superb. Last but not least is the action which is fantastic across the board. It features several full sex scenes including a very nice threesome at the end. Besides that, there's also an exceptional paizuri scene with a great finish to boot. The threesome scene is easily the highlight as she seduces 2 random men in a restaurant into fucking her silly. Overall this film is incredibly entertaining thanks to its wild premise, solid performance from Hitomi, and satisfying action.

3. PPPD-175

"Fucked By The Girl-Next-Door In Tight Outfits With Sticking Out Colossal Tits"

What a brilliant cover. It's a damn shame that specific dress isn't featured in the video at all which is a big pet peeve of mine admittedly. However, the film makes good of its title and features some stunning eye-candy sure to please any Hitomi lover out there. From what I can tell Hitomi seems to play an older girl-next-door type role or maybe even babysitter. Anyway, throughout the film, she fucks her male neighbors and her boyfriend. There may be more to it than that but that's the general overview. It's a serviceable plot at the very least. Speaking of serviceable, her performance fairs about the same. She has some nice moments from time to time but mostly is just average at best. Not a huge issue overall.

Now of course without a doubt, the best aspect here is her wardrobe and appearance. Every single outfit here is revealing, tight, and super sexy. The standout though has to be the leopard print dress. Seeing her boobs jiggle all around in that thing while she's getting fucked is just beyond words. Pure eye-candy bliss. The camerawork is on point as well capturing all the best angles of Hitomi and her massive chest. And finally, the action is pretty solid all around. There are 3 sex scenes in all each with excellent position variety and pacing. Also, there's a paizuri scene as well that is decent but nothing too memorable. The sheer eye-candy on display here is just on another level. You can't go wrong with this stunning film.

2. MIDD-903

"Colossal Tits Reverse M****ter"

Easily one of her more memorable films from this year with an entertaining plot to boot. Here Hitomi plays a very perverted and lewd woman who throws herself at random men and seduces them into sex. Such as surprising an unsuspecting man in a bathroom or fucking a student she's tutoring. She doesn't take no for an answer here and forces herself upon them. It's refreshing seeing her play an incredibly slutty role like this. With a role like this, her performance is very critical. Admittedly she is rather hit-or-miss. When it comes to the initial seduction phase she's remarkable but during the sex she falters as she resorts to being more submissive than dominant which doesn't fit the scene or plot at all.

Some scenes fair better than others but it's still unfortunate seeing her not take the initiative as she should. As a whole the action is solid. There's a handjob scene alongside 3 full sex scenes. That handjob scene is rather forgettable but it does feature a nice cumshot at least an interesting setup. The sex scenes themselves are pretty good and are certainly bolstered by the alluring premise. Now the technical aspects are mostly on-point with one exception which is the pacing. Some scenes really do drag on for way too long, mainly the handjob scene which lasts nearly 30 min. The setting variety is terrific though and helps each scene feel fresh and unique. All in all a memorable film that is held back by a few flaws but still makes for an entertaining watch.

1. MIDD-879

"Super Huge Titty Instructor"

When I began formulating this list I knew right away what my number one entry would be. MIDD-879 is not just her best film of 2012 but one of her most memorable films from this entire period of her career. The premise is quite simple as it casts Hitomi with playing a lewd fitness instructor at a gym. The premise isn't anything wholly original or innovative but it's a classic that makes for some very enjoyable scenes. Which of course leads me to the action and scenes themselves. In all, there are 3 sex scenes with one being a threesome and a paizuri scene. Also, there's quite the wacky scene with her getting busted in the bathroom sniffing some dirty, sweaty shirt. As a result, she makes the guy jerk off within stall onto her tits. While it's not an action-packed scene it certainly helps sell the idea of her being quite a pervert.

The other scenes fair very well thanks to their varied setups and some top-notch production values. All throughout the camerawork is magnificent capturing all the best angles of Hitomi and her massive jugs in action. Pacing is finely balanced as well. Perhaps best of all is her wardrobe. One look at the cover should give this away. Every single scene features a stunning outfit that showcases her cleavage and tits in a remarkable fashion. Especially in the last scene with her in a sports bra getting super sweaty. Some truly amazing eye-candy. Couple all this with a relatively fine performance where she does a solid job at playing the role of a perverted fitness instructor. MIDD-879 is by far her best film of 2012. How can you go wrong with Hitomi in a sports bra, right?

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gijeye 3 years ago
Can you make a top 10 blowjobs or fan appreciation jav post? Thanks
Panking 3 years ago

Well I'm not really big into blowjob JAV's but I think I could do one for fan appreciation films.

J. Walter Puppybreath 3 years ago
Great overview, as always.Re: 'MIDD-929' - maybe I have an edited version, but I miss the "big" dicks every time I watch it. I guess it's all relative, but these guys don't seem to be packing any more than the usual tiny, limp noodles she usually has to work with.The worst aspect of JAV, bar none!
Panking 3 years ago

Yeah hence why I put "big" in quotation marks. They're above average sure but nothing that astounding.

J. Walter Puppybreath 3 years ago
Truth.The only guy that cuts it with HT is 'Carlos', though he's mixed (Brazilian/Asian). She's beside herself in every scene they share. Can't figure out why she hasn't hooked up with him in 'real' life...but that's for another day. ;)
Panking 3 years ago

She has great chemistry with Carlos. You can tell she really enjoys herself with him.

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