Active Duty Teacher Maki Hoshikawa Sacrifices Her Anus Part One

Published September 29, 2017

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Real Japanese teacher turned JAV star Maki Hoshikawa looses her anal virginity and more in this outstanding breakthrough release by WAAP.

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Active Duty Teacher Maki Hoshikawa Sacrifices Her Anus
Part One with English Subtitles
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I'm not sure how many are keeping tally, but yes, we're aware that in a rather short span of time we released not one, but two beautifully-shot movies both focusing heavy on anal sex.  Specifically, there's the double updates that act as bookends for this month:  one by ORGA starring REI MIZUNA, and then there's today's and Monday's by WAAP starring MAKI HOSHIKAWA.

MAKI's been on our radar for awhile.  We actually first found out about her when translating an article about one of her earlier titles.  It's crazy to consider she is (who are we kidding--with her output, "is" is more likely "WAS"!) a daycare teacher.  Another fun fact that foreign fans may like is when it comes to writing in English, she's near native.  We've conversed with her a few times on Twitter and her replies in English come off as someone who's spent a lot of time abroad.  She's very open to expanding her fanbase so I strongly recommend those who aren't on the shy side of the spectrum to reach out to her.

Now let's move on and talk some about this extremely impressive release by WAAP:  ACTIVE DUTY TEACHER MAKI HOSHIKAWA SACRIFICES HER ANUS.  This title is a very big deal.  It's one of those 'ban-breaking' ones because even though nowadays MAKI is known to be something of a freak (hell, she released a title recently by DOGMA called ROSEBUD--do we need to say more???), once upon a time there were some things that were still off the table.

MAKI may have done bukkake and gokkun early on, but 'sacrificing her anus' was something she held out until the right time (read:  right amount of money) was presented.  Thankfully, not only did she pick a sound studio, but was also paired up with a director whose fast becoming one of our favorites:  ICHIKOGOROU KINDA.  He's the same person who directed the AYU SAKURAI release also by WAAP from a few months ago.  I feel as if you could give him any theme no matter how bizarre, nor matter how straight-forward and so long as there's an adequate budget, he'll give you something sleek and polished that just oozes professionalism.

We know it's somewhat hypocritical to keep bringing this up--and this goes double since we show a lot of it--but if you compare any hardcore uncensored release to something like SACRIFICES HER ANUS, the results are just night and day.  Sometimes casual fans of Japanese adult video may hate mosaic and just stick to uncensored releases, but they're missing out on the real bread and butter of this industry.  Everything from the lighting, sound, and editing is just on another level.  Hell, even the mosaic in this release was thin and very form-fitting.  It was a major plus that MAKI HOSHIKAWA opted to go full paipan making application a lot easier.

This author admittedly is a huge fan of butt play, but NOT a huge fan of actual anal sex.  I feel like there's a difference from just caressing, licking, and perhaps sticking a fingertip into a butt hole compared to the huge affair that is full-on dick-into-asshole romance.  Rimjobs and the like are just casual steps any curious couple can partake in.  Going the anal sex route requires a good deal of preparation.  Unless you want to have a *really* bad time, the receiver almost certainly will need a very thorough enema before 'playtime' begins.

On that note, the first part of this 3+ hour movie does feature a wonderful enema scene in the bathroom.  It concluded with a vigorously masturbating MAKI HOSHIKAWA as she simultaneously squirted warm water out of her butt.  If there ever was a time to superimpose one of those pseudo-Oscar 'Award Winning' messages, that scene definitely deserves it!

MAKI HOSHIKAWA SACRIFICES HER ANUS is a *clean* update.  There are no accidents so anyone fearing that can watch the bulk of this title without breaking a sweat.  However, there was one scene towards the end of the first part where MAKI was instructed to 'fart' out cum that was squirted into her anus.  The camera was zoomed in up close and as she was pushing, it instantly shot away to an interview.  We think there was a case of MAKI pushing a bit too hard, but whatever did happen was dutifully left on the editing room floor.

Not only did MAKI sacrifice her anus, but the final scene in this double-parter featured some extensive double penetration.  I believe this is only our second DP outing and it's hard to say if we'll feature that much more of it.  Sometimes you'll see it, but it's one of those acts that go from standard fare hardcore to a level of extreme that even we fear to tread that often on.  MAKI loved it as did the actors and we salute them for taking part in a threesome that's soundly one of the devil's variety.

We haven't seen the last of MAKI HOSHIKAWA at ZENRA.  We have another anal-themed update starring her by ORGA on the way and someone with her drive will definitely find her way back again and again so long as she devotes her life to the world's most pleasurable vocation.

Note:  WAAP requires all titles licensed out to third-parties like ZENRA to retain their small and nearly transparent watermark in the top right corner of the screen.  Thus we apologize for the footage containing both their logo along with ours in the bottom right.  If you find recently released movies by WAAP on websites without their watermark, then consider reporting the web addresses to them.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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