RamenBoss's Unique JAV's List Part 2

Published : August 24th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV lovers,

This is my second addition of unique JAV titles.  Broken record going on here, but I only write about what I am truly passionate about.  I hope I have your trust that I am not just randomly picking funky titles.   There are thousands of strange, weird, bizarre JAV titles that don't do anything for me, but I can completely understand their popularity.  There's something for everyone in JAV I believe. 

Here we go... 

10.  No Longer Banned! Hardcore Anal! An Exhibitionist Goes To The Extreme Limit In The Winter Cold (Haruka Senboshi) VICD-273

This one really speaks to me as an outdoorsman, the winter being my absolute favorite.  I'll just say it, I love snow and have infinite experiences in the cold.  When I discovered this JAV, it brought back a lot of great memories.  It's such a simple concept, but it's extreme.  I mean yeah, this entire release (almost) is shot outdoors with Haruka naked. 

I mean, can you imagine being naked in the middle of the woods, in the dead of winter?  Just that alone in JAV is crazy entertaining.  You might already know, that I am a sucker for different settings, especially outside in public.  I get so fucking tired of seeing just a bedroom over and over.  So this is refreshing, literally and figuratively.  Watching this I don't see the fucking, I think about the cold crisp air and the sunshine through the trees. 

Okay onto the sex.  I could totally have predicted this would be boring, but I was not disappointed.  I mean it really revolves around Haruka getting Anal, which is sexy as hell to me.   The whole thing excited me, being led out by a leash, seeing her tied to a tree, toy, great bondage vibes all around.  I like the fact that Haruka seems to really fucking unhappy during all of this.  What great acting!   I have so many questions, like why outside in the cold?  I mean did she volunteer for this release, or was she chosen?  Does she get off to being super cold?  Did she enjoy any of it at all?

I hated the last scene, as it was just her getting fucked in some small room.  Seriously, why?  After all that, the whole point is to see Senboshi get fucked outside and this is the last scene? The last thing I will say is that I believe it's more exciting than it appears.  Yes, from the cover you might think okay this one is outside, JAV will just try anything just for the hell of it.  But again, although simple, it's an extreme thing to watch.  Imagine how cold it is for the guy as well, the warm and cold sensations.  Sounds exciting honestly. 


9. When I Opened The Door I saw her practicing her blowjob skills hands-Free! NHDTA-805

Have you ever wondered how girls practice giving BJ's?  What do they use to practice with?  And with that, do they use anything unique, not a fucking banana or popsicle (although there's nothing wrong with that!)  Also, when they practice, is it a shy practice, is it rough, it is all over the place?  What are they thinking, and generally how do they go about doing it?  This title gives us a glimpse into this fantasy and lets us experience it.

I love JAV with stories!  I found this title very cute and unique in the fact that it's just very specific.  I mean who thinks these up?  To them, I say thank you.  There's something about watching these JAV models act innocent and inexperienced.  And I believe them!  This reminds me of my favorite scene in FSET-494, that I wrote about in my first entry on remote control vibes, where my favorite model of all time receives a vibrator from her friends and pretends to play with it for the first time.  I think there is something special about these kinds of moments in JAV, where we the audience get to experience extremely private sexual exploring.  Thank you JAV, I think this is just another reason why JAV is the best, actually, creativity. 

So the scenes that show what this title is all about are very short, but they don't disappoint.  Each model is practicing on a different item in the house, it's pretty damn cute.  Then of course everything falls into place as you would expect once they are all caught. 

I want to point out that the last woman is extremely cute.  She has a very straight and long triangle shaped chunky nose (my favorite), she's as cute as much as she is hot.   It's interesting to see how each actress goes about practicing, before during, and after. 

On the downside, the rest of the sex isn't that special, and that is exactly what I expected.  Wouldn't it have been better, if after all the practice, their blowjobs were super aggressive and skillful?  However, if you think about it, that's not the point!


8.  Magic Mirror OL edition SDMT-830

This might not be for everyone, just on the fact there is no fucking.   And I can understand that.  I also understand why this would interest many too.  So here is what is going on, it's a two-way mirror, where many different office ladies are doing make-up.  They don't know there are many guys right behind the mirror jerking off inches from their face.  Really, is a secret bukkake feature. 

I love the sneakiness.  I mean they lean in like an inch away from the mirror.  I can understand how people can get off with the cluelessness of it all.  Think of it like using your computer screen, watching JAV or live camgirls, but it's in real-time, real life.  They are super fucking cute too.  And if you have a thing about women putting on make-up, then this is perfect for you.  That is after all a very feminine thing to watch.  Again, the sneakiness is special and sexy to me. 

There is an open space under the mirror to see up the skirt, but I didn't find that as interesting as their cute face up to the mirror. These OL think they are just putting on make-up, that's fucking adorable.  It is definitely different.


7. A Woman Working In Orthodontics Koyoi Hasegawa RMER-003

Look at this cover, I love goofy JAV like this!  I have a thing for the all things bondage, especially things that bizarre a cute face all up.  I have noticed this mouth retractor is a huge hit in JAV, alongside the infamous nose hooks I see everywhere!  Damn, all that weird stuff is kinky.

So this one I picked since it specifically focused around dentistry.  Like she has a mouth fetish ordeal, I love it.  Many times I see JAV just wear something like this.  But this is entirely focused on this.

​​​​The beginning is pure mouth-fetish porn.  This release could really be braces fetish as well.  I personally fucking love braces on girls, it's nerdy and kinky.   Throughout the film, there's additional mouth play, it just works for me.  For example, besides many zoom-ins and close-ups for her metal mouth, she spreads her lips and makes faces throughout.  It's just hott, and lastly, I like this one because I think she is very cute and looks great in that fucking retractor and braces.  How many JAV models can pull off this look?  Honestly, most of them I bet. 

For more on this, please look no farther than right here in ZENRA: FETISH-JAPAN VS. ZENRA: ORAL ORIFICES

Here there is plenty more of the mouth and retractor play.  But with lesbian teeth licking action, it couldn't get me harder.  Damn, that is weird and gross and even thinking about it gets me excited.  One of my favorites from ZENRA actually.


6.   No Matter Where You Go, You Always Have To Wear These Ecstasy Panties! Kirara Asuka SNIS-744

I was very excited to finally be able to write about this one.  Part of the "I'm Always Horny Wherever I Go So I Can't Go Out Without Panties" series, Kirara is seriously hot.  She looks a doll and a model idol at the same time.   I also think she looks like a Kpop type, I don't know what it is but she's just hot as hell.  I mean we are talking the complete package, once you look at her fucking body.  Nice big perky titties (I don't care if her's are fake, she looks fucking fantastic and gorgeous) with a long torso and even longer legs all to go with that face. 

So if that alone isn't enough, this title is sexy as fuck.  It's completely my style.  I love JAV where the model/actress is getting pleasured in some way and still has to do normal tasks.  Sometimes they try to act like nothing is wrong, and some just moan in pleasure and don't try to hide anything.  I love it all. 

So here we have something different than a remote control vibrator egg type.  We are talking about a full-size vibrator put up inside her and held in by her panties.  This is my type of JAV.  So we watch her doing all sorts of activities while this thing is moving all around.  From waitressing, to playing badminton, to working out in the gym and lifting weights.  She puts in a powerhouse of a performance too.  A great thing about this feature is there's plenty of goof fucking she receives, it's not just the toy play.  Even though, I would have been fine with that as well. 

I ask you, please watch the trailer for this and see for yourself hot fucking hot she is.  I mean I think she is on another level too. Even close-ups show she has perfect olive skin.  She wears kinky outfits and is 110% dedicated to this title.  


5.  Hard Pounding Only - Quickie At The Gym - Training Up To The Ultimate Ecstasy While Building Beautiful Bodies SDDE-648 

Continuing on with this sort of theme is a gym-inspired release I really enjoyed.  I personally am into fitness and physical conditioning (just lifting weights).  So this was most amusing.  Honestly, I normally would find a "gym" release very fucking boring. 

But this one entertained the fucking hell out of me.  First of all, I really applaud the actress choices here.  They are very talented and cute, but this first girl getting it is...wow.  I think she has a very kinky and unique face. I am happy this isn't a bodybuilder type with huge muscle types.  But they aren't tiny either, they are very toned.

Again, this is different in that it's taking itself so seriously.  Please, watch the trailer and you'll be amazed and even laugh a little.  Great production value, a lot of quality is shown in this.  It's worth it just to see these women lift weights while being fucked just fucking rough.  Just an overall great JAV release!  Not just for fitness fans I assure you.   I think there is a good variety of actresses' body types and sizes as well.  It's not a small petite actress here, contains big bouncing titties! 


4.  Fucked by Lesbians MIAE-015

I wrote previously about a lesbian POV release by Ai Uehara (SDMT-926).  At the time, I had no idea this existed.  I thought it was the only lesbian POV Jav out there.  I couldn't fucking believe it when I found this.  Also, Yui Hatano is a big deal for me these days, as honestly I just got into her (in relative terms of how long I have been a JAV fan that is).  I actually got interested in Yui Hatano while writing about IESP-607

At the time, I only cared about Ai, but while reviewing that feature, fucking hell I was captivated by the sexiness of Hatano in that release. So when I saw a lesbian POV including Yui Hatano, it was love at first sight.  I mean, how the hell did I pass this up/miss this for all this time?  That's the wonderful thing about JAV, I keep discovering new fucking releases all the damn time. 

Anyways for the story, I don't speak Japanese, so I don't know exactly what is going on about the character turning into a girl thing.  I just care that it's a lesbian feature, with all girls.  JAV lesbians are my favorite, and then add POV?  Not all of it is perfectly POV, there is one scene where the woman is lying face down and two others are rubbing her back and looking at the camera.  Way to fucking ruin the POV belief, but hell I don't care!  It's all good here. There's good costume variety throughout, a plus.  The positions are great, especially in the second bath scene.  The main POV chick is on her back with her crotch arched way up in the air while two girls go to town on her.  Another position shows both of them grinding on each of her thighs.  Never saw that before I believe!

The last scene is great in theory, on paper etc.  It's all of the lesbians drinking some wine and it turns into an orgy.  I found it really boring, despite all the great positions throughout the scene.  I don't know why.  I guess I didn't think it was creative enough, even though it was POV.  I think it didn't looked like anything different than tons of other lesbian scenes I have seen that is just gonzo and not special.  Disclaimer, JAV lesbians are always fucking awesome though in my book, just have to put that out there! 


3. Masked Big Boobs G AV Debutirl Ena Hamaguchi PPPD-367

Here's something you don't see in JAV, like ever.  Hockey mask!  The first thing I think about with this mask is fucking Jason.  If you weren't born in the 80's or a fan of horror films in general, you might not know what the hell I am talking about.  That is okay.  I also am reminded of Eminem's lyrics referring to this "Jason" mask.  How about the movie "the town?"  You know the scene I mean?  Ahh, well anyways when I saw this mask in JAV, I didn't get it.  I thought this type of mask is more of a western thing in terms of style and culture.  So honestly, I was very interested to see what JAV did with it, as the Japanese girls experimenting with it made it pretty kinky as usual!

I really enjoyed the hockey mask, especially with her two-side ponytails.  Fucking hot.  But actually, my favorite was another mask included in this, a gas mask.  it's safe to say I have a gas mask fetish, it's fairly common.  It's kinky, it's gothic, it's prepper.  I think a gas mask can cover a lot of fantasies.  She looks fantastic in this mask with her big titties all oiled up and fucking around.  I personally hated the last outfit though, just saying.  And they wasted almost an hour and a half in the beginning with a stupid medical paper mask in the beginning before getting to the fun masks dammit. 

I wish there was more kinky mask play and kinky outfits to go with them, but this was kind of all over the place honestly.  But watching her fuck, with that awesome body makes me forgive it all.  She just looks good, there's no denying it.

I am happy to say there are more Japanese girls rocking gas masks.  Please look for further than right here at ZENRA: Gasmask Schoolgirls! 

One of the kinkiest things I have ever seen.  What is it about gas masks?   I suggest taking one look, who knows you might get why it's such a popular fetish.


2. Oh no!  Upset girls:


I do have a thing for JAV women acting upset, crying, and just generally miserable.  What are your thoughts be If you witness an upset beautiful Japanese woman crying and visually upset?  I mean doesn't your heart just melt? 

Consolation HUNT-391

Thank you Story-time JAV!  So here is the situation, these women are fucked and don't look happy about it if you know what I mean.  Afterward the men leave, and she is left there very upset. 

We see this from a sneaky view.  Next, here comes the hero.  Or is it?  This title can be described as "I who have no confidence, thinking if I showed kindness to a lady upset after a group fucking, I could do fuck her myself.  So I watched unseen where she was group-fucked, and after making sure the men left, I talked to the sad girl and one thing led to another and then oh yeah I fucked her!"  I think it sounds hilarious.  A reminder that all this is obviously fucking scripted with consenting adults.  So having that said, this is very entertaining.


Tears In Her Eyes at a Park HUNT-469

I love it.  This explains itself pretty well I think.  An upset and sexy-looking employee upset on a park bench?  Let me ask, who the hell wouldn't want to console her?  This concept is simple enough, but it never gets old.  The downside is of course you have to look past the "as if it would be that easy" factor here. 

But this is JAV, and the purpose is fantasy.  Or is it also a lesson in picking up pussy?   Either way, it's damn entertaining and again it's great for those who have a soft spot for crying and upset (sexy) women.  The downside is that they are all taken in the same fucking small bathroom for the fucking.  Why c'mon why?

Ill Pick Up After She Broke Up Scop-001

Breakups are hard.  And to complicate things here comes sneaky mcsneak.  The sneakiest sneaks that ever sneaked?   So after watching a couple break up at a coin locker area, they are picked up immediately!   To add to the drama, prior to this, the couple passionately says goodbye with hugs and the woman is left looking broken-hearted.  So as the actress looks like she has an all-time low self-esteem, here comes the hero! 

This is some serious rebound porn, porn!  No shame here.  It's just sexy and I love JAV that plays with emotions and is drama-heavy.  I'll state the obvious too, these women are slim and super sexy.  Very pretty and stylish, which makes them even hotter.  Most of the camera work is set in one place at a time, and only offers limited POV, which is disappointing.  I wish there was more crying and upset visuals.  Watching them giggle and laugh right away kind of ruins it.  But it's a fun role play. 


1. Time Stoppers UNCENCORED! Time-Stopping Bandit: A President Secretary

Time-stopping role play is very common in JAV.  But this is uncensored, which I find to be rare.  And this feature is with the SUPER CUTE Yuki Sasaki.  I could be wrong, but she kind of reminds me a certain J-pop singer.  A name that may rhyme with cyari bamyu bamyu?  You be the judge, I may be way off.

Anyways, this release caught my attention because of her huge round eyes and cute tiny nose.  I was hooked.  Then after looking further, I found TIME STOPPERS!  Please watch the trailer, as these pictures don't do Yuki justice.  I just want to point out how special uncensored is, especially after watching countless censored pixelated action with this scenario.  Additionally, it's also special to see something with a plot and story that is uncensored.  I get tired of uncensored JAV scenes being short and all gonzo dammit.  So this release is like a treasure.

Yuki has a crazy sexy moan and high voice that I love.  She has a gorgeous pussy and again, I am in love with her face.  There's vibrator play and masturbation play and the fucking is great because it contains a position at the end that I possibly haven't seen before in JAV.  I don't see how any fan of the "stop-time" series, uncensored work, or JAV, in general, would be in any way disappointed here.  I just want to point out too, that her acting is absolutely incredible.  Anytime I see these stop-time scenarios, it amazes me how well they can act.  It's a lot of fun and there's so many elements to enjoy.  She's fucking cute as ever, fun story, great uncensored fucking. 



These lists take a lot of time to make.  I put one on, then take it off, put another one, dislike it, take it off, etc.  It's a long process of analyzing.  Many factors come into play as to which make the list.  I have changed lists over and over and over to get them just right. I refuse to write about anything I am not 100% passionate about.  I only write and share JAV that I myself am I fan of.  It's an honor to be able to write about and share titles that I personally enjoy watching.  It's fun as hell to think these favorites of mine might become favorites of others.  JAV will never stop entertaining me, and I hope to continue this series (and all my entries) if you let me.  Thank you very much!




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