Gas Mask Schoolgirls

Published August 29, 2015

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Japanese schoolgirls for reasons left best unexplained shroud their faces with bulky gas masks while battling lewd teachers and curious students by POOL CLUB.

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Gas Mask Schoolgirls
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It's been awhile since we did our last school-themed release at ZENRA.  We've done schoolgirls aplenty of course, but without cheating and checking the previous update list, the last bona-fied 'school' release was probably about a year ago with this title.  Now that it's late August, school (at least in the western hemisphere) has started or will be about to any day which marks now the best time to showcase today's release, GAS MASK SCHOOLGIRLS.

POOL CLUB, whom we have met a few months back with their extra long title all about pubic hair shows us they're far from a one-trick-pony with this release which turns the traditional lewd school theme on its head with the addition of a very unique...prop.

There's something very bizarre yet visually appealing about seeing a very cute Japanese schoolgirl in a uniform sanctioned by the Board of Education wearing such an out of place breathing apparatus.  What's more, all boast rule-violating makeup which means they either attend a 'yankee'--or delinquent--school which cares little for rules or they truly are bad girls.  Going by their teachers in this lengthy 140 minute production, we'd pick the former.

If there's a negative thing to say about GAS MASK SCHOOLGIRLS that surely fits squarely in the world of maniac AV, it's the role some of the teachers play.  The angry-teacher-penalizes-meek-schoolgirl-with-classroom-sex is a trope that's frankly overdone.  We've seen it before...too many times, really.  The scene that features this the most is also the first scene of the release and it stars everyone's favorite ogrish actor who will not be winning any male beauty pageants anytime soon.

Another mark on the negative side is the third scene shot in POV.  The concept is great and visually, there isn't anything to complain about.  Megumi Ueto looks stunning and plays her role perfectly.  However, the 'voice' of the off-camera boyfriend sounds eerily like a grown-up and highly perverted Nathan from South Park.  Granted, considering the director of the title supplied the voice...and body?...for this scene, one cannot complain too much, but having a person with who didn't sound like the kind of figure you'd best not meet in a shrouded back alley would have been welcomed.

Gas Masks remain properly worn for nearly the entire production.  In fact, aside from the short bonus feature at the end, you barely see the actual faces of the AV stars.  A few times the masks may be lifted so fellatio can be performed and one raises it even higher to see her eyes, but aside from that, this is a 'masked' title.  Since this title was released a few years ago, it can be considered the prototype of the popular 'mask' trend running its course now through the AV industry.  When you can't see the face of an actress, you're apt to focus more on her body which worked very well for GAS MASK SCHOOLGIRLS.

The audio at times was troublesome in today's release.  The masks obviously muffled what the schoolgirls were saying, but even the male dialog was sometimes hard to hear.  We apologize for any gaps in the subtitling process, but forensic subtitling is something that goes well beyond what we feature at ZENRA.  If natural ears at a reasonable volume cannot discern the dialog, it's either going to be skipped or filled in with an educated guess going by previous- and post-dialog exchanges.

GAS MASK SCHOOLGIRLS features four specialized gas masks that seemed to be have purchased at trendy US military surplus stores.  They still had USA branding on them.  If you want your own and live in Japan, check out one of these shops.  You can find them in pretty much any major city.  If looking at them is enough, then this is the title for you.  The reasoning for why Riku Kosakura, Jun Nakagawa, Megumi Ueto, and Saya Takazawa don masks while their male teachers and boyfriends don't is unfortunately not explained, but those into mask fetishes should surely still enjoy this release.

And if you don't like masks?  There's four pert Japanese schoolgirls doing highly sexual things in school with teachers, doctors, and more.  That's something you can't complain about.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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