RamenBoss's Angel Face: Yui Fujishima -Top 5 Movie Must See JAV List

Published : February 13th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello all JAV fans and enthusiasts.  I'm lucky to have been generously been given the pleasure to write about a goddess named Yui Fujishima 藤嶋唯 by ZENRA.  To me I feel she is a super genuine, dedicated, and a super sweetheart.  I feel she may be severely underrated, overlooked or possibly largely unknown.  Again thank you ZENRA for the opportunity to write about my personal favorite JAV performer of all time. You will fall in love with one look at her face (that is all it takes).


Yui Fujishima debuted in 2012 and is featured by such amazing studios as SOD and MAX-A. From the minute I saw her, she became the beauty standard I personally hold all other performers to! Her tits are super ridiculously perky with a perfect curvy soft body to match. I could stare at just her epic soft face for hours, and hey I'd love to point out she has best nose (yes, nose!) I believe I have ever seen on an JAV model.  Not to mention the most pouty lips I think I have ever seen in JAV.  


With beauty also comes limitless talent. I think her incredible acting is some of the best in the biz, with her range of styles covering many genres.  Every single scene I have seen her in, the pleasure looks 110% real.  I swear, watch any of her scenes you will know what I mean.  Another special feature of Yui is her endless pleasure moaning and squealing (like we all love in JAV) which is very very unique.  We all love the whining in JAV, but sometimes I think it can get generic sometimes coming from some bad actresses. You'll fall in love over and over again with all she has to offer.  Watching anything Yui is in for me is like watching a sweetheart beauty queen who enjoys her pussy more than any other woman on earth!  Yes, that is what it's like.  


Here is my personal top 5 list I respectively recommend for all JAV lovers.  


5. Insta Fuck! With Those Clothes You're Gonna Get Fucked Quick?! XV-1053

Yui is one of these JAV actresses that looks even better than on her covers.  The covers do NOT do her justice in my opinion.  I find many actresses have a great cover but don't live up when I see them in action, they may be a little less pretty and lets say missing the WOW factor.  Not with Yui.  This movie I think is fucking hot because it fulfills a specific fantasy.  Have you ever seen a beautiful woman in public wearing the skimpiest sluttiest outfit ever?  Of course we all have, it's nothing but a hardcore tease.  Have you ever wanted to fuck them right in those sexy clothes and outfits you seem them in?  I love how it comes to life in this video.  Nothing makes me happier than getting to see models out in the world a little bit before getting fucked and fucked and fucked.  We see Yui on the street, in a convenience store, and then walk home and get immediately fucked.  My point is that the first scene is worth everything, and you won't forget it. Lastly, I wish I saw more situations like this in JAV where the model keeps the fucking sexy outfit on the entire time before just stripping completely naked even before the action starts.  Then I think almost what was the point of the sexy outfit?


4. Every Load Is Real Cum - This Girl Wants Creampies To Get Pregnant Yui Fujishima  DASD-270

One of my favorite attributes of Yui, is that her body weight fluctuates in the cutest way.  Yes, apart from the #5 above where she was skinny, yet perfect curvy and soft looking, here she is even softer, a little cubby, and I absolutely love it.  If you're a huge Nakadashi fan, there is some parts in this JAV that always stood out to me personally.  My favorite part is where she starts playing an awesome looking shiny toy (Yui is extremely passionate when it comes to toys, I will get more into that later).  As she is fucking herself with it, guys appear and cum on her toy as it goes in and out of her. Unfortunately we don't see this enough in JAV and when I find something specific like this cumming on the toy while using it situation, its almost impossible to find again anywhere unless you stumble upon it by fucking accident.


3.  She Wants It Hard And Intense XV-1044

This makes the list because for me because this is an amazing piece of work in two areas, both of which I find she is amazing with.  For one, getting fucked super hard and rough, and for another, showing her love for dildos and vibrators.  I love to watch Yui get hardcore fucked aggressively and watch her fuck herself.  As far as the fucking, you will never EVER be bored or disappointed with her scenes.  Did you ever think when watching a scene that the JAV actress is just getting "REAMED?" I know it's slang, but I personally use it in certain occasions when describing porn boy/girl scenes.  And this JAV is a perfect example.  Now, about the sex toy fucking,  if you love masturbation scenes, I think this is the highest quality scene available in JAV.  She looks like a modern day princess in my opinion.  She uses this fun swirly vibrator and then fucks a rubbery dildo on the table.  It is not one to miss, trust me.


2. The New Female Teacher Yui Fujishima, Machine Vibrator Breaking In x Aphrodisiac Wooden Horse x 10 Loads in a Row Creampie During Ovulation. From All This, Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! 6 SVDVD-388

I can't say enough good things about this JAV.  My simple point is this:  If you love UNIQUE bondage this feature and series is a MUST.  Yui gets fucked so hard by toys, and features plenty of hardcore action, but the best is the toys.  We’re talking power tool type dildos.  This JAV is great if you love squirting, I fucking lost count of how many times she squirted everywhere.  My favorite scene is of course, the wood horse.  Just watch the trailer, I ask how can you not watch something like this?   My favorite part WITHIN my favorite scene is where Yui looks happy as fuck and exhausted from wood horse riding, and out comes a thrusting dildo while her arms are still tied up above her.  After she gets fucked for what seems like forever, the toy stops thrusting, and yet she keeps humping like a happy slut.  I'm in love with the "Aphrodisiac" acting in this.  Please watch this JAV, please!  


1. RUBBER & Fetish ~ Hard Rubber SEX  XV-1079

I personally have a latex fetish as many do!  So it will come at no surprise this whole video is my fucking favorite part.  As I mentioned before, I wish JAV models would actually keep the kinky outfit on when they get fucked or fuck themselves silly.  I wish there was more JAV like this.  Yui keeps a kinky outfit in every scene, I love the variety.  I recommend this movie as her #1, because I think it's a work of fucking art.  I think it's her most aesthetically pleasing feature, she's gorgeous in latex.  I think this JAV has her best hardcore performance in terms of well, everything.  This movie is special because it shows her passion for sex.  I can't say enough how every second of this JAV is worth your time.  I think the first hardcore scene is her best scene in her career in terms of how good she gets fucked and how much she loves it.  There’s a solo vibrator scene (one of my personal all-time favorites) where I believe we get to witness Yui enjoying herself more than any other scene, ever! I think she always has a look on her precious face like "why is this happening to me" at the same time fucking very hardcore.  I'm speechless.


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BigPillows2018 3 years ago
I wish more JAV models would keep the kink ensembles on aswell. Latex is KING! Yui is QUEEN!
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RamenBoss 3 years ago

Are you a Yui Fujishima fan as well? I swear sometimes I feel it’s like no one else knows about her! Latex=LIFE. I still am constantly seeing these beautiful JAV actresses take off their costume/oufits before the fucking-fucking starts! Anyways thank you for the comment. I wrote about Yui in FSET-494 here: https://www.zenra.net/blog/ramenbosss-ultimate-remote-control-vibrator-scenes-part-1-best-jav-with-remote-vibes

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