JAV Sales Report: Fanza Best Sellers 2022

Published : May 6th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

It is overdue but lets look at the Best Selling JAV Actresses and Titles of 2022. Data taken from Fanza/DMM based on their best selling physical sales. It should be noted that the data and Fanza only covers a part of the industry. While Fanza is huge there are other JAV retailers (SOD and MGSTAGE) and physical retail shops. Also this only accounts for the domestic market, sorry international fans (RIP R18). Thanks to writer Oppaira for his help with this article and you can see his regular sale reports here.

Top 10 Best Sellers

No 1

We start with the best of the best the Top Ten. For another year running Saika Kawakita establishes herself as the best selling actress on Fanza. Her comeback has been like a money printing machine for studio S1. With looks that have absolutely captured fans hearts. Second to her is the Freelancing Queen Ichika Matsumoto. The tiny youthful petite continues her teeny reign. Coming up third is a fellow freelancer by the name of Hana Shirato. A newer name who is exploding in popularity. Sadly at the moment she is MIA and it looks like she is not shooting films. What a missed opportunity from a rising superstar. Same can be said for number 7 Mei Satsuki who is currently on hiatus. However the picture of consistency is Yuu Shinoda. After so many years in the game she still sits in the Top Ten. Her new exclusive contract will probably hurt her sales rankings as she stars in less videos.

No. 2 and 3

The rising stars in the Top Ten include Karen Yuzuriha, Mio Ishikawa, and Natsu Tojo. The plastic Karen has become Premium’s most successful star. I would’ve never called it. Meanwhile Moodyz has their own superstar in the making with Mio. Taking a huge jump from last year. The plain faced gem is every guy’s dream girl next door. Next we have Natsu anther petite freelancer whose been dropping videos like crazy. The biggest new star on the list however was Sumire Kuramoto. A thin and skinny little lady with a cute face and loads of energy. She is exploding in popularity with her endless charm and loads of videos. She also co-stars in a bit of movies with Ichika which may have given her a nice bump. Also in the Top Ten were Mina Kitano with her curvy self. A Top Ten with nice variety I have noticed their bodies edge towards the petite and slender side.

Mio and Karen

Biggest Risers

Now let’s look into the Biggest Risers on the list. Actresses who jumped right up. One of the biggest jumps was Kana Morisawa aka Kanako Iioka with a 62 place jump. She had some work done and it is pay off and then some. This long time veteran actress is seeing one heck of a bump in the second half of her career. Fans have been loving her new face, mature leaning videos, and that nice booty. Next we have Mitsuki Nagisa up 52 places. This long serving petite actress has put in her time. I count her as part of Ichika’s Petite gang of actresses.

Right next to her is the hardcore actress Akari Niimura up 40 places. She’s becoming a bit tamer now that she’s working with more mainstream studios. Then we have the mature Maki Tomoda whose getting finer and finer with age with a nice 30 place jump. Finally we have Mizuki Yayoi. Fans are wising up to her and her phenomenally great ass. Fellow writer Panking has plenty more on her if you are interested. A lot of these jumps came from long time active actresses. Experienced actresses who for one reason or another are seeing a late stage comeback.

New Names

Non and Mai

Some new names on the list. First is Non Ohana with her nice busty figure at #11. She exudes the Onee-san/not quite a milf type that porn viewers love so much today. Next is the big and soft Konan Koyoi with S1 in #23. Konan’s only heating up and I expect her to be a staple in the Top 100 for the rest of her career. Then we have her total opposite in Mai Kagari at #24. A plain faced cutie with a modest figure. Proving that fan’s like all types of women and bodies. Like Ena Satsuki at #30. A cute round eared woman with a nice round ass. She is beaming with enthusiasm and charisma.

The Sumires

Only in her second year but Rino Yuki makes it to #31. One of my favorite actresses of 2022; she is hot, has a great body, and starred in tons of videos. She’s a rising star I can see become a more hardcore actress with smaller studios or go to more mainstream studios. Finally we have the Sumires; Sumire Mizukawa and Sumire Kurokawa. Not new actresses as they have been around for years. Only recently have the two seen a big jump in popularity. Mizukawa is currently shooting abroad and will star in a scene with Brazzers. Showing a willingness and ambition rarely seen in JAV talent to film international. 2023 is looking like the Year of the Sumire’s. Other new names on the list include the wild Alice Otsu and Ayaka Mochizuki.

New Debuts

Moving onto the New Debuts on the list. The first rookie is Yotsuha Kominato at #28. A former pop star with Jpop group FAIRIES. Her celebrity AV debut continues to draw lots of eyes and Yen. I think she is more than her gimmicky background but time will tell the whole story. SOD continues to smash it out of the park with their debuts with Rei Kamiki. Only at #86 for now but I think that will quickly change next year. I’m betting she becomes a superstar for SOD, their next star to take the place of Iori Kogawa or Suzu Honjo.

Rena and Riho

Next are a pair of newbies from Moodyz with Rena Miyashita at #48 and Riho Shishido at #90. One is a pretty social media star who likes to put mayo on noodles. The other is a film loving babe with a nice soft and curvy figure.  Other rookies include the mature Ryo Ayumi and the bottom heavy Jun Suehiro. The former looks like a gem with Madonna while the latter should become a very reliable freelancer. The industry might be in for tough times but great talent is always coming in. Now it just needs to be in a good place for them to stay.

Old Stars

Yui got a rise out of Twitter with this pic

New names aren’t the only ones getting a shine. There are Old Stars still getting love. There is the GOAT Yui Hatano at #18. Over a decade in the business with 1000’s of titles and she still ranks so high. She might actually become a lifer in JAV. Longer server than her is Yumi Kazama at #77. The mature lady still draws in her core fans. Just like Julia at #22. Her mature phase is suiting her finely in my opinion. Long time stars Yua Mikami and Nao Jinguji  saw a little drop. Both coming in at #12 and #20 respectively. With Yua’s retirement she should see a boost in popularity for next year. Another veteran actress still drawing them in is Mana Sakura at #40. Her titles of recent have been looking better and better. Writing novels and filming porn; what a renaissance woman. Other long time vets on the list include Reiko Kobayakawa at 75 and Hibiki Otsuki at 51.


Biggest Drops


It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for actresses. Some saw a big drop in their popularity. Shoko Takahashi despite retiring saw a big drop down 31 places to #35. Her career seems to be on the downward trend already with her ending coming to a quiet stop. Still impressive for all her years in the top spots. Aka Asuka also saw a drop down 48 places. Maybe it has to do with her constant name changes? She was Aka then she was Shiose and now she’s going by Nagi Hikari. Fans might be getting confused by all the name changes, I know I am. Tsukasa Aoi went down 44 spots. Perhaps fans aren’t wild about her new big fake chest. I’ve come around it however her 2022 wasn’t as strong as her 2021 in my eyes.

Ai Mukai has been seeing drop for the last two years, down another 29 places. I expected this now that she is no longer a freelancer and now an exclusive actress with Madonna. While her sales might be hurting, she’s been dropping quality releases with the mature leaning studio. If she stays with them or leaves and freelances again I would be happy with either. Either way she is making quality smut. Then there is S1’s Riri Nanatsumori. A very pretty lady who is less than impressive in bed. A pretty face can take you very far but in Riri’s case fan’s might be needing more. 

Someone feed Kana

One of the biggest drops of the year was Kana Momonogi. I think her massive weight loss is to blame for that. Something that she even had to address online. She looks unhealthy and I am not the only on who thinks that. Now it even looks like it is effecting her sales. Which is secondary to her health of course. Outside of JAV she is getting more and more popular. Her days in JAV may be numbered. Other big drops include Nozomi Ishihara, Rikka Ono, and Nene Tanaka. As much as porn fans love their favorites, they also love the new flavor of the month. Drops and rises are a normal part of the porn industry.


Off the List

Some notable omissions from the list. Long time vet and Gal AIKA didn’t make it onto the list. Neither was Eimi Fukada. Eimi has shifted from AV work and seems more interested in her YouTube activities. While her sales might be down she seems popular as ever outside of JAV. If anything she’s become too big for JAV to hold her. Even in her last year Iori Kogawa couldn’t chart on the list. Neither could fellow SOD stars Suzu Honjo or Yuna Ogura. However this could be due to SOD’s competing storefront splitting sales and that SOD only returned to Fanza that year. 

Some are understandable like Kurea Hasumi and Rara Anzai. These two long time stars have been MIA for too much time. My S1 favorites Miru and Yura Kano just don’t seem to sell all that well. Aika Yumeno also of S1 seems to be having a down spell too. Idea Pocket girls don’t seem to do that well outside of their best stars. I can’t explain why maybe they do better at retail stores. I would’ve expected (and wanted) to see Anna Kami get some love. A good reminder that these sales only cover one part of the industry.

Best Titles

Now we move onto the titles themselves. This list is dominated by a couple of studios. Namely S1, SOD, and Moodyz. Everywhere you see their DVD codes are littered throughout. After them we see quite a number of Idea Pocket and Faleno sightings. Yotsuha’s debut title took the top spot of course. Many of her titles appear in the Top 100. Shoko’s retirement hits 3rd. Riko Hoshino is a new debut that surprisingly took two spots in the Top Ten. Supposedly patisserie; she’s cute but I’m unsure why her titles were so popular. We see Materiall at #24 with MTALL-012. That video was Ruri Saijo’s one and done comeback title. The newer studio is quietly a solid AV maker I’m pleased to say.

The Best selling title on Fanza

Kawai and Premium’s studio collaboration CAWD-386 hit #77. A great title between two studios. The reverse bunny suit is still going on steadily with it appearing a few times on the chart. And as always we see the chart filled with debuts titles. The best-selling titles are understandably on the more vanilla side. I see a few BDSM leaning titles and one lesbian video. Mainstream titles that appeal to the widest crowds with simple covers with pretty girls and most of the time a nice shot of their chest.



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dk 1 year ago
Shoko Takahashi's bit is a bold take.

She left in May so less than half a year with new stuff, and Fanza's goodbye campaign for her was massive, so not really 'quietly quitting'.

AIKA is not really a surprise as she had very few new releases and I'd expect physical sales to be skewed towards new movies. Also she appears to be preparing for a retirement this year or next year with her beauty salon plans.
1 0
ZENRA 1 year ago

AIKA retiring would remove one of the foundational pillars that keeps JAV afloat.

1 0
drk 1 year ago
In one of the recent interviews she said that she won't retire until her store is franchised at 2/3 locations, so I believe next year.

I'm flying soon, need to go to Tora no Ana. I might not have another chance before her retirement
1 0
ZENRA 1 year ago

She is already making enough for them to expand or was this more of a wishful thinking/future planning comment?

1 0
drk 1 year ago
Judging by Instagram business is good, but I believe that is the level of stability that would allow her to go, so more aspirational.
1 0
Oppaira 1 year ago

Thank you for writing this! I can be a bit slow with the yearly ones when I have to do these every month too, and it's nice to see another take on it. Interesting to see you focus more on calling out individual names rather than trends or a more statistical analysis like I do in the yearly ones. Like for me, it's interesting seeing Yua outside the top 10, or Saika being the only S1 in the top 10. I'm also curious to see if Yua can hold on to a top, there are a couple of retired names here but Yua is a special case.

Kana Morisawa, I'll have some content from her soon. I agree, she's been doing well lately. Same with Akari Niimura, also quite nice and content soon.

I'm quite surprised to see Momo Minami on the list, she seems overrated. Momo over Rei Kamiki? Or Kana Momonogi? People are out of their minds lol.

I'm also curious to see how some of these more juicy freelancers do over time. Alice Otsu, Misono Mizuhara, Yuria Yoshine, and Hana Himesaki all in the 15-25 range. The industry has been doing well pairing them up in things and you even see some others like Mikuru Shiiba, Monami Takarada, Nanami Matsumoto, Sachiko, and Ena Koume making the list (when they didn't last year). Seems like the industry is responding quite positively to what's going on and one can only hope there's more of where that stuff came from.

0 0
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