RamenBoss's Rei Mizuna Tribute

Published : January 14th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss

Hello, welcome JAV fans!  This Goddess needs no introduction.  I humbly present the absolutely perfect Rei Mizuna.  One of the hottest women on the planet.  Not just the best in the wonderful world of Japanese Adult entertainment.  If I am skipping or looking randomly through JAV collection, and I come across Rei, I always stick.  If you are new to her and decide to look up her work for the first time ever, you will be blown away, my friend.  Hundreds upon hundreds of releases since her debut in 2008.  She's done it all, with everyone!  I can't stress this enough.  Any accessory, costume, setting, story, or Genre.  Rei seems to not only have done it but mastered it effortlessly.  It's almost like every title and theme that comes along is too easy for her.  Each one becomes easier and easier, so she's always looking for a different challenge.  Or at least that is the vibe I get when I analyze her entire career.

I put a disclaimer in my entires when it applies, there are just too many titles of hers to cover.  Too many to even offer a legitimate sample in my opinion.  Often when I look at and think about all the releases of an AV actress of this caliber, I too myself get very overwhelmed.  So I wanted to offer a tribute of my personal favorites "go-to's."  This list includes the art of Rei Mizuna that I am completely gaga over.  Nothing less.  These titles are my favorites of the favorites.  There are just too many to cover, but I did the best I could to narrow the list down to these few.  I honestly can't stand how many I had to leave out.  I wish I could review each one of her titles and tell you why you should watch them.  I hope this list pleases current fans and makes new ones out of the rest of you.

AKB-029 Sailor Warrior Heroines Disgraced Starring: Momo Nakagawa, Hinata Tachibana, Rei Mizuna, and Riri Kuribayashi

There's something about Rei.  Gorgeous doesn't seem to be enough.  In my opinion, she looks like she could easily pass as a royal Japanese princess.  Instead, she's going AV thankfully.  I'll get the obvious thing out of the way, her costume is plastic.  As I have stated over and over again, PVC and Vinyl are some of my top fetishes.  I remember the exact moment I saw Rei Mizuna in this costume.  What a wonderful memory of shock and a rush of excitement, even disbelief that I got so lucky with such a high-quality actress in such a shiny plastic outfit.  I want to point out that if you browse Rei's entire career you will get endless results for cosplay titles she has done.  Yes, we are not talking about just a few releases here and there.  Again it's like she tried to do everything.  I applaud this, how fun.  I feel like I have seen Rei in every wig or every color, in every style! 

So back to this sailor dream.  Just fucking look at it please, I beg you.  I can't believe I'm going to say this.  As far as Cosplay, I think this is the best one I have ever seen.  It's got everything, even the shiny boots, and bow.  Even if she just wore those two items, I would have bought them just as fast.  I recommend watching this particular title in the highest definition you can get your hands on.  I am disappointed she didn't have shiny white vinyl panties.  So close.  Now as far as the fest of the film,  all four segments of each actress are in the same type of setting and vary on action thankfully.  Don't look to this for action-adventure or story (which I would have strongly preferred).  Just four women who are, let's say look like they are struggling.  Two of them start with their hands tied above their head, always a sexy look. 

I am happy to say that Rei's part involves sex toy play.  Otherwise, it was at a real risk of being too boring frankly.  Of course, it's a guy toying with her (why it can't be another woman is always beyond me). This may not be the most exciting thing, but in the beginning, for a moment she puts it's on her panties sideways in the front of her panties and leaves it run.  I don't know why, but she acts turned on by it being there and moving.  The rest of the toying was standard but very good.  The vibrator is even seen swirling around aggressively as they all do, and even at one point left in her hands-free.  Finally, he puts it in her mouth after all the action.  I wish he would have left it the hell in, held in with her panties and hands tied for a good long time.  The fucking isn't very hardcore, but she screams and moans like it's the best fuck ever.  Also, there's is a good use of wig hair pulling and different positions.  In my opinion, her scene, in general, is way too short, but to be fair I am mostly here for that amazing outfit.  It's worth your time if you appreciate hot outfits, cosplay, or Rei Mizuna.  I'm not saying it's only worth it for the outfit, but I am assuring you that it makes up for anything you may not like.

ATFB-247 Gentle Dirty Talk From a Pampered Girl

I love daydreaming fantasy works like this.  How lucky would it be to experience a personal day with Rei Mizuna, her attention on you and only you?  That is the feeling I get from this release.  Cinematically speaking, it's relatively simple. This is not a bad thing.  This title is the perfect example of less is more.  The dirty talk aspect again is just another brutal reminder that I missing out on some sexy talk from Rei here.  Please allow me to get the negative out of the way first.  As I have mentioned before, it sometimes seems so ridiculous if the AV actress (some who will remain nameless), will stare and talk into the camera.  Regardless of where it is.  So what is this?  It's like a cuckold video correct?  Seems like it.  Imagine for example she is on her knees about to put her oral skills to good use.  She's looking sideways at the cameraman.  That's strange, am I the only one who thinks this?  Is this specifically what the director wants?  Again, it would make sense if I wanted to imagine some cuckolding scenario.  

Well, then again, isn't all AV (including POV) all cuckolding in some way?  Or am I overthinking it?  My point is, if this is supposed to be just for the viewer, it should be all POV and talk to the lucky guy as if the camera is strapped to their head and not following the camera guy like a 3rd person.  Okay, back to the position. Having all that said above, this title truly is a great experience.  Rei seems to be extra cute and gives you all the attention.  It feels like a private show just for you, however, you want to take that.  Most of her video's just getting fucked in some role play and she never looks at the camera.  Not here, and it feels super special!  Also, another reason you don't want to skip this is the variety in sex acts.  The environment isn't exciting but she is, plenty of dildos and vibrator work and she does everything to please the lucky guy.  Very clear, HD, which is always a treasure to find.  This title almost has a romantic feeling as you can imagine.  Thumbs up for this intimate masterpiece.  


CORE-042 Undercover Investigator's Orgasms

What list would complete without some sort of Private investigator Spy role play?   JAV takes these types of releases very seriously.  It's comical, it's hilarious but most important of all they are always hardcore.  You want to see this one.   These never disappoint.  It offers lots of extreme toy fucking, just not one at a time either.  She's leashed up, strapped up, you name it.  I love all the acting too, it is super sexy no matter how many times I see the same type of release.  Yes of course it is the shiny catsuit too (it could be shinier though, it's a more spandex-looking one I am disappointed to say).  It's fun to see her sneaking around and then a few moments later her outfit is opened way up!

 The first time I saw this, the moment where Rei is first bent over and has her asshole licked is the moment I knew this was gold.  Another interesting aspect is that this was released not that long ago, 2015.  So she's a little more mature and curvy!  Again, she debuted around 2008.  I think I am noticing a pattern that most popular actresses to this type of title later in their career.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Is there a reason for this?   Is there even any pattern at all?  Anyways in this two and a half hour runtime, you feel like you see it all done to Rein that you can ever want to see.  My favorite moment I want to share with you real quick is when she is brought food in a bowl.  One guy cums in her food and shoves it in her angry face.  Then another guy's face fucks her hard, food everywhere.  She looks very upset in this scene.  This title is a powerhouse, as it provides a crazy level of variety in all areas, and it's very aggressive.   Aggressively and very passionately acted though, bravo.  


VK-130 She's in Prep School and sucks on cocks 43

I thought it would be appropriate to list this one next.  For anyone who isn't familiar with this prep school series, you are severely missing out.  I recommend looking into the entire series immediately, most likely one of your favorite actresses has done it.  Then again, if you have a favorite JAV actress, I am sure you know this series.  I can't say enough good things about this series.  The only negative thing I will say is that if blowjobs normally bore you in JAV, then this particular title may not exactly be your thing. However, I beg you to reconsider.  Blowjobs are an art form, they are beautiful.

 This isn't just an artistic masterpiece about blowjobs, which it is. It's done so well, that it feels like general cock worship!  The first thing you will notice with this is the wonderful high definition.  And the rest can't be explained, this one you have to see for yourself. You should watch it from start to finish to get the full effect.  Newer fans might not appreciate the concept just by the thumbnails.  It's not your average blowjob title is a huge understatement, and I'll leave it at that.  Highly recommended times a trillion.

GAR-280 Forbidden lesbian love, pure expressions of her straightforward love

Soft on Demand, you did it again.  Never have I, or will I be disappointed by this studio.  This is truly one of my favorite JAV titles, not only for JAV.  Can you possibly get two better-looking beautiful gorgeous women together for lesbian release?  Bonus too, it's story-based.  Of course, it is, thank you SOD.  If you haven't figured it out just by looking, it's the one and only Ayaka Tomada.  OMG.  I honestly watch this all the damn time.  I have to get this out of my system, I apologize.  They are so fucking hot!  Look at those faces!  Okay then.  One of my favorite scenes is right in the beginning.  Rei is sneaking around, sneaky.  Girls sneaking around and doing something naughty is a huge turn-on.  I can't get enough of this scene. Rei sneaks into the bathroom, rummages through the dirty laundry basket, and gets Ayakas panties.  It's not a short scene either, it's long and detailed.  Of course, she smells and licks them.  She truly looks like she is super turned on by Ayaka's panties, which are pink by the way!  Satin-looking ones.  Rein shoves them in her panties and puts them back in her mouth.  The whole thing is something I think about and watch a lot.  Lesbian sequences like this with lesbians masturbating with another woman's panties is very rare in my experience.  If anyone reading this knows of another JAV title with this wonderful event, please list them in the comments to help us all out. Please, man, please!  For more secret sneaking and masturbating, please see my FSET-494 writings here and here.

The dramatic movie non-sexual scenes just add to how much I love this story.  Simple dinner table meals are super cute and create this heavy sexual build-up that is hot as hell.  I acting from Ayaka is on another level, she does a great job and acts upset about the lesbian activity between the two.  Sad-looking Ayaka is almost too much to handle.  Imagine her face looking upset and worried.  I wonder who feels luckier to do an AV with the other star, Rei or Ayaka?  The sex itself is something we need to talk about too.  It's extremely passionate, as you can imagine.  Ayaka spits in Rei's mouth and licks her armpit.  Plenty of dirty talking and loud moaning.  Stay tuned until the very end if you appreciate all the cute relationship moments.  Scissoring, even sexy foot action, 69, it's just beyond.  There is a negative, of course, there always is.  I'm not just talking about how that it needs to be much longer and series!  There are no sex toys.  No double dildo's, no 69 using a vibrator at the same time.  Now, I am conflicted about how to feel about this.  I am disappointed yes.  However I understand that it didn't fit this story, it didn't seem necessary.  I think this may be one of the very few times that I am perfectly content with the lesbian scene just tongues and positions and no sex toys of any kind.  That is how kinky the story is and how hot these two JAV goddesses are.  

PT-159 GOKUCHIKU ~Beautiful Girl's Shameful Meatloaf

Rei Mizuna Uncensored!  I was overjoyed when I found this long ago.  I have touched on this subject before, how I was lucky to fall in love with her censored work before discovering her completely nude work.  I think that's the only way to go, you appreciate it more I think.  It's magical to finally see that beautiful pussy.  It's gorgeous, just like her.  This one moment in the very beginning very much stands out to me, and always will.  I think about it all the time.  Rei is left in a barred room and chained up.  So what's the guy do? he put's a yellow (unique color for a vibrator dildo), on a table and she struggles to reach it.   When I saw this in the teaser, I was so worked up. I had to have it.  Of course, she reaches the toy and fucks it good.

I am always thankful to have masturbation scenes in uncensored titles of famous JAV women.  It's almost 20 minutes long as well.  Unfortunately, the bondage aspect is only in the first half, but I'll take what I can get when it comes to uncensored.  You'll get more toys, group fucking, collars, ropes, and one of my favorite things:  shiny plastic bondage tape over her mouth. I want to note that even a speculum makes it in.  They shine a light inside and it's wonderful.  Another positive about this release, in general, is no condom.  With high definition, you get crazy detail.  Somehow watching all the raw sex, I feel even more jealous of these lucky guys.  

The one negative is how boring I found the second half.  It was great group fucking and even sex toy play made it again.  Her pussy looks perfectly wet and pink.   My advice is to watch this title for the first half for the kinky bondage fucking and be prepared to be let down on the second half.  I feel the cover is way misleading, we want a bondage film.  So why must the second scene be just a room with rough and no restraints?  It's like two different titles, and I'm not too happy about that.  It feels like it doesn't belong in this release.


Lastly, two Rei Mizuna features here at ZENRA happen to be my ultimate top favorite.  I don't care if it's an old cheesy cliche line, it just doesn't get better than this folks.  These movies already have perfectly passionate write-up descriptions on their page so I won't even attempt to cover them.  I just want to say, thank you to ZENRA for offering subtitles to this beauty.  I highly recommend checking out her section, there are more titles beyond these.  

Rei Mizuna Cum Into My Eyeballs


Rei Mizuna The anal training of a beautiful teacher Part one, part two


For the Eyeballs ones, I simply love kinky weird stuff like this, and what better face?  For the teacher title featuring Rei, let's just say this satisfies my remote control vibrator craving for Rei.  It's that good.  Both of these movies are complete home runs and every aspect.  Please, check them both out.  It's an understatement to say you won't be disappointed.  These are some of my favorite titles in all of JAV.  Again, don't just take my word for it.  I highly encourage you to check out these two titles right away, only here at ZENRA.


Rei Mizuna always ALWAYS looks incredible.  From her debut until now, she amazes me every time I watch even a second of her titles.  Her looks seem to get better every year.  I am also a big fan of how her curves vary.  She can be tight and slim and thick and curvy, she always looks hot as fuck.  One look at her face and I get turned on.  Who wouldn't be drawn to it?  I can't look away once she's on screen.  I almost feel guilty scanning around the title, I feel like I should watch every damn second she's on my screen.  I think many would possibly agree with me that she is one of the greatest JAV actresses of all time.  Rei Mizuna looks like a perfect sex doll.  I think that is what sex dolls should look like.  That doll resonates in my head when I look at her face.  Doll, doll, doll. This leads me to my next point, her voice.  I love it, it's so high and cute.  Honestly, when you look at her face you might except a little bit deeper voice.  Not only is it higher and adorable, but she whines so damn good.  Perhaps she's just doing what pornos? do and that's standard dirty talk when she moans her words.  I don't know, but I love it when Rei moans or talks just as much as I love looking at her beautiful face. I would say I have seen most of her work, but not every single one.  Please let us know what your favorite Rei Mizuna release in the comments.

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jm 2 years ago
love this girl. she has done everything nasty possible despite having such a cute face. a rare gem
ordyskans 2 years ago
Absolute legend. Although quite a few of her videos are way too hardcore for me, lol.
ZENRA 2 years ago

A fantastically versatile actress.

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