Rei Mizuna - The Anal Training of a Beautiful Teacher Part One

Published September 1, 2017

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Rei Mizuna plays a teacher having an illicit love affair with a student in a thrilling drama title by ORGA about maintaining a terrible secret at terrible cost.

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Rei Mizuna - The Anal Training of a Beautiful Teacher
Part One with English Subtitles
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“Reiko Mizutani (REI MIZUNA) is a language arts teacher who is secretly dating Shinichi, her top student.  To make matters worse, one of her coworkers with a bone to pick (Kunio Katayama), finds out about their tryst.  Reiko does every demeaning act Katayama demands of her in order to protect her relationship with Shinichi.  His demands keep on escalating to the point where she’s acting out perverted and masochistic fantasies in school in the middle of the day.  She soon becomes the sexual plaything of one of her own students with a focus on anal degradation.  Watch as Reiko steadily descends into the darkest pits of extreme prurience.”


Even public high schools in Japan may have rules that those in the west may find abhorrent.  The stricter schools may regulate hairstyles, forbid dying, forbid piercings, and tattoos course are totally in the land of never-gonna-happen (I recall some seniors back in my day getting inked up!).  Beyond that, sometimes even dating is highly frowned upon if not outright banned.  Some schools will go the extra mile and forbid students from being seen out in public at night in their uniforms.

Overall, although even the most jaded foreigner may praise Japan's elementary school system, things seem to go downhill from middle school onwards.  A huge focus on tests and treating students NOT like young adults seems to be the biggest issues.

A strict Japanese high school and forbidden love between teacher and student is the theme of THE ANAL TRAINING OF A BEAUTIFUL TEACHER, a masterfully shot title by ORGA's resident masochist & anal play director, SHISUI USABA.  All the recent titles by this independent Japanese drama production company are usually directed either by him or ORGA's owner, TEI JAGA.  The latter's titles such as the first one we showed at ZENRA have more of a Showa Era feel to them.  Think storylines that take place in the somewhat distant past with a very slightly less masochistic feel to them.

Titles by SHISUI USABA on the other hand are modern day tales mainly focused on 'normal' women put into truly abnormal situations.  'Training to become a masochist' can be the overall theme of many of his works.  It's echoed again here in our second full-length outing with REI MIZUNA.

REI is an enigma in that by the time she filmed this title shortly before her retirement, she was already in her early thirties but you could easily throw her in a schoolgirl uniform and get a believable performance out of her.  Hell, it was only about one and a half years prior she did play a schoolgirl in a wonderful lesbian drama title by V&R.

THE ANAL TRAINING again features KUNIO KATAYAMA, the actor who played the 'trainer' in a title starring AI UEHARA we released the other month.  Here, he's a teacher teaching gosh knows what, but if you already saw that previous update, you can pretty much figure out what he'll be doing in this special double update.

As THE ANAL TRAINING OF A BEAUTIFUL TEACHER runs just under three hours and is rather dialog heavy, we opted to split it into two releases.  These types of drama titles take longer than normal to work on, but we feel the results speak for themselves.  The supposed romance between Reiko-sensei (REI MIZUNA) and her top-ranking student SHINICHI may be muted, but in its place is ample bouts of extreme ENF and CMNF play that fans of extreme embarrassment will love.

Anal play of course is also the star of this release.  Rimjobs happen later on, but before that toys aplenty find solace in REI's experienced butt hole.  Partway through she is instructed to proctor a test (haha, what a pun!) with an active vibrator shoved in her butt.  Full-on anal sex also happens in the finale of ANAL TRAINING and even concludes with very realistic nakadashi.

ORGA titles are a rarity on Japanese VOD sites in that they mostly receive universal acclaim.  The same ALMOST holds true for today's update.  The only sliver of negativity we discovered and can somewhat agree with is that at times the title felt less like a school-based drama and more like a JAV title with a school theme.  Some of the play was extreme and the chances of seeing your teacher stark naked while crawling up and down a staircase fetching a bone is nigh on improbable.

That wee bit of reality-shattering sexuality is a minor grumble compared to the beauty of this release.  ORGA titles are downright beautiful.  We don't know what type of cameras they use, but the output is cinema-quality clear.  Just compare any of their releases with the gargantuan amount of straight-forward uncensored titles that also are shot in FHD and the differences in picture quality is night and day.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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