RamenBoss's Yui Fujishima Top List Part 2

Published : September 1st, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV lovers!

This is my part two tribute to Yui Fujishima.  My part 1 was one of my earlier works, and I always felt bad it was only a list of five of her titles.  This is another list of ten that I want the world to see!   The original was not meant to be a series.  I am lucky to be able to share a follow-up.

Of course, I am extremely biased.  Yui is my all-time favorite JAV star.  Past present and future.  My favorite pornstar in general.  I could talk forever about her face.  That long straight chunky nose is my favorite, and I think she has very sad-looking eyes that look like tear-drops.  And she has this adorable puffy bottom lip to make it all complete.  Yui is full of charm and seems super fucking nice all time, but I covered that in my previous writing, I don't want to be repetitive.  I just want to cover more of her releases, because they are mind-blowing. 

I hope this entry will honor her work, and will always find new fans.  Not that she needs any help, but I haven't fucking found any of her work in years.  Nothing I have found says she is retired either.  I hope she is okay!  Yui where are you?!  I wish she was on social media.  If she wants to remain off the grid, I respect her privacy of course.  I have mixed feelings about her absence.  I think it's kind of sexy, like mysterious.  I do admire showmanship (if it is that even). "Hit that high note and get the hell off the stage," am I right?  But also, I really do miss her.

One thing I really think is unique about is her getting fucked moans.  I beg you to listen to them, they really stand out.  And this is from someone who has watched endless hours of JAV.  Her screams and cries really are unique, I have not found another JAV star that sounds even close.  Her noises are very fast short moans, all together like on repeat. 

I'll never get tired of saying this, I could watch Yui cry in pleasure all day, every day. I wrote this before, watching Yui is a unique experience.  It changed JAV for me really.  The only way I can describe it is this.  I think Yui fucks like her pussy is infinitely more sensitive than other women.  Lastly, please I beg you to watch the trailers.  Pictures don't do Yui justice, you just have to see her in action to appreciate her cuteness overload.


10. New Comer - Actual Image Idol Transitions to AV, Consents to Fucking! XV-1000

Have you seen any of her many photobooks?  None of this surprises me.  Please take a minute to just google her name and I am sure you understand why I am her number one fan.  So anyways getting past the title, even the jacket cover gets me excited.  That face, with soft cleavage and the sexy jeans shorts showing her thigh gap.  I could go on and on.

This is a typical debut, all fun and a lot of seems like an interview/photoshoot.  But if this really is her debut, she is a damn natural.  If she doesn't have a fuckton of fun, then she is a very good actress at having a fuckton of fun.  She's all giggles, and I love her damn voice. 

One thing that pissed me off about this is that she is using a pussy cover (for a non-mosaic), they still fucking blurred the middle of it.  I want to scream, how much are JAV fans supposed to take?

Yes, I am very bias.  But Yui's sex is always, ALWAYS good.  She is a very enthusiastic fuck.  She looks amazing whether she is laying down just getting fucked FUCKED, or aggressively and passionately humping. 

It's a really fun debut full of giggles and beyond great sex with the cutes JAV performer ever.


9.   Creampied Right After Meeting SDMT-903

Here we have a little chubbier Yui, man she couldn't look cuter.  Obviously, anything Nakadashi with Yui is extremely special.  Many of Yui's releases end up like most JAV, with a cumshot on the face.  I personally prefer facials, I think it's fucking sexy as fuck to see her beautiful face covered with a big load.  But that is neither here or there.

The unique thing about this is a scene where they put a camera up her pussy as she watches it on the screen.  It's fucking wild, and she is embarrassed at first!  It's very cute and kinky and they keep the camera in while they fuck around.  It's like you don't know where to look!  But luckily, the camera view is on the side so you don't miss anything. 

Again in this segment, it shows Yui getting ready in a make-up chair.  She is a fucking model, it's such a pleasure to just look at her.

As usual, she looks like a trillion dollars here, but I always want more POV, and I want more creative variety.  Besides the unique camera, it's just dudes in a room like always.  If it wasn't Yui, it might be boring as fuck.


8. Lingerina WANZ-069

Here is another Gonzo feature.  I love it though since I get extreme GFE vibes from this.  It's a really personal feeling one!  The camera is more of a fisheye look.  The setting is very dark too.  Most importantly to me, this feature offers amazing POV!

Even apart from all those wonderful qualities, this feature is a favorite because of this amazing masturbation scene.  Now I want to point out something.  Yui absolutely loves her dildos and vibrators!! Every scene I see with Yui with a sex toy, it becomes my new favorite until I watch the next one.

Yui rides this toy front and back and licks it in between.  The climax moment (an entire scene) is very close to this scene (from XV-1044 featured in a past blog:)

What do you think of the comparison?


7. Hyper Fuck! XV-1034

Damn Yui on this cover always gets me.  in my opinion, this is what a perfect woman looks like.  A face that makes you fall in love.  Charm and fun personality combined with that body.

Please watch the trailer of this one.  Feel the energy?  I don't know if it is the fucking title that is doing a placebo thing here, but Yui is just wild here.  We are talking squirting and rim jobs, all gonzo style.  There's a scene where Yui is getting her pussy licked and looking at the camera and giving two peace signs.  What is that about?  Could that be any more JAV or Japanese in general? 

I especially even love the cut scenes in this one.  Why is Yui walking around an apartment hugging a pillow?  And why is she making hearts with her hands?  How much are we supposed to take?

I want to point another thing I love about Yui here please.  Her eyebrows. She has some of the saddest eyebrows I have ever seen.  That is huge for me.  That's my absolute favorite.  Yui many times looks like she is about to cry with that expression.  I melt.

Please don't miss this one.


6.  Dirty sex XV-1017

I think Yui looks the most beautiful in this release.  Just look at some of these damn stills:

I could take movie stills all day of Yui, in anything she is in.  I think Yui looks extra like a fucking doll in this.

This also is one of my favorite boy-girl features of Yui, since I mainly prefer masturbation scenes (of Yui and in general in JAV).   The sweet and sneaky blowjob she gives is simply the best.  She's sneaking around the kitchen in one scene.  In another, she's hot hottest secretary I have ever seen.  In another, she's secretly wearing this bondage rope under her clothes.  

Now I don't exactly how the cuckold fits in here since I don't speak Japanese (one of my great shames), but I can make best-educated guesses when Yui is sneaking around on her guy.  It's obvious I guess is what I am saying.  Yui is so fucking sweet, but in this release, we get to witness sneaky Yui.  It's so sexy, I am speechless.


5. Outside exposure, Yui the Exhibitionist SORA-038

This release is fucking must-have.  It shows Yui's adventurous and kinky side.  Who signs up for these projects?  And how does it work?  Does Yui get to decide what projects she does or is it all part of a contract?  I'm so happy she did something like this.


First of all, the outdoor setting is a nice change from the gonzo bedroom I see over and over and over.  This title has it all, from group fucking to sex toys.  Emphasis on the sex toys!  Yui loves....her...sex...toys! 

I love how she act's like a complete nymphomaniac here.  There's no acting innocent here.  Another great thing about this release is just how much they much variety is included.  I mean, Yui is even sucking a suction cup dildo attached to the inside of her passenger window, on the fucking car ride out to the outdoor location.  What is that?!

Yui wears pink and purple throughout this whole release too, really adding to her feminine charms here.  I love it.  Loved the whole thing. 


4. Lesbians licking each other!  HAVD-878

I will warn you right now, this is a more softcore feature. So I wouldn't blame you if you skipped this one.   Meaning, I guess I can see that this might only be interesting to die-hard Yui fans.  It's a drama like and the fucking action isn't hardcore. But it's worth it.


I enjoy seeing Yui out in the world, walking and taking buses!  There's super cute acting in this as well.  I don't know the exact story here.  I think SOMETIMES that it makes it kinkier if you have to guess what is going on.

In my opinion, the rarer it is for a JAV model to be in a lesbian release, the more exciting and special it is when you do find one.  It automatically becomes more special since it itself is rare obviously.  For example like I wrote about Tina Yuzuki.

Watching Yui lick pussy and get hers licked and moan is worth your time.  Especially when it comes with a seemingly unlimited amount of lesbian drama moments.  Look at this cover, how the hell can anyone say no?


3. Sweat!  Reckless Pleasure Sweaty Serious SEX Sweet And Furious XV-1063

Imagine your favorite model and or actress.  Now imagine them soaking wet.  How good to they look?  Then imagine them getting fucked rough and good.  Thankfully Yui lets us fans watch her like this.  A little more theatrical release here maybe. A little hint of GFE, personal feeling, meaning a little less JUST fucking, but with fucking if that makes sense.  I hope it does.  And the fucking is fantastic. 

If you didn't like Yui already, how could a sweaty Yui hurt?  It's such a simple theme, but seeing her with moist skin and damp wet sweaty hair, with her gorgeous mouth open as she fucks is at another level.  There is even Kimino bondage and sex toy play included.  Lastly, just look at that cover!  Look at her soft-looking thicc thigh, wow. wow.  Yui Fujishima can pull off thicc to skinny perfectly.  It all depends on what you're in the mood for. 


2. Feel the feet XV-1008

This release has nothing to do with feet fetishes.  I personally am not a foot fetishist, but I feel bad for anyone that was looking for feet.  I mean, what a waste, she's so fucking cute, her feet are too.  They fit the rest of her if you know what I am saying?  I would have LOVED to see Yui in her some shiny PVC-Vinyl boots action.  Maybe a POV bootlicking.  A bootlicking lesbian moment?

Okay, back to the release.  This one fits on the list for it's just general great fucking.  It's another super fucking fun release.  She's all smiles and giggles and plays around, and fucks very passionately.  All while looking like a perfect doll, it's simply unbelievable.  She really gets fucked good in this one, and yes I know I say that a lot but seriously some do stand out to me.

Fuck she is gorgeous in this one, FUCK!   Two ponytails bouncing on a gym ball is enough for me.  There is even a mini-soap land scene here.  I think you already know by now how good she looks in this and how good she fucks!

If you want more Soapland style from Yui: 

I generally find soapland-style releases boring, which is weird because I have an inflatable plastic PVC-VINYL latex fetish.  But Yui Fujishima slipping around on a shiny blow-up mattress is an exception.

Back to XV-1008, I want to mention two things here.  First is this masturbation scene.  Yui picks out toys from this box presented to her, it's so fucking hot.  I have noticed she covers her mouth all the time when she's embarrassed or smiling.  Really, it is whenever she is acting shy.  It's too cute for me.  It's something really hot girls do in my opinion.  So this scene ends with her using this swirly (her favorite type I think) dildo insider her perfect pussy, while using a hitachi looking vibrator.  She does wild. 

The second is that her threesome at the end is very powerful.  As I described in my first Yui entry, "did you ever think when watching a scene that the JAV actress is just getting "REAMED?" I know it's slang, but I personally use it in certain occasions when describing porn boy/girl scenes."  Well, I think this is where I need to use this word.  I think Yui is just getting REAMED in this.  If you watch the whole trailer, yeah, that's what I fucking thought!


1. Viking 8play 200 Minutes Special Course! XV-1025

I think Yui Fujishima is the most underrated JAV performer of all time.  I also think this title is just one of many that prove this.  In simple terms, I think she's like the hottest chick like ever.  I mean look at the cover jacket?   How is she not the most famous JAV performer in Tokyo?  The world? 

I think this is where Yui looks the best, this is one of her skinniest releases, and also her prime.  I do think this release is a standard if you're a fan of Yui.  I believe this experience should be a must for new fans, it's just a great intro of what Yui is all about.  Really it's the same level with her debut, she is EXTREMELY playful and fun.  Yui goes WILD with toys (a huge plus for me). Yes, she is all smiles and giggles, but like a switch she takes the fucking very very seriously.  Enthusiastic blowjobs like her whole career is blowjobs.  I think she gives some of the best fucking performances in this release, as well as in JAV in general!  Again, her masturbation scenes like the one included in this one is extremely believable, passionate, and enthusiastic.  Dammit, she is wild. 

I love seeing her in outfits and not just lingerie.  

Here she is as "Doctor Yui."  It's fucking adorable.   Yeah, I am not convinced she's a real doctor.  The cuteness here is too much for me I think.

Look at that fucking face.





Thank you again for letting me write another tribute to my favorite JAV star.  I am EXTREMELY biased when it comes to her and her work.  I am in love with her art, and I felt the first entry didn't do her justice, and I am sorry for that.  I hope this somewhat makes up for that.

Yui Fujishima.  The soft face stunning beauty striking beauty goddess.  My favorite JAV model.  Imagine how I was when I first found her.  Yui's talent is limitless.  Any style, she makes it look fun and effortless.  And above all she really does look she is very very much enjoying herself.  Is she living her best life?  I hope she is. Yui, the beauty when doing whatever-the-fuck, always looks fucking hot.

How can you not fall in love with her? She is just so damn loveable!  She is an adorable treasure.  The absolute cutest in JAV.  I enjoy watching her cutscenes as much as her fucking. 


As a final farewell to entires about Yui Fujishima, here is a short video of my favorite parts of Yui, which are in my favorite JAV of all time FEST-494.   Quick description of the clip, Yui receives a vibrator as a gift at her birthday party.  She uses it downstairs and her one friend sees her.  This is where it gets good.  Yui then puts in a remote control vibrator, which is switched on and off, on and off during a card game.  Hottest fucking thing I have ever seen.  Thank you very much Yui Fujishima.   I previously wrote about this in much more detail here , but there was sadly no video.  I apologize and hope this makes up for it.  Please watch and enjoy.  Thank you! 



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